Oklahoma State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Legal Victory For TheDirty.com In Oklahoma

July 12, 2012 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State, The Dirty 5

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Another one bites the dust. Thank you Kevin Durant.

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UCO Sloot

June 25, 2012 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Would You? 5




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl, I don’t know what to start with. Her fake hair, tits or personality. (not to mention she has a straight up MAN voice) She recently got her twins done but they are east and west far apart. I’ve heard she slooted around on campus at UCO her freshmen year after working at Twin Peaks. She acts like she is a hard *ss but probably wouldn’t do much about anything. I wouldn’t touch her, what do you think Nik?

Answer: No, her lips got a little Joker action going on.

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Full Package Right Here

February 24, 2012 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so whoever posted about this “Madison Collins” chick is being fooled by a FAKE!  The real girl you’re talking about is named Chandler Smith and she IS one of the absolute most gorgeous girls ever. We grew up together and not only is she beautiful, she has a killer body any girl would die for and is an awesome friend on top of that. Full package right there.

The sign looks fake (photoshop).- nik

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Nasty OSU Cheerleader

November 16, 2011 Oklahoma State 2

Nasty Skank

Nasty Skank

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is on the OSU cheerleading team. She is a straight up sk*nk and is only into black guys. She flaunts her cooter at anything that walks & thinks she’s the sh*t. She may look bad in her photos but she looks even worse close up. So nik, would you?

The team must of been short on lifters.  I wonder if they make her dress up in the guys uniform.- nik

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Nasty Stripper Sloot

July 21, 2011 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 21



THE DIRTY ARMY: Brook Duffy aka Geneane Duffy, Geneane Hall, Brook Hall. A 35 year old stripper with four kids by as many men and who works at Little Darlings in Oklahoma City! All my girlfriends!!! She is a money wh**re PLAYER!! This stripper sloot has f**ked four guys this year! We can post their names so you can protect your self!! They are all boyfriends!!!! AND They are f**king other strippers! Don’t let your boyfriend go to this club and get a lap dance from this skank! What’s left on you might eat through your clothes. She sleeps with many of her customers and spreads the DRD to anyone who is dumb enough to f*** her!!! She dated one of my boyfriend’s friends and now he has the gift that keeps on giving! She has to go down on the sausage in a VIP room in order to make a buck. Check out what’s growing on her upper lip but don’t get too close. Everything about this anorexic hag is fake including her t*ts. They’d hang down to belly button without the boob job and I’m told it’s not even a good one. The p*ss is so worn out and used you might mistake it for beef jerky. She sits around and takes pictures of herself all day trying to convince herself she hot. NOT! Every man in OKLAHOMA needs to steer clear of this diseased ridden head case. This sloot is pathological. This sloot can’t even spell! When you see this stupid sleezey white trailer trash coming around the corner…RUN! Spread the word! Spread her name!! If your boyfriend goes to strip clubs get him tested!!

Why’s this grandma tagged in Oklahoma state? does she have kids who attend there or something.- nik

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Gone Wild

March 4, 2011 Oklahoma State, Wichita 62

Gone Wild

Gone Wild

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Elissa Dust and she’s Winfield’s town skank, but can be found anywhere between the Oklahoma state line and Wichita. This girl think’s she’s hot sh*t, but in reality, she’s just a stuck up, krusty vag, tuna smellin skank. Last summer while I was out of town, she took the initiative to put my boyfriends junk in her mouth “because they were drunk” and then throw it in my face when I found out and confronted her about it. Needless to say, she likes to cause breakups even if she never really benefits from it. This girl is the epitome of a home wrecker. She’d do just about anything, or anyone. The sad part is that she really think’s she’s cute.. I mean, really… How desperate would you have to be? She thinks she’s all thin and cute, but shes always shoving food down her throat. Gross.

She has to stick her head forward like that so you can see her neck.- nik

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Is Tailor Jones As Hot As She Thinks She Is

January 7, 2011 Oklahoma State, The Dirty 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this girl is Tailor Jones.  Shes a total b*tch and is pretty much insane.  She does Pepsi and gets drunk almost every single night. She works at hooters and think she can beat anyone up but she really cant. Everywhere she goes she runs her mouth and needs to be slapped. But honestly I think she looks decent.

Honestly, take away the bad +2′s and this girl is nobody in society.- nik

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Hottest Thing Around

June 28, 2010 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Would You? 15

the hottest thing around?

the hottest thing around?

THE DIRTY ARMY: so Nik this girl thinks she is the hottest thing around just since guys like her (it takes about 1hr to get in her pants) but i just dont get it. she has no upper lip and no body, some how she is a hooters girl and thinks that makes her automatically the sh*t.

Is it just me or is there a dog going to town on that guy(a little concerning that he doesn’t care)…he must of just dipped into his little slooty blond friend not to long ago.- nik

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