Navy | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

North County Sloot

June 13, 2011 Navy, San Diego 9

North County Slut

North County Slut

North County Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kayla Horvath. So this chick got married to a US Navy Seabee. He gets deployed alot and her needs got met… even when daddy wasnt home. Shes got a beautiful son with the first husband and ran through all of his navy buds and some more on his base. Shes married to some idiot oh who would have guessed. in the navy too. shes already cheated on him when he just went to work. No deployments nothing. she hasnt seen her son in almost a year and if you have a swinging greg and a heart beat you can have your way with her. Tell me nik, what do you think bout cheating Military spouses? And to all my military boys, you know the drill. Make Kayla Lauren Horvath popular!!

Those pieces in her mouth are to please gregs…that’s how you know she’s a sloot.- nik

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Hope The Navy Likes Woman Beaters

April 29, 2011 Charlotte, Navy 11




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is JIMMY WHITE aka west-sider for life! He couldnt keep the hottest girl in his hometown from being with anyone but him, so he is running away from his failing business to be the oldest recruit in the NAVY! TOTAL FAIL! He brags about beating his ex girlfriend who had no other choice then to leave him for someone else! Wanna-be hustler, I give him a week in bootcamp before he b*tches out! I dont know who’s more of a straight D BAG him or his best friend JOSH VOTAW!

I highly question his sexuality.- nik

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A Hideous Tag Chasing Beast

March 23, 2011 Navy, San Diego 10

Would you with this hideous tag chasing beast?

Would you with this hideous tag chasing beast?

Would you with this hideous tag chasing beast?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this hideous beast Megan Zeigmann, just recently got hitched to a sailor based outta San Deigo (poor kid had no clue she didn’t know how to keep her legs shut). He deployed a few months back, and she jumped on the next warm body with dog tags she could find. That warm body happened to be married and has a beautiful newborn daughter, which she knew about. They’ve texted over 2600 times back and forth all month telling each other they love each other. Poor sailor has no idea what his nasty sloot wife is doing while he is gone, and I’m pretty sure the DOD blocks the dirty from their computers. He’ll be back in august though, and best believe we will let him know so he can protect his wallet from this shady barracks rat. I know you wouldn’t nik (beastly isn’t your type) the question is who in their right mind would?  P.S. Doesn’t she look like a walrus? We should call her wally the walrus.

I really hope someone sees this post and shows this to him. Megan you are nothing but an ugly walrus that needs to be put back into the ocean where you belong!- nik

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Pathological Liar

February 15, 2011 Navy, San Diego 54

pathological liar, WATCH OUT GIRLS

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nicholas Adam Prock, hum… lets see, pathological psycho liar!! who lies about their fathers death.. yet who FAKES their fathers death? HIM! stalker!!!!!!!!!!! who lies and says theyre NOT in the navy when they are? he lives in rosevilla, california or san diego california. Liar, cheater, drugy, complete psyco! This little BOY needs help!  He cannot be trusted worth anything!

I think he might be more gay than that pink bear.- nik

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February 8, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Navy, Sacramento 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 2 guys are jerkoffs. the one on the left his name is k*le. hes a senior at egh and his going to the navy. he is mean to girls and talks sh*t about there parents, nobigdeal. he drives a little piece of crap truck (he thinks its really cool) the one on the right his name is j*mes, he doesnt go to school and his just smokes weed. he has been on and off for 2 years with this blonde b****, there relationship is like a light switch. on&off&on&off. so all you ladies in elk grove watch out for this 2 guys, they break yr heart before you even realize it.

You would have be seriously retarded or an ugly fat chick to ever date someone who looked like that.- nik

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Queen Of DJ’s

January 20, 2011 Dirty Predator, Navy, Seattle 33

Queen of DJ's

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is DJ TapTap, check him out sometime if you like listening to trainwrecks all night. But seriously, what a joke. This guy is a serious ass hole too Watch out. And what is up with this photo? Really?

He’d be perfect for a gay club, even if he sucks.- nik

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She Needs A Reality Check

January 10, 2011 Mesa, Navy, Would You? 1

She needs a Reality Check!

She needs a Reality Check!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, you want the definition for a “Messy Bitch”? Well here she is, Ms. Barbara Butler. The messiest bitch of Phoenix, Arizona, by way of SoCal. She swears, she is God’s gift to men, and really thinks that every man she comes into contact with, wants to be with her. Let her tell it, this chick doesn’t mess with ‘white men’ cause their not up to par for her….and word on the street is, she’s a mom, but doesn’t even have custody of both of her kids, and one I think is with some married guy (poor child). If she’s such hot shit, why is she having kids with other women’s husbands? I hear you have a thing for the blondes, so tell me, would you mess with this blond chick?

Answer: No, I have a thing for hot chicks, blond hair is just an added bonus.

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Navy Skank

November 30, 2010 Atlanta, Navy 21

Navy Skank

Navy Skank

Navy Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Brooke Govoni is the nastiest navy bitch in the camden country Georgia area. She’s stationed at Kings Bay & will fck anyone who gets in her way. The BITCH even tried to get with MY husband whom is a Marine. She only goes after Marines cause she knows they will fck any nasty bitch who opens their legs to them. Shes even fcked my friends husband. Little does my friend know. This nasty bitch needs to be put on blast. Everyone needs to watch out for this trashy boston bitch before they catch something . C’mon boys i know you can do better! Nik tell me would you ever be with this nasty navy cnt?

This chick doesn’t even look like she could walk a mile, how is she in the Navy?- nik

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