Dirty Sea Man Zach Crisp

August 24, 2012 Navy, San Diego 1 10,029 Views

Zach Crisp Dirty Seaman

Zach Crisp Dirty Seaman

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this desperate loser tries so hard to get with any girl he can get even when he has a gf. After I told him he doesn’t have a chance, because he told me to go die twice after the fact he was being a baby about how horrible his life is. Get the f*ck over it p*sy. He has a gf he claims and yet still begs me for a second chance. Right before I was going to email his gf proof, he blocked me right away. Ladies be warned of this desperate guy who has a gf already. Nik put this guy on blast, he is another reason why b*tches cheat on there boyfriends in the military because they cheat on us first!

Email proof to the dirty, its the next best thing.- nik

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True Redneck

July 6, 2012 Dirty Predator, Navy, Oklahoma City 0 8,673 Views

True RedNeck

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douchebag has some how made it to the rank of Chief (E-7). He is a true redneck from Oklahoma. He’s a cop in both the Navy and Civilian world. He’s a racist, with the worst breath and teeth. I guess he is the very definition of REDNECK.

Does he also tool around in a dune buggy.- nik

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Taylor Kent, Stolen Valor

June 6, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Navy 7 8,331 Views

Taylor Kent, Stolen Valor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is another photo of Taylor Kent who is posing as a Navy SEAL. He has shut down his “1LTTaylorKentNavySEAL” Facebook page but his personal page under his name is still up. In this pic he is wearing British SAS pin, Master EOD, a CIB with second star (Army Infantry only), Air Assault wings, jump wings, CIA patch? I also see a pathfinders pin, a purple heart, a Navy cross I think, and the Legion of Merit around his neck. He stated he was in BUDs scholl class 131 which would make him 45 since that class was in the 80′s. What do you think about this soup sandwich?

Taylor Kent needs to be arrested.- nik

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She Is “Allergic” To Condoms

May 30, 2012 Navy, Virginia Beach 11 7,613 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl’s name is Kathryn. She is a member of Active Duty Navy. She is a mother that has given up custody of her only son so that she can party and continue to screw the entire city. She cheated on her ex-husband with ten, yes TEN, different men and acquired DRD TWICE. She says that she is allergic to condoms, but can have exams with latex gloves. She is a compulsive liar and can’t keep a friend for longer than a few days. She has severe mental issues and screws anything with a penis between its legs. She is trying to get kicked out of the Navy so that she can waitress at a bar. Man, she sets her sights HIGH. She also thinks that she is a 10 out of 10 and can be a Suicide Girl. Please put this loser on blast!

I’m allergic to latex too… sucks.- nik

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The Dirt Master

April 13, 2012 Dirty Predator, Halifax, Navy 32 8,415 Views

the dirt master

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is dirt his name is Chris Jackson. He lies about everything. He says things to girls to get into their pants. He is not your friend unless he can sleep with you otherwise your just another person on the street….He will sleep with anyone and lies to every girl and denies that fact hes fooling around on them. He gets other girls to hook him up with their friends he also has a POF account and meets other girls on there as well This guy is trash and i would like to warn any girl out there who may be hooking up with him and listening to his cute and adorable LIES. Not everybody is perfect but honesty is the key. Keep up your sh*t Budd because in the end you are going to be burning a girl you are sleeping with or you yourself are going to get burned!

He already has, no he’s passing it on.- nik

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Disgusting Navy Man Cheater

March 5, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Navy, Virginia Beach 3 5,568 Views

Disgusting Navy man cheater

Disgusting Navy man cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This man Tyler Forgas, who is in the Navy, cheated on his wife with this beast girl Tina. Tyler took everything from his wife and up and left to be with this heffer. In the photos, Tyler and his wife are in the first one, and the heffer he left her for is in the second one.
Nik, put this nasty man Tyler on blast! His wife doesn’t deserve this!!

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Navy Boy Doesnt Know How To Play The Game

November 4, 2011 Navy, San Diego 22 5,650 Views

Navy semen doesn't know how to play the game

Navy semen doesn't know how to play the game

Navy semen doesn't know how to play the game

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shayne Lanoue, a navy special forces douche trying to stick it in every blonde in the SD county area. He will sweet talk you into thinking you are his one and ONLY. Well, let me tell ya, you AREN’T! Not only is he stupid enough to let his “girlfriends” find out about each other, but still tries to pursue relationships with alll of them! Besides giving me a really bad perspective of military men, he also gave me some little “friends” down there if you know what I mean! So ladies if you come across this dime piece (more like a penny), RUN THE OPPOSITE WAY.

He got them from his bunk mate. I decided.- nik

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Military Slore

October 12, 2011 Navy, San Diego 10 7,010 Views

Military Slore

Military Slore

Military Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the TRASHIEST Nava-H*E in Southern California! Her name is Shelby Ybarra. She is the biggest slut and will fu*k ANY guy in the military. After she fu*ks you she will proceed to STALK you and add your ENTIRE family on facebook and cling onto them for YEARS! She tries to go visit her exs and ex fu*k buddies families out of state frequently and calls their mothers as MOM! She is a pepsi wh*re and stoner with NO future. She BOUGHT HERSELF an PROMISE ring after going on THREE dates with someone! She lives in Palmdale but drives to the San Diego navy base frequently to stalk her ex boyfriends. So I’ve got to ask Nik, would you?

Any occupation where she gets to wear a hat is a good one for her.- nik

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