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Public Health Announcement

July 18, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This ass hat clown by the name of john burry likes to go after 15 and 16 year old boys and girls found the files on his computer he said that he got it off Craigslist.. when he can’t get his fix he goes after old men at nursing homes that won’t tell on him. I found out I have drd and he claims that there is no way he would have it also men women and children stay away at all cost. You can find him anywhere from Cincinnati to Kentucky trying to offer people drinks with molly in them.

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Nasty Little Lauren

July 16, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the most nasty girl i have met in my life. I’m actually suprised she hasn’t been posted on here before. Lauren loves lucking out on getting laid. As of her freshman year she had already been with 60 guys. NASTY RIGHT? She will be with anyone because she has no standards. Even if your her friends boyfriend, or just a random guy she just met. She used to be a stripper, she must have gotten fired because of her nasty smelly torn up loose vag. It’s only because she always goes for the biggest scum around like Mitch West,Nick Herr, and guys in their late 20′s- early 30′s!! Not only is she nasty, she also is a cheating lying no good whore who is self centered and a gold digger. She will use even the people with barley anything. Lauren is literally pshycotic but a little b**** when it comes to fighting or even being yelled at. She acts bad, but it’s clearly just a front. Someone needs to help her change, because she has NO friends to even be there for her. Guys, if i were you, i would turn around if she ever walks your way.

Pinching her bottom half on the dresser is quite the inventive body morphing trick.- nik

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Casey Dawson

May 24, 2013 Cincinnati, Dirty Craigslist, Ohio 52

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Casey dawson. This girl broke my heart. She did me dirty real bad. I was going to ask her to marry me and everything. She ended up cheating and these were the photos she sent the other guys. She thought covering up her face wouldn’t get her caught but I know her body. Bitch don’t think things through!

Look at the bright side, she saved you from making the biggest mistake of your life.  Everything happens for a reason.- nik

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Fake 2 Faced Bopper

April 15, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shandi Marie Doss “Stinnett”….. She is so fake, she will pretend to be your best friend only to get whatever guy she wants, even if it is your boyfriend. She send Nudes to guys in prison for the hell of it. She has her babydaddys name big as fck on her thigh. She will tell everyone stories about you just so you and someone else wont be friends. She tries to steal any man she can get and really needs to get beat the fck up. Shes needy and clingy. She has her baby daddy saying fck his other kids like bitch those are his blood we don’t know if the one in your stomach is his. Shandi is nasty and trifling as fck. she will do whatever she has to do to get whatever she wants. That’s one nasty bitch for you. Women beware don’t become friends with her.

Socks with sandals.  Nuff said.- nik

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Tricky Ricky

April 11, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 146

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this is Ricky Escobar, as he calls himself on facebook. He is a h*rion dealer who lets his fiens suck and fck for a hit. He goes from girl to girl for a car and place to stay! and then out here acting like he is a baller, when the only thing he is balling on is his valt*ex medince!!!

Those prison tats are not from prison..- nik

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Baby Maker Brittany

April 11, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Brittany Lemaster and she is the worst babymama in the world. she don’t take care of her babies, she leaves them with whoever, whenever. she dont understand when her babydaddy says he is done that he is done. she stalks people and tries to make everyone mad but guess what no one cares because she is a trifling bitch that needs to keep her legs closed and take care of the 2 kids she already has. this second baby is suppose to be her 1st babydaddys but she was cheating on him and he was cheating on her so we dont think that the second baby is his. and he dont think that it is hers too. Guys better watch her. She is only after your money and your sperm. Everyone be careful

That head looks heavy.- nik

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The Chef Who Only Stirs Sh*t

April 10, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: Megan Geil Is the BIGGEST HATER in Cincinnati…You would think this stupid bitch was getting paid to be a Hater…Shes a Brat who can’t do for herself so she lives off of her parents money…She wears her makeup so caked up because she has a shit load of craters in her face…She reminds me of Miss Piggy on Crck…Don’t ever become a friend to her because she will drag your name in the dirt just to feel better about herself and her miserable life…She thinks shes a CHEF but all she does is stir up shit…FAKE BLOND UGLY ASS WANNA BE BARBIE BITCH…Try getting your own shit before even remotely thinking your better then anybody…She claims she got the whole city behind her like she runs cincinnati…The only thing behind her is a flat ass…Shes really desperate and loves attention…If shes not getting attention from you then she will try to manipulate others to jump on her bandwagon and hate along with her…She has a few skanks who follow behind her like little ducks in a row…QUACK, QUACK, QUACK but the truth of the matter is they are all like crickets they chirp all day but when you walk by them they shut the fck up…She can’t bust a grape in a fruit fight…Shes a PUNK and a COWARD…Maybe The Dirty should pay her a check every week because its become her day job to post the same person over and over again…Try getting paid for it with your FAKE ASS…

She looks like she has too much energy, one of those hyperactive kids.- nik

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Trained Out Kayla

April 5, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone watch out for this girl. She is a lying, backstabbing slore. She will have sex with your boyfriend, even if you are her bestfriend. Her only thing on her mind is doing molly and getting drunk and getting the D every night. She’s had two pregnancy scares and a ‘miscarriage’. Got trained out by two guys, gave them the c***, had sex with a guy in his front yard because he wouldnt let her come in. Thats how desperate this girl is. I have no idea why she isn’t on here yet, she’s a walking drd and by far eastgate’s trashiest. What do you think Nik?

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