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Homewrecking Whale

July 23, 2013 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this beach whale is the biggest fuking homewrecker in Raleigh, Not only has she gained over 100 pounds in the last year she has also fcked just as many people too. She goes out in Raleigh with a mission to drug men, especially her bestfriends boyfriends and takes them home and rapes them. BEWARE!! this girl has multiple drds and loves to share them!!! Her diet consit of DICK DICK DICK & MCDONALDS AND dont forget ANAL SEX. Dont worry guys if your girlfriend wont let you do anal she sure as hell will. Her butthole is the size of a hula hula & her pssy smell like fcking fish thats why they call her syd the squid. Her annoying fake New York accent that changes every 5 seconds is enough to make your skin crawl. With everything being said it must suck being this desperate, fat and ugly that you have to be a sloopy second to multiple dudes. Good Luck in life you c*nt.

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Kate Wasson, Busted Hussy

July 2, 2013 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kate Wasson is a chipmunk faced hussy who hangs around other girls’ boyfriends because she can’t get a man of her own. It’s time for her to get put on blast because she finally went too far… she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend because she can’t keep those stumpy legs together. Girls around Raleigh (and Charlotte) need to recognize this seemingly innocent chubby face and keep it away from their guys. She goes out on Fayetteville St. every weekend just waiting for taken guys to get drunk so she can show them her saggy beef curtains. Nik, would you believe this whore is actually paid to be a nanny?! Those poor women have no idea their marriages are at risk when this busted cunt is around their children and husbands! Hopefully, her face will be blasted on THEDIRTY and this bitch will finally get whats been coming to her… infamy for her indiscretions and exploits. Her parents must be so proud.

Amazing what a few feet will do for a gymnast.- nik

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Creepster Galore

January 29, 2013 Jersey, Manhattan, NC State, Rochester 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to get the word out on this guy! He works at Wegman’s Grocery in Rocherster, NY and is a major predator! He is so dirty the way that he tries to hit on little girls all the time. I work with him and I’ve seen him in the store getting phone numbers from girls that are 15! He offers to get them cigarettes from work and alcohol. He also talks about how he has the DRD and hope all those little skanks get it. Nik, you have to get this out asap! He’s a danger to everyone!

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South Carolina Hot Fit Guy/Old Scumbag

January 10, 2013 Charlotte, NC State 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Matt Goyak or he likes to call himself SCHOTFIT GUY…GROSS! He is as dirty as they come. He trools craigslist for escorts and is on lots od websites looking for black girls. He will sleep with all flavors but his lady of choice is a dirty black girl. He pretends to be this family man with three children, but that’s a ploy to lure women who have kids into his scheme. He will lie cheat and say whatever you want to hear from the beginning for sex. This guy is a dirty scumbag of all scumbags. He is fit but he is old and crusty. And when I say crusty I mean down below. He gave me the valtrex gift that keeps on giving if you know what I mean.

These ploys are due to his inability to expand his wallet.- nik

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Fakest Person I Know

January 2, 2013 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: so , i met this boy last year around this time ! we became the best of friends ! i honestly thought he was loyal ! but, i was wrong … we went to a party and met some guys (we’re gay). somebody told me that he was talking about me before we went , but i dont let rumors effect me ! so anyway , we were at the party and he was going around telling everyone eveything that i ever told him ! i know he was doing it only because the stuff i was hearing he said nobody else would know ! so i aproached him about it and he turned around (like the bitch he is) and told me ” I CAN SAY WHAT EVER THE FCK I WANT , IF THERES AN ISSUE – SWING – JUMP – BECAUSE , I FIGHT AND YOUR NOTHING THAT WOULD CAUSE ME TO CARE TO LOSE ) He sounded stupid ! anyway ! i swung and he socked me in my face ! i stumbled then he kicked me in my stomach ! then , he spit on me and left the scene ! rumor has it that he stayed anight at my boyfriends house that night ! i no longer talk to him anymore ! HES THE FAKEST PERSON I KNOW.

You forgy’s do have some strange drama.  I don’t get it.- nik

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Thinks She’s A Model

December 17, 2012 Jersey, NC State, Would You? 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Three time cheater thinks she has it all. Just turned 18 and I give her 3 months before she gets knocked up again? My only question for you is would you? [IMG: Mora Photo]

Answer: No, ruffles aren’t ample cover-up.

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She Needs To Get A Grip

November 27, 2012 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who :a 18 year old college student named Rachel, What: This girl lies to everyone just so she can get her way. She sleeps with any guy who will do her and then commences to brag about it to everyone she meets… we don’t wanna hear about her sex life. She also is a very sloppy drunk and needs to hear that she can NOT get away with everything. She lies to her friends and has no real friends because of this and even spread her “best friend’s” sex life around the dorm. This girl needs to learn that none of this is socially acceptable and that she needs to fix her life and priorities if she wants real friends and not guys (or even girls) who will just do her. When: Fall 2012
Where: Raleigh, NC Why: explained above

Funny its usually the guys who brag.  I’m sure they all keep their mouths shut.- nik

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Helen Not So Pleasant

November 1, 2012 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Helen Pleasant, local stripper trash of Raleigh. You can find her at Capital Cabaret of Raleigh, that is when shes not out sleeping with the customers. I have run into her out at a local restaurant with an OLD MAN holding hands, just gross. She also sleeps with an older man to live in his house. She is supposed to be a so called mother but recently shipped her daughter off to go live with her parents. I hope they can do a better job of raising her kid than they did with rasing her. She also has a boyfreind who she has alienated from all his friends. She has made a pussy out of him. He is not allowed to answer his phone when his female friends call, she answers his phone for him. (I should be putting him up here with her lol) Ohh and have we mentioned she went from being an A cup nothing to getting a botched up boobjob with a huge “refund gap” between them and thinking she is hot shit. She is disrespectful to everyone she comes around and ladies if you see this girl you better hold on tight to your man because she is a notorious boyfriend stealer. She hangs out in the “RAVE” scene sometimes and does so called “light shows” to every man she can get her hands on, which consist of pretty much straddling whomever and molesting herself with glow sticks! She does her famous “light shows” at every party she goes to, even on girls boyfriends. She is obviously on drugs, shes so skinny you can see her ribs. There have been countless memes about this girl on facebook as well! Raleigh Men be warned don’t sleep with this girl, your p*nis will fall off!!!

Thick eyeshadow and heavily cropped pics gives people the wrong idea about your gender.  Just saying.- nik

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