Child Abuser

March 6, 2013 Oklahoma 401 9,597 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Linzee Philpott from Tulsa. She dropped out of high school after she got pregnant at 16 with my now current boyfriend. Luckily, my boyfriend got away from her. She claims rape constantly. She dated my now-boyfriend for 2 years but claims he raped her & forced her to get pregnant. Their son, Drake- the poor little boy is starving. She once burned him on the back of the neck with a joint, then beat him with a belt (he is 1), because she said he needed discipline. The story ripens with this.. so in April 2012 she met a new guy whose girlfriend did everything for him. She worked while he was lazy. She was pregnant. So, while his woman was in the hospital after having their daughter he was off screwing Linzee. Then sent her out of town to have sex with Linzee. The girl paid for the apartment & everything. The girl came back with their daughter, and I told her what was going on- she was working while Linzee was walking with Drake in 107 degree weather to go have sex with him while she was working. He would even bring his baby out in freezing cold to come screw Linzee. She was claiming the girls daughter was her “baby”, even putting the baby in her sons clothes. Luckily, the girlfriend was smart & when she got back found 4 bottles of douche in the apartment when she got back from her sending them away. Linzee is nasty. The girl had an drd so she had to have a csection for fear the baby would get it. So, long story short now she is pregnant with this guys baby- who of course moved to his girlfriends state. Linzee is still at home with her parents. Their house looks like Hoarders. There is 3 bedrooms & 15 people living there. She has no hot water, no heat, no electric. None of them work. She claims she has too many issues to work. She has begged us not to call DHS “until her housing apartment comes up on the list.” But, her son is 1 and skin & bones. She is 5 months pregnant and begged the girls boyfriend to stay with her then has sex with guys still behind his back because she says she wanted the baby to remember his face and she wants the baby to come out 4 months early so having sex will make it come out early so she can see his face again and he will come back to her if its sick. She said she will k*** the baby if it is a girl. She’s so damn stupid she’s having 4 guys having sex with her at one time. She’ stelling my boyfriend now he cant see his son because this guy (who like I said is obviously in another state now and taken) is gone because I told his girlfriend. She already knew and he had been with her for 7 years and chased after her. And Linzee is so dumb she gets mad cuz she thinks they aren’t in love that he is just out there living with the girlfriend and not having sex just til her baby is born..

Not gunna lie, I got bored and stopped reading.  Guess it didn’t ripen that much…- nik

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Flakey Myspace Fatty

February 6, 2013 Oklahoma 45 7,243 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This is Malory Snider, flake extraordinaire. This sloot loves to troll the scummiest parts of POF. She loves chatting, getting all cute and slightly Overly Obsessed Girlfriend-ish. She’ll flake out at every opportunity, mostly because she’ll go fck some random brockville fag she used to date or what have you. She absolutely refuses to send a body pic until it’s too late (luckily, I’ve included one). She things pop punk, her little sister (a girl who could suck the chrome of a trailer hitch if it weren’t for the metal razors in her mouth scratching it off first) and sailor tattoos are the be all and end all of personal expression, and pulls off leopard print worse than the haggish crack-addicted granny down at the local dollar store. I just wanted to put her up here not as a warning, but as a shout out to everyone who’s had their time wasted by this bag of monkey shit.

You’d never know it if it weren’t for her friend.  Oh quarter shots.- nik

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Megan Marie Lewis, Tulsa Fraudster

February 4, 2013 Oklahoma, Tulsa 2 7,292 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Megan Lewis, aka “Cloudzangel” and “stormzangel”. 26, almost 27, this perfect specimen claims to love God, Hanson, and Michael Jackson’s lawyer (no joke), and her favorite books are from the Babysitters Club series. She’s known online as a scammer for constantly stealing pictures of other girls and then building sites to get guys to buy her things off of her wish list, by promising cam shows or escort services. Only problem is, since she’s not the girl in the pictures, she never fulfills the promises. Her latest scam seems to be not only the fake “porn” or escorting sites, but now she’s also stealing pictures of people that have major illnesses, and scamming money by claiming she’s dying. This girl has major mental defects. She’s always trash talked camgirls and girls with websites for selling their bodies, but she’s doing the same thing! She has a profile on livejasmin and livecams under EroticKayla where she’s selling her own porky body! Even better, she has a “day job” where she digs into medical records of anyone that publicly outs her for being a fraud, and then uses their computers/internet to harass people. I’m not too sure people would like their business equipment being used to commit crimes, but Megan doesn’t care. She thinks she’s not a real criminal because people should be worried about murderers and rapists, and she’s not doing anything wrong because “everyone lies.” Nik, put this girl on blast! You’ll be doing the whole world a favor because the internet needs to know about her!

Lace was a bad decision.- nik

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Krischelle Blackwell Is NOT America’s Next Top Model

January 29, 2013 Oklahoma 75 9,167 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA strong for 4 years. It’s time this attention wore went on blast for how pathetic she is. This is Krischelle Blackwell, and she’s a model. Can’t you tell? She moved here to Oklahoma from Chicago, where she claims she had this amazing fashion/modeling career. She has a comp card on One Model Place and claims she can do runway. Are you serious right now? Girls need to realize that runway models are TALL, SKINNY, and gorgeous, not MAC forcefields of average height/looks. What does the Dirty Army think? Is she model material?

People know about angle tricks and quarter shots, they don’t work anymore.- nik

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Bad-ass BMX’ers

January 28, 2013 Oklahoma 0 5,226 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this video of some pretty amazing BMX guys doing stunts! Justin Coble aka Sexy Jesus in Tulsa must have nuts of steel to risk doing some of these tricks. Good luck in court and enjoy the vid!

They must have overdraft which is why they don’t drive a car.- nik

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What Is Former Miss USA Runner-Up Morgan Woolard Up To

January 2, 2013 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, The Dirty 32 47,494 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay I just have to know what do you think about former Miss USA runner up Morgan Woolard.  She is a model for a couple pageant/prom gown brands she is really pretty but lately I’ve been seeing some suspicious stuff on her instagram whats your take?

It’s pretty obvious what Morgan Woolard does for a living.- nik

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Amber Glass The Rapper

December 18, 2012 Oklahoma 15 9,516 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Amber ” Elizabeth “Glass is A fake A$$ wanna-be Kreyshawn / Lil debbie following the most recent trend of hot trash female rapper , She been spoted on youtube frontin actin like she ballin really she fckin local okc hip-hop artist for potato chip money. Amber glass acting like shes big, here a video of that fake bitch actin like she about to by a lambo with her pimp aka her manager who also fcking her mom too  her and her crew claim to be hood or street but they went to private school from moore Oklahoma claiming the southside she claims she moved to hollywood but she staying at her moms house in okc on the southside in the ghetto now

Those spots have a slimming effect.  you shoulda used them on your ankles, or lack thereof.- nik

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Ugly Slut Pregnant Again

December 5, 2012 Oklahoma 4 7,060 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Barbara Bolin, typical self centered b*tch. She is a nasty slut who not only got knocked up once, but twice. By two different guys.. She didnt take care of her first born son, she just went to clubs and didnt care about him. The guy with the blonde hair is her supposed newest baby daddy(Braden). They broke up around the time she got pregnant, and she fcked half the town. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when the poor baby comes out black. She is so nasty that at parties she will make out with her own sister. Braden even cant stand her, he is sick of her psycho behavior that he left her..again. She cant hold a job to save her life.. couldnt even hold a job at wal-mart. but lucky for her, she gets welfare checks and child support. Sluts like her shouldnt be allowed to reproduce.

Looks like her dyes leaking out of her head in that last pic.-nik

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