Marcus Roy, Aka Sleep B

October 15, 2012 Nebraska, Omaha 19 8,631 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Marcus Roy… Also known as SLEEPY B. Is a lying pathetic manwhore. Someone i once considered my “best fried”. Lied to me used me. Did so many nice things to get into my pants. i told him i had stronger feelings than just friends… mind you wed been talking a while… and boom just leaves… mind you right after i said this the following week was valentines day he bought me roses and chocolates and then whamm “no kiddo just friends” This is bull shit. And no he supposedly engaged but you go on meet me and he’s hooking up with everyone and there mother. dont doubt he was doing the same with me.

That verse on his arm is a lie.- nik

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I’m Assuming Leper Is Off The Drugs

September 18, 2012 Dallas, Leper, Nebraska, The Dirty 51 10,668 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m friends with Leper on Facebook and I swear I think she has finally changed for good. She doesn’t post anything crazy and hasn’t been posting pictures with random drug addicted losers like she has in the past. Also she has gained a ton of weight which is a great sign that she is eating good and not staying up all night getting cracked out. This is awesome for Leper and I hope she doesn’t fall off the train this time.

Now all she needs is to find true love.- nik

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Lauren Is Always Classy

June 1, 2012 Nebraska, The Dirty 13 7,462 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I couldn’t help but notice Lauren being put on blast about a week ago, and was sad someone beat me to it. Not that long ago she was trying to get on one of my friends. She kept calling him wasted from her “business” MESH completely wasted, telling him to come up there. He didn’t want anything to do with her after he brought her to one of his buddies house for after hours and she took off all her clothes in the bathroom and walked out completely naked and tried to hop on everything with a greg. Once my friend stopped returning her calls, she started showing up at his work with her friends and following him everywhere. I’m thinking harassment charges will be happening soon, and by the looks of it, he’s not the only one she has been harassing. I put up a few pictures because I’m just confused why this girl thinks she is god’s gift to men?

Do you think she has embraced her chin?- nik

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Is She Really From Nebraska

March 29, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Nebraska, Omaha, The Dirty 10 7,013 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick of seeing all these fake profiles on facebook of supposed “Omaha hotties”. Now don’t get me wrong there are some attractive females in O-town, BUT girls like this just plain don’t exist. Several bots are out there claiming to be Lizzy this or Jennifer that, but they’re all bots. Most using Brock’s chick or Brock’s Chick’s Ex-BFF Elle’s photos to create these profiles saying they live in Lincoln or Omaha, when they clearly don’t. I find it pathetic that they’re too ashamed to show who they really are and won’t add people that way (probably because they’re just losers who like to spy on peoples pages and get attention for being a fake person), and I feel embarrassed for the people who believe these chicks actually exist in Nebraska! Take the attached pic-she says her name is Jennifer Marie. Doubt it. So i’m asking you and the rest of the DA, who is she REALLY? I’d like to personally respond to her friend request busting her out with her real name. BTW- love the page.

Her smile reminds me of the Asian Alien I have nightmares about.- nik

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GDI Sloot

January 17, 2012 Lincoln, Nebraska 32 9,735 Views

GDI Sloot

GDI Sloot

GDI Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch, Jami Houser, is a terrible person. She is a sophomore GDI at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Basically, she is a two faced h*e. She thinks she is hot sh*t, super popular, and a jersey chaser. But really, no one can stand her. She even gets cropped out of pictures because no one wants to be seen with her. She looks like frickin big bird. SHES A SLOOT I TELL YOU! She hooks up with girl’s boyfriends, WHO DOES THAT?! People who don’t have self respect. That’s who. She leads guys on, then hooks up with their best friend. Also, she has been spotted mingling with fellow dirtys, (Joe Toscano) SHES A WH*RE. The end.

I think I’d accidentally shake her chin if I ever met her.- nik

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Possible Hottest Freshman

October 16, 2011 Nebraska, The Dirty 29 7,784 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, this is Trish, a freshman at UNL. She’s a real chill girl, and I think she is absolutely gorgeous! So, what do you think?  I know you people don’t think we got girls, but out of all the Freshman I have seen, she is without a doubt the hottest.

I don’t like her… she has too much width in her face.- nik

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He Thinks He Is The Man

July 21, 2011 Lincoln, Nebraska, The Dirty 53 6,590 Views

He thinks he is the man

He thinks he is the man

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just want to know what you think about guys who live off there parents money? This would be the definition of that… Ps. Congrats on becoming a Dad soon any luck on a Nanny?

No luck on the Nanny. I am actually trying to set up a trip to Sweden to do real interviews. I found an agency that knows my goals and has the same vision.- nik

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I Wish They All Could Be Nebraska Girls

July 13, 2011 Nebraska, Omaha, The Dirty 55 8,477 Views

I Wish They All Could Be Nebraska Girls

I Wish They All Could Be Nebraska Girls

I Wish They All Could Be Nebraska Girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls work at Twin Peaks and are the best Omaha has to offer. If Armageddon were approaching and you could personally fend off the Apocalyptic horsemen by bedding one of Nebraska’s finest, who would you take into your California King? I personally think all of them are really pretty and super cute. BTW, we LOVE you and Shayne in Omaha, keep up the good work my friend.

I have never seen so many real breasts in my life… it makes me sick.- nik

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