These Are Bozeman Montana Entertainers

January 14, 2011 Bozeman, Montana State 8 8,933 Views

these are Bozeman Montana 'entertainers'

these are Bozeman Montana 'entertainers'

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these are 2 of the classy ‘strippers’ in Montana… i dont know if its a mother daughter combo here but the one on the left, Louise is a mother about 32 looks bout 55, and apparently escaped from the wizard of oz as the wicked witch of the west, and Maree on the right… little hefty…correction wayyy hefty, and blackout drunk… has an odor issue as well… if you know what im saying.

I’d rather take a beating from their pimp then have to watch them entertain.- nik

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Dirty Old Man Balls

November 12, 2010 Dirty Predator, Montana State 20 9,580 Views

Dirty Old Man Balls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this is Tre Tayl*r from Bozeman, MT. He is the biggest douche and every young girl needs to be warned about him. He preys on the young girls in this college town and manages to get away with sleeping with a bunch of them even though he is 40 years old! He works in a sporting goods store and claims to be a photographer but doesn’t publish anything. GIRLS BE WARNED…his old man balls are not worth contracting a disease from doing the nasty!

It looks like he’s violating that fish.- nik

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Only In Montana

September 30, 2010 Montana State 0 9,913 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Grabbed this shirt up in the Big Sky last year. Even with all the mountain m*th, they still have time to take down a few Trouts.

Does this make you a forgy if you drink this ale then?- nik

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Miss Piggy

July 22, 2010 Montana State 5 7,850 Views

Miss Piggy!

Miss Piggy!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Jessica S***r she lives in great F**lls montana…shes the one in the red shirt in the drunk bathroom pic cuz her and her friends are waaay classy! and to get right to the point she has clamidia ! and she is spreading it like wild fire… she is the normal nasty party whore that can only get attention from people when they are drunk cuz no one can stand her! she think her sh*t dont stink but im here to give her a reality check! she is always tryin to take other females boyfriends even tho she is over weight by 200 pounds, thanks to her my friend has it and she thinks her white trash a** runs the lil town. well you are delusional, ur mommy and daddy must be so proud that they raised a street walker. i was thinking if you ever wander her way you can hit her up. im sure if u have enough drinks she’ll take real good care of u..what do you think Nik.

She looks like she was touched on the knee by her uncle.- nik

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Best Time Of The Year For This

February 15, 2010 Montana State 0 6,470 Views

Best time of the year for this

THE DIRTY ARMY: This may have been posted before..not sure. Can there be a specific month devoted to trout slaying? I think my goal is to take a picture with this beer during all encounters with its name..yes?

That guy may be my hero.- nik

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Dirty Dog Girl

January 19, 2010 Montana State 1 5,751 Views

Dirty Dog Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Florence M_ce.  She is a gold digging, dog breeder who raises Kuvasz (crazy big white dogs) and Golden retrievers in Montana.  She dropped out of school, started banging a married men, and travelling the dog show circuit.  She has an amazing opinion of herself, and feels that the world should tolerate and support her and her wild pack of dogs. She’ll travel with 10 of them in her truck. Dog Show People are wacky!  For whatever reason, she has the princess syndrome bad. She’ll glom on to anyomne that will giver her attention, and she longs to have a guy paying her bills. She’s a ma* queen and uses the term “voluptuous” to her advantage. .

Usually I wouldn’t put this up but I wanted to show how bad some of the photoshop jobs are that people send in.- nik

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Would You?

September 18, 2009 Montana State, Would You? 15 9,583 Views

Would You?

Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kasie Rae a fitness model.  She has a nice body but it is amazing how much better she looks in her pictures than in person. Just curious would you?

Answer: no.  I couldn’t even do it if she actually looked like she does in her photoshopped pics.  Photoshop is for liars.nik

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Back To School

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Back to School

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was thinking you should send out an official request to your army to begin sending in the dirt so we can see what this years freshman have to offer. Let College Season Begin???

Attention all college students, are you in a gay frat? Do you have a roommate who doesn’t shower? Do you know a new freshman who does the walk of shame as many times as they play “tonight is a good night”? The world needs to know and is open for business. Studying is overrated… be my friend, it is cooler.- nik

Lets get a jump on College Season and Submit Your Dirt Here

If you don’t see your school just email me to add it.  Freshman 15 for life!

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