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Amber Glass Fakest In The Game

May 30, 2013 Oklahoma 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, so this girls name is Amber Glass. First & foremost? FAKEST FEMALE I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF KNOWING. She likes to put on a front to her facebook fans about the life she lives. You THINK she’s rapping, making it big in California, but REALLY? She’s back living with her daddy while her ‘manager’ sends her money. (sugar daddy?) She posted on Facebook that she’s only had sex with 2 guys, & only has sex when she’s in a relationship. Then a few months later, she posted it was three, while also posting that she hasn’t been in a relationship in three years. WHAAA? But I thought you only had sex when you’re in a relationship, see you tripped up girl. The funny thing is, YOU HAVE SEX WITH THE GUY THAT RIGHTS YOUR RAPS! (young star). Isn’t he like 5’4″, & you’re 5’8″. Lmao did he ride YOU? You claim your not a hoe, but you post picture so thirsty guys will fawn over you. You have NO self respect. You are RATCHET. You stole your style from your former bestfriend Haley MaryJane Summers. Bitch you used to wear heels, pencil skirts, & vnecks. You started rocking kicks & snapbacks when she let you borrow her clothes, then you try to steal her clothes & say you’ll burn them if she tries to come get them. How desperate & sad. You’re pathetic. You can’t rap. Like literally you are incapable, the only reason you sound REMOTELY okay is because you have to stop every line then get cut in because you don’t know how to rap on beat. Your head is SO far up your own ass, I hope someone beats your ass & worldstars it so you get brought down a level. “White Girl With The Ass” but you have no ass to speak of? You wear leggings so you create the ILLUSION of an ass. LMAO. The only boobs you have are those created with a push up bra. You’re an A-cup. Stop fronting, PLEASE. Oh, & she stole Haley MaryJane Summers haircut. Haley’s had it for probably three years. Amber has had it for a year now, when HALEY cut it for her. Okay Okay, I’m done.

Looks like someone knows how to photoshop..- nik

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Harrah bicycle

May 13, 2013 Oklahoma 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this sloot, Carman, thinks she is hot stuff running around and letting whatever guy shes banging that week move in with her and her kids. Always paawning kids off on family and friends or a stranger just so she can go drink and get pilled out. Chick will spread her legs for a tattoo, piercing or dr pepper. She finally got a solid home when her husband (whom she was not with at the time, and was living with another man) overdosed on black tar H so now she gets free housing and what not while sits around all day finding a new guy so she can use him for his car or money. She cares more about her next tattoo then she does her own children! thos sloot has had her kids call 6 guys daddy in the past two years. She cant even buy her kids some decent clothes or hygeine products because she has to buy her pills!

I see she manages to add to her tat collection though.- nik

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Cheating Sexting Man Slore

May 1, 2013 Oklahoma 2

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik he has cheated numerous times, this last time with some slut he even actually moved in with her after I found out and now he is begging his way back not going to work this time Here are some pictures I found that he had been sending women while on the road supposed to be working bet you won’t need a very big star to cover that little thing

No homo but those are some pretty small hearts, why would anyone wanna show that off.- nik

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Linzee Is At It Again

April 24, 2013 Oklahoma 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Linzee Philpott, pregnant for a 3rd time at 20. I wasn’t surprised when the homewrecking didn’t last long she’s trying to ruin another guys family life now. She tells them she’s better than their woman, convinces them to leave their children then low blows them. She’s even committed armed robbery and attempted kidnapping. She doesn’t know who this baby’s dad is but tells 3 different men its their kid. As of last month 3 guys she’s been with ended up with a DRD from her. Beware!! And don’t try to leave her either she sends youpictures of her crying, pictures of knives on her bathroom counter and then calls the police and claims you are harassing her while she continues to send nude pictures and videos daily while men are trying to be with their families! Don’t fall into her trap!

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Am I Overreacting

April 22, 2013 Oklahoma, The Dirty 138

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this wh*re is Kat Pekenpaugh or however you spell her name… well I just found out shes been sleeping with this guy I’ve been talking to for a couple weeks.  I havent slept with him yet and he doesn’t know I know but rumor has it this girl has the DRD for life just like all her c*ke feind friends… so I don’t know what to do should I just move on to another guy who has no relation to low lifes like her and her friends or should I give him a chance to tell me himself?  Am I overreacting or this girl beat?  Like I can’t even imagine someone wanting to stick it in her.

People, when you submit something use the word Pepsi instead of C*ke please. Thank you.- nik

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Oklahoma Trash in Venice

April 15, 2013 Oklahoma, Santa Monica 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ashley Danielle Taylor or as she calls herself ever since she started doing porn- Belle Noire. Hairdresser/stripper/hooker trash turned porn star. This girl will fuck anything for a few bucks seriously. She said she was lesbian for sometime and suddenly became mysteriously pregnant. She was very public about her pregnancy and seemed happy about her abortion. She has no shame at all. Her twitter has fully nude pics showing her saggy ugly tits and everyone knows she’s in porn now. She does a bunch of drugs and can be found bumming c*ke lines at any club in hollywood. She’s not curvy, she’s fat.

Pale skin looks trashy with dark hair.- nik

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Oklahoma City New Porn Star

April 12, 2013 Dirty News, Oklahoma 259

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- This is Julie or Kenzie Vaughn is her fake porn name. I had a lot of classes with this girl in college. She was sooo nice and actually smart. I got along with her very well. Not to mention, she wasn’t slutty at all and very down to earth. I knew she wasn’t a whore cuz I never heard of her sleeping with anyone and never saw her with any other guy. Time rolls by and I see that she is in a porno..with 5 guys, 5 GUYS. It’s a fake rape porno that it says she thought of herself. WTF is wrong with girls these days??? I don’t know if I’m disappointed or turned on. I want to know what the hell happened. This is a tough one. What do you think about all of this Nik?

Last picture looks like she’s missing teeth.  You do the math…- nik

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Broke Dead Beat Dad

March 22, 2013 Oklahoma 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Eric Tedder, He likes to pretend he’s a wealthy bushiness owner in Oklahoma City. He owns Xtreme Clean Industries Inc (what a douchebag name) a failed carpet cleaning company. Eric’s even been featured on the local news stations as a business to be weary of b/c he’s screwed over elderly veterans. This guy is rocking black affliction in all the rundown clubs hitting on young girls. He likes to pretend he pulls girls constantly. Eric goes to the gym and hangs out, he doesn’t actually work out. He’s a big believer in supplements and bad steroids. The guy is overweight! but he take pictures of “fat” people and posts on facebook. Eric has been evicted from every place he’s ever lived. He also is an unemployed and doesn’t think he has help financially with his kid. Nic please let everyone know what a joke this guy is.

Bro’s now sport bears.  Don’t want anyone to miss the memo.- nik

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