Cute guy or heartless monster

March 4, 2014 Oklahoma 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: At first glance Jack Able an he looks like an innocent, sweet guy, believe me he is anything but innocent. When you meet him he will tell you he’s in college going to become a doctor and does contracting on the side, but this lying, bloodthirsty maniac is actually an enforcer for a local weapons trafficking group in Oklahoma. He will charm you with a silver tongue and a warm personality but it’s a front so that he can get what he wants from you. He’s as cold as ice and will sooner use you as a human shield than take a bullet for you. Simply being friends with him puts you in danger. Know him and don’t believe me? Ask him why he doesn’t have a Facebook, why he has two phones, Why he has so many scars, why he sleeps with a loaded pistol strapped to the side of his bed and watch him stutter as he makes up lame excuses. Ladies, don’t fall for his innocent act. Spend enough time with him and you might end up in a ditch on the side of the road.

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Just Another Fake

February 20, 2014 Oklahoma 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet richard scott, he is nothing but a liar, he says he makes all this money and is a welder. Honestly he spends his time at his aunties where he says he owns the town house when his auntie really does. He wears the same clothes constantly. He aparently has all these friends and they will never come around. He make up stories for sympathy. He says hes a bull rider and he says he rides in the cfr and all these rodeos from the states when really all he is doing is whoring around.He will also tell you hes part of the marines in the states and he apparently he goes for 3 days for training when hea not . Dont let his charm fool you, the lying never stops. So girls bewear hes nothing but a trap oh and he crys when he watches horror movies

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Candy Jones

February 19, 2014 Oklahoma 1

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Candy Jones. AKA Madison at night trips as a stripper. Watch out for this nasty thieving bitch. She has taken money and electronics from multiple people. She is a nasty whore that admitted to not knowing the number of men she has slept with because of her being a bar tard and roxy addict. She sent naked pictures to the guy who dumped hers best friend. She tries to get naked for money at night trips but only makes a dollar some nights. She doesn’t take pictures of her with her teeth showing cause she looks like a rabid dog. She brags about about having chlamydia when she went to jail. This girl is so desperate for attention she claims her sister was murdered and she was abused as a child, DO NOT FALL FOR THAT AND PITY HER. She also sucks Timothy Taylors dick for roxys, but that’s another story.. Watch out for that scumbag to. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PURSE UNWATCHED AROUND HER. And men be careful she will tell everyone you raped her. And no body has time for that.

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How Do I Get A Nik Richie Approved Body

February 5, 2014 Oklahoma, The Dirty 264


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! First time poster, longtime reader. So, I’m curious…beyond getting +2′s, how does a girl achieve the coveted DA Nik Richie-approved body? I already know that heavy weights are a no-no, but I would like some tips on how to achieve the perfect bod. Yes, I live in Oklahoma (and already know how you feel about us Okie girls) and find the people in my state repulsive (we are always one of the fattest states in the nation). It’s really not that difficult to be attractive in this state, but I want to know that tips and tricks of getting that perfect bod (like your fave Renee). Running, yoga, cutting carbs? Thanks in advance!

I’m not a girl, I have no idea. If I were you I would focus on your diet, cardio and hip abductor machines. Plus, green coffee bean seems to work for a lot of chicks I know. If all else fails, tell a doctor you have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.- nik

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A Dangerous Liar

February 4, 2014 Oklahoma 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeffrey David Storey is the kind of guy who can seem to go out of his way for you, make you feel like you’re special to him, come across as so genuine and sweet, but actually be fucking a 16 year old on the side. I’m just the latest victim in a long string of both men and women to fall prey to his deception. No matter how sincere he seems, or how many hours per day he spends talking to you and telling you how he misses you and all this garbage, and no matter how perfectly nice you are to him he WILL screw you over and it’ll hurt a lot.

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Ashlynn Babb

January 29, 2014 Oklahoma 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Tulsa Oklahoma’s finest Ashlynn Babb. to much of my surprise she nor her sister (which isn’t much different from her) hasn’t been posted on here so I have to do the honors. This girl Idolizes Paris Hilton, and you can guess why… She’s a Slut from the toes up using her twat to such up as much coin as she can to support her mad MDMA and ecstasy addiction she just can’t or WON’T shake. Lets also mention her suicidal rants she starts via social media after she gets busted for wrecking relationships one after another. Many Tulsa locals as well as myself are just dying to hear what you have to say about this beanpole.

A ponytail would throw up a big question mark.- nik

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The Girl Who Cried Rape

January 29, 2014 Oklahoma 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Taylor Mitchell, this dog is a grade A SLUT. what makes it even better is the fact that she is in complete understanding of this accusation in which prompts her to cry rape occasionally after having a full night of drunken sloppy sex with a stranger and waking up with regret. Pathetically she showed up to the funeral of one of the guys that she falsely claimed had raped her and made it out to be about her. This cunt has no class.

People throw that term around loosely these days.- nik

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Claire Collins is a Good Example

January 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Oklahoma 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! DA strong! Just wanted to give girls a good example of what they will look like after a lifestyle of partying. I see all these girls on here strung out on Pepsi and wanting to be models, well here’s what you could end up looking like if you choose that life. I know this girl very well. She did Meth and Pepsi soo much that it literally caused these craters in her face. What’s sad is that this girl is soo cracked out, she thinks shes a model and will be a famous musician. Drugs make bitches like this DELUSIONAL. She has DRD plus He***itis C from dirty needle uses. Anyone who sleeps with Claire Collins will end up 6 ft under. So here you go ladies, if you want to be a porta potty and do drugs like its a meal plan….look forward to face craters! Your choice!

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