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VP-47′s #1 Slore

March 19, 2013 Honolulu, Navy 116

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I would like to introduce you to the biggest home wrecking slore that the Navy has ever seen. Her name is Kimberly Briggs and she’s as nasty as the come. She acts like she’s the hottest thing on the planet, and thinks she’s God’s gift to men. She’s horribly mean and has no problem ripping peoples relationships apart, she does it with a smile on her face. Shes a  infested whore and is known to fck anything that walks. She especially has a thing for married guys (found it out the hard way) so to the wives of VP-47 and MCBH, WATCH OUT! Everyone she works with hates her because of how lazy she is, the only reason why anyone puts up with her or looks forward to deployments with this thrash is because they know she’s DTF. The girl has NO standards and even got caught giving head in dirty bunker in Djibouti. She is a serious disgrace to the Navy uniform and females like her are the reason women in the military have such a bad reputation. Please Nik, help me expose her for the person she really is. She’s hurt so many people with her whorish ways, if there is one female that deserves to be blasted it’s her.

Sunscreen will cut down on that wrinkling.- nik

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Fat Barracks Slore

March 14, 2013 Fort Worth, Navy 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Just wanted to introduce you to a famous barracks whore. She has fcked just about every Marine at Bangor,Wa while she was in the Navy. Sure enough got pregnant and suckered one of the marines to be the baby daddy even though the kid looks nothing like this dude.She made sure she got out of the Navy quick after she had the kid. Did I mention her and her best friend switched guys every now and then. Sure enough her best friend fcked her husband and they are still best friends. Gross! She is a horrible wife and horrible mother. She spends all her husbands deployment money on trips,clothes and food as you can see. She always complains that shes broke that way family will give her money while her husband is lucky to get a dollar. She also treats her family like shit. In 90% of the pictures she post of her kid he is either only in a diaper or super dirty. He looks like he never gets a bath. She also never cooks so this poor kid eats Mcdonalds for breakfast,lunch and dinner. Her excuse is that she has depression. Depression doesn’t make you a shitty wife and mother. Im sure if she was really depressed she would get help and stop posting it on facebook every two minutes. This bitch needs to be put on blast. She thinks shes hot shit and that everyone loves her.

I thought people in the army were in shape.- nik

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Is My Husband Gay

February 15, 2013 Navy, New England, The Dirty 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need some advice…So, I met this guy who is in the Navy and we got engaged after 3 weeks of knowing each other, then married another month later. Everything was great until he got stationed here in New England (we were in the South Pacific before). He started going on late night fishing trips where he would come home drunk at 3 or 4am. (He did have fish though..) All of a sudden one day he said he was leaving me! Everyone he works with were stunned..they see him..and see me…(I’m the better looking one…in fact, I am quite good looking) No one could believe that he left me, including me! There were no signs, except for those odd fishing trips every week with this guy friend of his I had never met. So anyway, he files for divorce, and he’s been living with this same guy he went fishing with. He comes over often and we drink and have sex and one time I touched his ass kind of by accident and he starts to make noises that I’ve never heard him make before. So I kept doing it and he LOVED it. I am not going to lie, I was a little freaked out by it, but I know that some straight guys just like that..right? But then about a week later, we’re both drunk and I ask him if he’s ever done anything “gay”. His reponse blew me away. He said yes, that one night he was out at a bar and was drunk and he decided “f it, I’m going to sleep with a dude” and he and this gay guy went to his car and did EVERYTHING. He sucked greg and took it in the ass. He said he didn’t like it though and wouldn’t do it again. But that’s not normal, is it? So I’m wondering if he left me because he’s really gay, or at least bi, and likes this guy he lives with now? Do straight men get curious about gay sex and try it, even if they’re straight?

Let me guess… his favorite show is Spartacus on the STARZ Network.- nik

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Purple Dildo

November 1, 2012 Navy, San Francisco 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- This FREAK (Keith Neuberger) let his chic bang him in the a** with a purple dildo. He said it hurt at 1st but felt amazing after. Who admits something like that? He also shared that he has has genital **s. Who admits that? This guy is a freak! He was initially in the Coast Guard, couldn’t handle it, then joined the Navy, couldn’t handle that either and NOW has decided to join the Army- WTF Nik- Would you ever go to war with this purple dildo taking freak?

That admittance was an act, it belonged to him I’m sure…- nik

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The Navy’s Finest

October 25, 2012 Navy, San Diego 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your help! So a friend of mine has been married to the douche bag guy in the picture, Will Brunner. They’ve been married for the past six years, and have two sons together. The girl in the picture with him is not his wife, she is the woman he’s been in a relationship with since May of this year, Malinda McCormick. They are both in the Navy, and at work, he’s her boss. So my friend has accepted the fact that Will is with that pig-nosed fat sloot Malinda, but that wasn’t enough. She had to go and enroll her kid at the same school my friend is, or now was, a preschool teacher at. So my friend lost her job, the guy she’s been married to leaves her for some fat troll, and she doesn’t know what to do. Shes to scared to go to his command with all of this, and so I know something can get done if its put on the dirty. Nik, I need you to put these two on blast, they need to be made famous. Let Will and Malinda’s commanding chief see what shenanigans are really going on!

She knows how to blur but not crop…- nik

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This Rat Stole My Husband

October 12, 2012 Navy, Sacramento 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! Meet Tiffany Dawn, this rat faced girl decided she wanted my husband after they met while working together in the Navy on an aircraft carrier. She was 19 and my husband was her boss, he is 4 ranks higher than her, a big no no in the military. My husband isnt the first guy she has stolen and those poor navy wives have no idea what kind of whore their husbands are working with.

So you can’t sleep your way up the ranks eh.- nik

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Victoria’s Biggest Douchebag

September 27, 2012 Navy, Victoria 27


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is your classic douche and its about time someone put him on BLAST! Chris Swain is the biggest lying piece of CRAP on this Island, he moves from go through girls like dirty socks. He tell them he loves them to get what he wants then f*cks off. I heard he got his Ex gf pregnant then f*cked off when the baby was born early because he got a new sloot to f*ck around with even though he lies to her and sleeps around with anyone that will have him so he can pass around his nasty greg and the dumb b*tch takes him back every time, this one does the navy proud. His own mother and grandmother run his life because he has no balls to tell them to step down. he thinks hes a real player and is hot as sh*t. I hope no one else has to deal with this navy douche.

Something tells me he goes through more socks then women. Nice teddy.- nik

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Sailor Slore

September 21, 2012 Navy, San Diego, Tampa 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sloot’s name is Joshayra, she is the epitome of what anyone would call TRASH. Originally from Tampa, Florida, but is now residing in San Diego since she joined the navy. She f*uks every guy on her ship, single, married, engaged. You name it she does it. This slore will open her legs to just about anything that walks. its time the rest of the world knows what kind of first class slore we have representing our country. I’m sure there are other people out there with more dirt on this trash.

Looks like she skipped boot camp.- nik

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