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Kiara Morales

September 5, 2013 Kansas City, Nebraska, Omaha 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: kiki from Omaha,NE every time i seen her at a party she’s with a different guy she fuked damn there everybody! Until she fuked the wrong guy and got drd/A**S till this day! so she moved to KC,MO were no one knows about her whore life style! now she works at shady lady fcking for money on the low! walking drd feel sorry for her boyfriend chuck taylor he doesn’t know he got burned LMFAO

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Failed to Follow Richie Rules

August 19, 2013 Nebraska 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Got BAD +2′s before a desperate nose job so now she has BOobs and after 2 kids and too many fitness competitions a terrible stomach. See previous posts on on her BOobs. She is fcking nasty looking although I admire her dedication to be a “scary looking thang” than a “fat thang”. Ugh. Good Lawdy. This shit is sick. Oh and her smile is fcking stupid looking.

Her workouts are lopsiding her +2′s.- nik

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Who Does She Remind You Of

February 14, 2013 Nebraska, The Dirty 36

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as I was on facebook looking at crazy ass Tila Tequila’s page, I noticed a comment was made by a wh*re looking chick so I decided to click on it. She goes by Emily Armstrong. She only has a couple half naked pictures of herself with only comments by lonely, pathetic men. I thought she looked identical to Courtney Stodden, minus the blonde hair.

I smell a catfish.- nik

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December 17, 2012 Nebraska 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Andrea. She is 28 and is from David City. She is an LPN and has 3 kids. She drinks all the time and hangs out at grata and brothers when she is in town and normally finds a “ride” home. She likes making sex tapes and pics with guys as well as being tied up, handcuffed and rough dirty sex. Sounds great except she does this with about 4 different guys regularly while having a bf. She is a pathological liar and is only interested in raunchy sex and herself. She has major anger issues and is very cold and bitter. For only being 28 with 3 kids with two different dads you would think she would want to find something more than just sex. However this is all she has time for and will tell you everything you want to hear so she can get what she wants.

Must be covering up a chub. no homo.- nik

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Claire Does Not Have +2s

December 17, 2012 Nebraska 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s more real pictures of Claire.  Everyone is saying her rack is fake but it is 100% real, thats why here in Nebraska we have real and natural girls.  They don’t need to have surgery in order to look hot like you guys do in Hollywood.  Our chicks  have incredible genes.  Not like yours.

That’s why girls in Nebraska look like dudes after one child… they take pride in their realness.- nik

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Nebraska Girls Are Actually Very Hot And All Natural

December 14, 2012 Nebraska, The Dirty, Would You? 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Claire, she is a sophomore at UNL. I know you’re a blonde girl type of guy, but this girl has a great (real) rack, pretty eyes, and a petit body. She also is an EXTREMELY talented singer and intelligent. So would you? and if not, what would it take? This is to prove not all Nebraska girls are hicks, that look like their parents were related.

Answer: No, even though Claire photoshops well her nose is too natural for me. I am willing to review more REAL images though. I can’t tell if her eye color is photoshopped as well. Not bad for Nebraska, but she seems normal looking for the rest of America.

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Marcus Roy, Aka Sleep B

October 15, 2012 Nebraska, Omaha 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Marcus Roy… Also known as SLEEPY B. Is a lying pathetic manwhore. Someone i once considered my “best fried”. Lied to me used me. Did so many nice things to get into my pants. i told him i had stronger feelings than just friends… mind you wed been talking a while… and boom just leaves… mind you right after i said this the following week was valentines day he bought me roses and chocolates and then whamm “no kiddo just friends” This is bull shit. And no he supposedly engaged but you go on meet me and he’s hooking up with everyone and there mother. dont doubt he was doing the same with me.

That verse on his arm is a lie.- nik

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I’m Assuming Leper Is Off The Drugs

September 18, 2012 Dallas, Leper, Nebraska, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m friends with Leper on Facebook and I swear I think she has finally changed for good. She doesn’t post anything crazy and hasn’t been posting pictures with random drug addicted losers like she has in the past. Also she has gained a ton of weight which is a great sign that she is eating good and not staying up all night getting cracked out. This is awesome for Leper and I hope she doesn’t fall off the train this time.

Now all she needs is to find true love.- nik

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