NC State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Lets Get Right To It

March 9, 2011 NC State, Raleigh-Durham, Would You? 25

lets get right to it

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this girl is amazing. I know you are used to west coast women, but southern bells are perfect. I know I would, but I just want to get your advice.  Would you?

Answer: No, notice how small her arms and head look in comparison to her body, she’s pushing 150.

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Biggest 2 Faced Doosh At NC State

March 2, 2011 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 7

Biggest 2 faced Doosh at NC State

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is the biggest 2 faced doosh bag at NC State. Ethan Grimmer will smile in your face and then talk behind your back, which is a female trait. He walks around always talking about how he used to be a cheer leader. NO ONE CARES. His EGO is so big he tried out for Mr Wolfpack and lost. Maybe He thought he was gonna win we he took of his shirt in front of 100 ppl and the judges. Youve got to be a real meathead to think that by showing ur body which is weak sauce, will get you votes. Man your a real LOSER!

I’m sure he has a lot of female traits.- nik

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The Definition Of Creeper

February 24, 2011 Dirty Predator, NC State, Raleigh-Durham 15

The definition of CREEPER

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy heeeere! Straight CREEPER status! Introoooooducing in the pic above, been creeping statuses near you for 4 years strongMike gaybootyhunter Bradley!  You can find this fella here randomlly lurkin on half of your friends staus/pics. You might catch him at ya local club sittin on the couch sippin on a beer he bought when he got there mad at you for having fun! You might see his car tags read IBCREEPN! He thinks everybody likes him and hes thinks hes got “swag” but you can see that isnt true lol He talks like hes big and bad and hes a state trooper or sumin but he aint got a gun badge or a car dude got a maglite and a whistle at most!! Honestlly I think he like clean they holding celland toilets or somethin! He tells people that to make his self sound cool but its a FAIL! He a big pu$$y! heclaims to have all these girls he knows but we all know thats a lie! He preys on peoples facebook like hes gettin paid to do it! Just reading/hearing him speak make you just wanna rock that dome piece! If you see him go ahead relieve some stress he won’t do anything back! Mark my words hes gona comment on this post and just prove that what im sayin is true!  The few girls he does know are the shopping buddies type! And they’ll probablly comment too! Im not a gamblin man but i’d almost be willin to bet he has tht V-card chillin back there in his wallet just sayin but really I think he likes boys! I dont know Nik, just sumin about this dude, what you think?

The days of meeting chicks on Myspace and banging them are over, it will never transcend to Facebook.- nik

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Raleigh’s Land Whale

February 24, 2011 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 29

Raleighs land whale

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet raleighs walking land whale!!! she goes by the name shelley hicks!!! This whale can be seen jumpin around from party to party sloppy drunk hanging off of all kinds of dudes!!! If you cant harpoon her at a party jus hit downtown on any given night! This whale thinks she is “sexy/fine” and thinks that all kinds of dudes wanna give her the buisness… anghhhh shes fat nasty and wears clothes that will make you throw up in your mouth!  She goes around talking sheet about people(mainly girls) for how they dress/look/act when obviouslly she has no clue what a mirror is!!! nik just wandering if you knew any rescue centers big enuff and able to get this beached whale back to the ocean??? your thoughts?

She has to wear shirts like that otherwise you’ll notice her gobble.- nik

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February 22, 2011 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 27

t*woww ?

t*woww ?

t*woww ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Victoria King aka T*WOWW (as she calls herself) is an underage sloot running the club scene in Raleigh & Fayetville. She currently works at Congo’s a latino club that no one has ever heard of around here. Notice, she’s not latino. But wishes she was anything but white. Loves the purple crayons & will sleep with anyone to get a job. Constantly going through friends, probably more than she changes her dirty nasty underwear. Put this b*tch on blast Nik. She thinks shes hot.  Tell her what you really think.

T-cow as I like to call her.- nik

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Douche Bag Raleigh MMA Fighter

February 21, 2011 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Blake Risk lives in Raleigh, NC & just becaue he “fights” he thinks he can run around bars hitting on anyone or anything that has a vag. News Flash- you’re deff not hott. He cheats on his on again off again gf Alexandria Thames. Shes slootty too & is constantly sleeping around with her ex boyfriend, Taylor Throckmorton & a bouncer at Still Life night club (Scott Stclair – who also “fights” with blake). Why don’t you tell all four of them to just come out about their love square. Please put them in their place before all their heads get too big to all fit into the same bed together.  (Pictures go in order of Blake, Alexandria, Taylor, Scott).

He must not be very good at it, his head is deformed from being a human punching bag.- nik

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Raleigh’s Biggest Wh*re

February 10, 2011 NC State, Raleigh-Durham 12

Raleigh's Biggest Whore

Raleigh's Biggest Whore

Raleigh's Biggest Whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and Gentleman, here we have it for you. Lauren Hoffman. Not only will she flirt with your boyfriend right in front of your eyes, she will then proceed to f*ck him and tell all of his friends. Not only is this girl a pathological liar, thief, and lowgrade whore, she has had numerous STD’s. She will act like your best friend to your face, because she is desperate for friends & for guys to like her. Loves to go out and get wasted, and then proceed to sleep with any guy that glances in her direction. The girl weighs about 85 pounds and loves to snort blow. She spends all of the money she takes out of her moms bank account for blow & weed. She gets her alcohol from the guys’ parties she goes to after promising to sleep with them. Raleigh, WATCH OUT, because this bitch is on the prowl for anyone’s boyfriend!!! She has slept with most of her “bestfriends” boyfriends, about 3 that I can count right off the top of my head. Stay far away unless you are welcoming the clap!

It looks like she’s wearing a diaper filled with cottage cheese. -nik

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Pretty Boy Nick

February 8, 2011 Dirty News, NC State, Raleigh-Durham 10

pretty boy nick or just gay ?

pretty boy nick or just gay ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off… Clayton, North Carolina (town outside of Raleigh) is the most disgusting place on the face of this earth, you can smell the nasty VAG from miles away. This sucker, Nick Ryder, is just lucky enough to live here & to claim to love all the sluty underage girls that this lovely town has to offer, we beg to differ! Please, you tell me? Does this guy use girls as a cover up to protect his secret identity??

I see him as a Bethany, NC look out for questionable Bethany’s in the area.- nik

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