Oklahoma State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

For The Gays???? I Think So

May 27, 2009 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa 0

For the GAYS ???? I think so

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is steve from oklahoma we r trying to figure out if he is for the gays..???

What’s there to figure out? 100% for the Gays.- nik

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Horsey Holy Land

May 8, 2009 Chicago, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you said she might be a cubs fan cuz shes “Wrigley”? WELL  Heres proof!

I wonder if all horses make a pilgrimage to their sacred temple?- nik

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Tulsa Hotty, Would You?

May 5, 2009 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, The Dirty, Tulsa, Would You? 69


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Elizabeth from Tulsa, great +2′s..the question is..Would you?

Answer:  Hell No, those dentures belong in a cup of water.  I bet she must be a huge Cubs Fan (Major Wrigley action goin’ on!).

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Shelbreezy Queezy

April 30, 2009 Dallas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 19

Shelbreezy Queezy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – Here she is AGAIN! The one they call Shelbreezy Queasy! This pathetic Gold Diggin wanna be model is sumthin else! Since Dallas didn’t workout for her too well, she went back to Tulsa, OK where she’s now out on the prowl AGAIN, looking for a payout! She has two pages on MySpace, ONE to portray herself as a wannabe fat model and the other as “friends only” where she probably points her boyfriend(s) & family to. She’s into dj’s apparently and is on again off again with one of Tulsa’s big dj’s but when the cat’s way, the mice will definitely play! She plays him like a little toy and he has NO idea that she’s in it for the money and NOTHING ELSE, what else does she need him for since her broke ass aint got no $$! He can do so much better as he has before!!!! She doesn’t even claim she has him as a boyfriend! Ha~ well except to probably him, what a DUMBASS!!!. They work at separate clubs (how convenient) for her to scheme and bat her eyes for free drinks and tips! Get over yourself already girl and quit using people for self gain! Look closely, & notice her fat belly sticking out in these pics that she TRIES to suck it in on each pic! Underneath all that makeup is one ugly girl, we’ve seen it and know it, INSIDE & OUTSIDE! too much peanut butter jelly.

That is to much to read. If your gut sticks out more than your boobs you should wear a girdle.- nik

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Couples Ed Farty

April 29, 2009 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: WOW. This is precious. Matching Ed Farty outfits.

I think this could be a part of couples therapy. Being humiliated together makes you a stronger couple.- nik

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Dj Gay Boy

April 24, 2009 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Portland 17

dj gay boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: dj fatf*ck thinks hes gods gift for dj’s. hes realy an undercover f*g suckin off artists after shows and over seas. nigga need to get his swag up, copying e-40 will get u no where!!! dont be scared to put this up you b*tch n*ggas!!!

If that guy smokes anymore his eye are going to be swollen shut.- nik

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University of Oklahoma Senior SGM

April 22, 2009 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 12

University of Oklahoma Senior SGM

University of Oklahoma Senior SGM

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is how the Senior OU SGM does it…apparently..I have to admitt that the Redhead isnt too bad to look at though. The one in front of her though is one ugly dude. Your thoughts?

Are you blind? The red head is the worst of all these fuglies.- nik

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Oklahoma Girls…..Would you??

April 21, 2009 Oklahoma, Oklahoma State 3

Oklahoma Girls.....Would you??

Oklahoma Girls.....Would you??

Oklahoma Girls.....Would you??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Local girls from the OklahomaCity/Edmond area. THis is what our 30something MOMS do in their spare time. ALl are divorced as well…..wonder if they can “catch” a new daddy for their babies? And what’s up with the Rock Of Love lokkin chick in the last pic?Would you??

Answer: No, I don’t need a cougar.

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