Nebraska | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Woman Beating Douchebag

March 17, 2011 Nebraska 40

another! really c*caine Cowboy ?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember the infamous Brock Nielsen, girlfriend beater, jail time, part of the c*caine cowboys sleezeballs of Lincoln? Have you seen his recent on off on off on off on off (I never can tell)little blonde girlfriend. Yeah his main one. we all know he has little smush’s on the side. Blondie is way to good for him anyways. WHAT IS SHE THINKING. Let’s just say she is getting really good at coming up with excuses about why she has bruises all over her body and a fat lips all the time. COMMON BROCK don’t you know by now, bruise them where the clothes cover up so no one can ask questions.

They sure know how to raise them in Lincoln.- nik

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Creeper Trout In Nebraska

March 16, 2011 Nebraska 95

Creeper Trout

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Jim Campbell he is the lead singer of a local redneck bang called Cactus Hill. This guy is a total dirt bag and scam artist. He is well know for trying to get young girls drunk and trying to take advantage of them. He tried to run game on me and my girlfriend at one of thier concerts a while back and we about fell down laughing at him. Stay away ladies, this guy is a creep!

He shaves his legs too.- nik

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Dirty Wangster

March 7, 2011 Nebraska, Omaha 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Wassup. This is a pic of a guy named Nate Chalupa. Biggest poser in Omaha. He thinks he is a gangster but really he is a f*ckin nerd. He f*cks dirty girls with no condoms and has shingles on his chest. Rumor has it he has a 16 year old girl pregnant and he is 21! Nik, please expose this jerk.

Well what is there to say.. ” Look at him posing with the prettiest tire in the junk yard.”- nik

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You’re Not That Hot

February 14, 2011 Dirty Predator, Nebraska 4

Ur not that hot

Ur not that hot

Ur not that hot

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is eric. hes thinks that he is gods gift to women. he lives off of women who sadly are stupid enough to let him. hes a fiailed drug dealer high school drop-out with no job home or real friends. He even tried his had at porn. Hes a lying cheat whos refuses to get an drd check because he doesnt want to know if he has something.

Notice he’s being manhandled in the middle pic…just how he likes it.- nik

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Dbag Brock

January 6, 2011 Nebraska, Omaha 4

Dbag Brock

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is brock gentile. he is by far the biggest douche in all of omaha. he’s tried to get with me and a couple of my friends he would txts us constantly and if it took more then 2 mins to respond he would completely freak out and delete our numbers and us as facebook friends. oh and he failed to mention that he has a half ass job personal training and his parents pay for everything cause hes gonna be a semi pro football player. and his ex gf is 5 months preggos with a kid he told her he doesnt want while hes telling me hes ready to settle and have a family .

Brock I can tell your challenged in the head by the way you wrote in about yourself.- nik

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Great Mom

November 24, 2010 Nebraska 2

great MOM!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This woman claims to be a great mom, yet is always out looking at the bar advertising it. Would you?

Answer: No, she looks like she would hit on her cousins or some kind of relative just for fun.

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Sick Of It

November 18, 2010 Nebraska, South Dakota 3

Sick of it!

Sick of it!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Lindsay Stoeser Heiss…she just married one of the biggest man-whores in the tri county area. She thinks she is the HOTTEST THING ALIVE, and the only reason she married Mr. Man Whore himself is because no one else asked her-this is the first and only dude! She has been nothing but a dumb beotch since the day she was born! And now that she is married…that is all we see on her fbook page. She only has pretty, perfect friends too, not one of them is chubby, ugly, or poor. Imagine that, she seeks them out! Please take her down a few hundred notches and let her know she is EFFING FUGLY! Oh yeah, she thinks her dopple-ganger is LC Conrad…SHE WISHES! Also, the first pic of her is at the beach, where every profile pic is either of her in a bikini or her and her ugly man whore husband. They deserve each other!

2  years tops.   She thinks he’s richer than he is and you know he’ll stick it in something.- nik

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Just Looks Like A Coug

August 27, 2010 Anchorage, Nebraska, Would You? 55

Sabrina the teenage B-! WOULD YOU?

Sabrina the teenage B-! WOULD YOU?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Because AK is lacking Dirt, and because you asked me to Nik, here’s Sabrina Krischuck. A once was queenbee, but now a has been. She has been with EVERY GUY in Anchorage and now has moved on to Nebraska. Cute don’t you think? The type of girl that has 300 cropped profile pictures of herself. Would you? Been there done dat=dead fish. PS:she’s not 40, just 28.

She looks like a manikin.- nik

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