Oklahoma | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

A Dangerous Liar

February 4, 2014 Oklahoma 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeffrey David Storey is the kind of guy who can seem to go out of his way for you, make you feel like you’re special to him, come across as so genuine and sweet, but actually be fucking a 16 year old on the side. I’m just the latest victim in a long string of both men and women to fall prey to his deception. No matter how sincere he seems, or how many hours per day he spends talking to you and telling you how he misses you and all this garbage, and no matter how perfectly nice you are to him he WILL screw you over and it’ll hurt a lot.

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Ashlynn Babb

January 29, 2014 Oklahoma 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Tulsa Oklahoma’s finest Ashlynn Babb. to much of my surprise she nor her sister (which isn’t much different from her) hasn’t been posted on here so I have to do the honors. This girl Idolizes Paris Hilton, and you can guess why… She’s a Slut from the toes up using her twat to such up as much coin as she can to support her mad MDMA and ecstasy addiction she just can’t or WON’T shake. Lets also mention her suicidal rants she starts via social media after she gets busted for wrecking relationships one after another. Many Tulsa locals as well as myself are just dying to hear what you have to say about this beanpole.

A ponytail would throw up a big question mark.- nik

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The Girl Who Cried Rape

January 29, 2014 Oklahoma 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Taylor Mitchell, this dog is a grade A SLUT. what makes it even better is the fact that she is in complete understanding of this accusation in which prompts her to cry rape occasionally after having a full night of drunken sloppy sex with a stranger and waking up with regret. Pathetically she showed up to the funeral of one of the guys that she falsely claimed had raped her and made it out to be about her. This cunt has no class.

People throw that term around loosely these days.- nik

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Claire Collins is a Good Example

January 24, 2014 Los Angeles, Oklahoma 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! DA strong! Just wanted to give girls a good example of what they will look like after a lifestyle of partying. I see all these girls on here strung out on Pepsi and wanting to be models, well here’s what you could end up looking like if you choose that life. I know this girl very well. She did Meth and Pepsi soo much that it literally caused these craters in her face. What’s sad is that this girl is soo cracked out, she thinks shes a model and will be a famous musician. Drugs make bitches like this DELUSIONAL. She has DRD plus He***itis C from dirty needle uses. Anyone who sleeps with Claire Collins will end up 6 ft under. So here you go ladies, if you want to be a porta potty and do drugs like its a meal plan….look forward to face craters! Your choice!

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Kristopher Jason Carr Deadbeat Dad

December 30, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristopher Jason Carr of Healdton, Oklahoma, formerly of Lebanon, TN, Gordonville, TN. He says he’s an army brat, so he’s lived in several cities. He has several children running around the country he’s not taking care of. Kristopher Jason Carr is a deadbeat dad avoiding work because his checks will be garnished for his multiple offspring he’s procreated and abandoned. He has a so-called company he allegedly runs called ProWebSEO. He is a criminal and should be treated as such. Many people he associates with are involved in meth, hence he most likely is, as well. Mr. Carr is active in multiple online forums and has created multiple Facebook pages to target and harass individuals who do not share his same beliefs. We have had reports of this individual accessing others’ Facebook, as well as other accounts without their knowledge. For your own security and protection, it would be best never share music files or download anything this individual wants to share online. Do not click a link he provides because individuals like Carr obtain your IP address with bogus links designed to hack your social media account. Below is the order for garnishment for failure to pay child support on the children he never speaks of. Get the priorities together Kristopher Jason Carr.. The link is a court record of a child support order.The zero balance is not the balance of the child support, that’s the balance of the court costs. Child support balances are not noted on this order, those are private. Jason Carr is a deadbeat. 

Such a blue belt thing to do.- nik

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Jordan Jones

December 11, 2013 Oklahoma 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hell this is jordann jones this girl is what 18 pregnant don’t know who the father is she blames 3guys right now but who really knows, she back stabs people all the time she judges everyone but yet have you seen her ewww…vomit! This girl is bi-polar and when she don’t get her way she crys to everyone saying everyone is against her but mean while she needs a good head shake! She cried to two different guys saying her mom hits her, her sisters bf smokes weed around the baby and she needs a place to stay she tells everyone her mother is a bitch and she has no respect but everyone who knows jordann and her mother know the truth this girl needs to stop talking shit about others and look at her self she was screaming at her daughter at st-marys when she was 3months old stop sit holly fck child she screams after her daughter poor little girl mommys crazy and shouldn’t be a mom… Point being is she lives in the st-laurent buildings near montreal rd and has guys in and out of her app so ive been told by people who live there. Pathetic kid having kids jordann watch your back keep talking shit about every body is gonna lay your shit down

That will change when she needs a babysitter.- nik

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Cindy Martin

December 5, 2013 Oklahoma 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: I only dated cindy 5 months and she went crazy. She has the worst boob job I have ever seen and stretch marks like no other. Found out shes very notorious for being diseased.  She has the most horrible stuck up attitude I’ve ever seen. Run from this girl while you can. Or get ready for negative materialistic Nancy. The girl is never happy and waste her money on shopping. Bought her roses and tried my hardest but the girl is a lost cause. She still stalks me to this day…..I still cannot express how fake this girl is. Again runnn.

I find pics like that highly disturbing.- nik

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Finally Found Your Perfect Brunette

October 26, 2013 Oklahoma, The Dirty 211

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect brunette that everyone has been searching for you. Her name is Valentina and I have yet to find a flaw on this girl, shes absolutely stunning. She seems down to earth and is all about fighting against animal cruelty. Thoughts?

The nose in the first picture ruins everything for me.- nik

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