Oklahoma | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Dirty lil Mexican

October 21, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Sadie Rojas from Norman/okc oklahoma. She “claims” shes a model… But ew. She’s currently on probation for hard drug charges, has had 2 babies in 2 years with 2 different guys. Did drugs while pregnant. Did I mention both her children’s fathers are felons? Drug addicts have to stick together I guess. She’s as illiterate as she is nasty. Can’t spell, apparently can’t read very well. She says she’s high class and thinks her shit doesn’t stink, but it does. This is one grosky biatch. So Nik, WOULD YOU SLEEP WITH HER?

Answer: No, she reminds me of a muppet.

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Tulsa Stripper

October 4, 2013 Oklahoma 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this LOVELY piece of trash is NIKKI GODWIN, the biggest train wreck Tulsa has seen in a long time. THIS BITCH WILL SLEEP WITH ANYONE ANYONE AGE for 50$. Her kids were taken away by her ex husbands parents because her son had a medical condition and had a cyst like tumor coming out of his chest and she did nothing about it. you would go to her house and see that she would LITERALLY split a bag of ramen noodles between her two babies and that’s all theyd eat. she would rather by trashy ugly tattoos than clothes and food for her kids. she was just on the jerry springer show this week bragging about it. while her kids hadn’t seen her in months. she goes around claiming to be a “bad bitch” when really the only bad thing about her are her looks, stank ass breath, and greasy Pu**y and personality. shes a real class act. please put this trashy ass clown on blast!

Her ribcage needs more support then her chest…not sure how that middle pic worked out.- nik

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Katherine Webb Is Just Like Every Other Fame Wh*re

September 22, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Manhattan, Oklahoma, The Dirty 111


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Katherine Webb finally dumped her boyfriend.  It is sad but we all saw it coming.  A girl can only remain faithful and happy to a guy when she is not famous.  All the fame got to her head and she thinks she is better than AJ.  There is all these rich trouts going after her, promising her a life of wealthy and happiness… at the end, she will be a single 40 year old hooker and wishing she never dumped AJ.

I’m ok with this break up. Besides that fact she is a DreamKiller, she looks older than AJ. Look at her face compared to his… I don’t see 3rd string youth, I see handbag mileage.- nik

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Dirty Tulsa

September 17, 2013 Oklahoma, Tulsa 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl can’t seem to leave married/taken men alone. Even after they tell her they are in a relationship she still pursues them. She’s also been known to meet multiple men off POF. She parties all the time has 2 daughters at home and lives in a trailer park. She’s hands down trailer park trash. she should spend less time trying to get a man and more time being a mom. Traci never post full body pictures of herself.. I wonder why cause she’s a bit of a cow.

Pics were only this blurry in the 90′s, which means photoshop.- nik

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Dirty Darcie

September 17, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone this is Darcie Palmer.. She is a nasty no good smelly fat whore. Who claims to make thousands of dollars, being a “dominatrix”. When indeed she’s a broke bitch, no body wants to hire her. She can’t even afford to make her car payments, a gold digger, a terrible role model for her daughter, she will suck any dudes dick in a tattoo shop for some new ink, pathetic, worthless, sold c*ke to support herself (keep in mind she has a 4 year old daughter but wants to make fun of people who do drugs.) She post herself on craigslist, backpages, fetlife, and get sick amusement out of taking money from people who do not have it. She now got back with her ex because he has a job, but a year ago he was beating her. haha. Be warned this bitch will play nice, lure you in, pay for your shit, then take everything you have, and will use her daughter as an excuse. So Moore Oklahoma stay out of this troll bitch’s way.. Cause she will ruin your life. Nappy headed, troll ass, pretending to have lupus for sympathy.. HAHAHAHA The things pathetic people will do for a little bit of attention. That’s all folks. TROLL ASS BITCH.

Love the hair…(heavy eye roll).- nik

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Mama of Five

August 23, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is kelsi williams-mills. Her hubby got locked up for murder and not even a week after his sentencing in 09′ she shacked up in motels with his bestfriend and her kid. Since 09 she has had 4 more kids and shes barely 21. She was caught by her bf workin at a happy endings massage parlor. She recently has become addicted to mth and lost custody of her oldest kid. She smokes her m*th pipe in front of her kids and even stabbed her bf for tryin to leave. Please warn ppl about her crazy ass. Shes now livin with a NEW bf in a 1 bedroom apt with all her kids and drugs.

No way she can keep that pace up.- nik

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Can I Make It as a Model

August 22, 2013 Oklahoma, Tulsa, Would You? 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Im a model/poet in Tulsa, OK. I have been DA strong for a while now. I really value your opinion and I was wondering what you would rate me as a model? I’ve been to LA to shoot a few times. I need to know if its worth it to keep pursuing this dream. And….Would You?

Answer: No, le photoshop.

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Kyle Cavitt Auditions For Porn

June 26, 2013 Dallas, Oklahoma 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kyle Cavitt again. Recently he was accused of bro RAPE, but I think he is just misunderstood. You see, K-Cav is just a real FREAK like that., the bro that was “raped” probably consented to being drugged and treated like a sex toy by this kinky kyle figure. I know I want his DING-A-HOO in my CAKEHOLE while passed out. Let me tell you about Cavitt, He is a Chiropractic student presently and decided that instead of just popping backs everyday, he wants to give happy endings too, on camera. This man is PERFECT for porn. He auditioned for a BLUMPKIN scene with me last night and SWALLOWED all my kids. Cavitt can take a C*CK down his THROAT like a champ for real and sometimes 10 if he’s lucky. He said my jizz was delicious. He liked it on his man Tittays also. I think he deserves a chicken nugget happy meal for that. He is totally WORTH that much EXACTLY. Please give a shout out to my main man K-Cav! 190 pounds of fresh man meat right thur. That’s me in the 2nd with the purple shirt, my name is Thereal TREED! And if anyone wants to hate on our relationship, you can come here and POP KNOTS ON YOUR HEAD!! We’re thinking about holding hands and Eiffel towering the blonde in audition 2, but I don’t know if I want to share him yet. Would you watch the Eiffel tower nik? Or would you rather watch us two again getting at it 2 guys, one cup style . Mmm I luv his man juice. I can’t wait to be the bottom tonight

Dudes just looking for an excuse to experiment with the same sex.- nik

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