Ohio | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Gabrielle’s So Nasty

March 6, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl right here is the dirtiest female in Cleveland. She’s a broke ass b**ch that lives off disabilty. She has “bad anxiety” so she can’t work. So if she aint sitting of her lazy a** she’s sucking d**k for pills. She actualy stole like $50 from me for some percs. She is the biggest cluck I know. Around here all the men call her flabby gabby. Her sh*t is bown out to the max !!! 5 of my friends had sex with her in the past 2 months ! Ctfu . She actually has a boyfriend who she cheats on all the time, poor kid. Oh yea and her nick name is also nappy gabby cause she never takes a shower ! She stinks like onions and dog sh*t. One time after she had sex with my brother in MY ROOM the room smelled straight up like fish !!This girl needs hlp[ and some damn body wash !! Ratchet .

Boob tats will not protect your refund gap.- nik

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+2′s Before Kids

February 22, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this chic jessica stapleton-pauley-smith-noe,should really go out for the mother of the year reward”NOT”,this chic takes her disables son’s ssi check to get a boob job,got caught runnin a welfare scam by collect food stamps,medical,and cash in wooster and cleveland!she marries for money then divorces after she causes the guys to go bankrup.her house in orrvile ohio catches fire and she laves the disable child inside tellin everyone she had to save the normal childern first wtf really?all she does is party drink,pop pills and blow coke up her nose! leavin her childern with who ever will watch them while she hooks up and has guys take her out of town gambling. collects child support for her disable child but wont let the father see him inless he gives her money but instead drop him off at one of her other babydaddy’s mom’s house.she hasnt worked since she got fired from the strip club for tryin to give an under cover a blow job in the vip room for extra cash.the slore is nothing but a fake ass bitch who thinks everything should be handed to her,her motto”i dont need to work,im everything a guy wants,and if they want me they will pay and buy me things” wtf ever

May of been a worth while investment.  Now if she could only remove that tat .- nik

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Meet Taylor B

February 14, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Brianne and she is the definition of welfare scum. She lives in the myspace days making “proof” videos and pictures. Talking about how people steal her pictures and clam them. All because she found one fake account that she more than likely made herself. She’s only 18 and already has a three year old with another on the way. The kid lives off of welfare and has a horrible sense entitlement because she chose to have kids with no job and no intention of going to school. She “says” she was looking for a job until she got knocked up, yeah right. She has never supported her kid and I am amazed the state hasn’t taken him yet. She literally lets her kid piss on the floor and takes pictures of it. Absolutely no respect for her grandmother who she was living with and is constantly making watch her kid so she can go out and get drunk all the time. Taylor has no problem bragging on facebook about spending $800 on extensions but got defensive when her grandmother called her a piece of shit mother. Saying “I never spend money on myself and I deserve to spoil myself.” That is only if you have a job hun. You don’t spoil yourself while your kid sits in nasty hand me down clothes. You especially don’t spend $800 damn dollars when you don’t work. She makes fun of people calling them fat or ugly but as you can plainly see she has little wiggle room. Those clothes are waaaaay too tight! She will also insult people who commit su**ide but only if they are pretty. I pray for her soon to be born kid. Hopefully the father will give the kids the attention and care they deserve. Maybe one day she will grow up, get a job, and take care of her responsibilities like the rest of us have to. America this is what your tax money pays for…

That’s no pregnancy belly.  I decided.- nik

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Motto Marine

February 13, 2013 Marine Corps, Ohio, Ohio State, Omaha 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy thinks he’s the top of line Marine. All he does is post has been pictures of him on deployment and drops lines about it to pick up girls. The truth is he’s a drunk (with a DWI), a beater (charged with Domestic Assault), and to top it off has a small penis. Warm the girls out there about this POS!

Posting pics ‘in action’ is both douchey and unprofessional.- nik

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Lord Disick Makes Dying Woman’s Wish Come True

January 23, 2013 Ohio, The Dirty 163

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Dirty crew I know Nik is focusing on doing good things this year and I wanted to send along this photo of Scott Disick visiting a terminally ill woman with lung cancer in my hometown. Now I know a lot of people have negative things to say about this guy but it just goes to show how far he has come. Two weeks ago Josie and her friends and family started tweeting Scott about how it is on her bucket list to take a shot with him. A short time later he’s at her house in Ohio hanging out with her and fulfilling her wish. Also, he brought her a Rolex and plans to fly her out to California in a few weeks. Granted the whole thing was filmed but the fact of the matter is he went out of his way to make a dying women’s wish come true. Long live Lord Disick.

Ugh, I wish it wasn’t filmed for the TV show. The Lords work needs to be underground.- nik

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Clownfish Lacey

January 18, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is this a Clownfish, a tranny? A man I am confused. I see a penis in that bathing suit no doubt about that. Nik, would you let this thing suck your pen15.

All signs point to tranny.- nik

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The Free Stripper

January 18, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone, meet Bethany Ghoulson. As you can tell by her bathing suit and her Catwoman pose, she’s a very easy girl and she always talks about sex. She works as a dancer at a club called Bugsys, might as well call her a stripper. What’s suprising, is that she has a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend and working as dancer for random creepy men, how trashy. Any thoughts, Nik?

Nothing in life is free, there’s always a catch.- nik

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January 15, 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik My name is Droopy, i got a droopy dick droopy draws,and droopy ass balls. Im about 6 ft 2 and i got yellow ass teeth and im built like ah girl there is nothin better then that. what i like to do in my spare time is bumm all day everyday. If you got a car, foodstamps, get at me girl ill live off you. Im scandelous ill fuck your mom, your sister, your brother, your grandma it dont mean shit to me. Im a tuff as dude nigga you here me? ill talk shit all day but when a nigga gets up in my face i cant even lie i become a soft ass bitch. Ill cheat on you, ill give you stds, ill even give you yuck mouth have yal heard of yuck mouth? its ah new disease when a nigga never brushs them teeth.

Get a job ya bum.- nik

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