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Mississippi Is The Armpit Of America

December 17, 2008 Ole Miss 19


Do they not have Mach 3 shavers in Mississippi.

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What Eli Manning’s Wife Abby McGrew Never Knew

October 6, 2008 Dirty Athletes, Ole Miss, The Dirty, Virginia Tech 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as you obviously know, Eli married his college girlfriend Abby earlier this year. Unfortunately for Abby, she seems to be in the dark about Eli’s blonde companion, Ashley Speegle, a graduate of Virginia-Tech University.

Eli and Ashley met at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas in early 2006 where her sister’s (Katy Speegle-Hendersen) bachelorette party was held (the wedding was in May, so you do the math on timing).

Eli should have done his homework before getting involved with this girl. Had he done some homework, he would have realized that Ashley is already well known to NASCAR fans for her much publicized relationship with Kasey Kahne.

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Look at his face, Eli Manning is not the smartest TOD (touch of downs) of the Manning family.  I am guessing Cooper has the highest IQ.  Abby I learned that Eli would bring side tail Ashley out to New York while you were away finishing your degree.  He obviously did not want to interrupt your studies.  That was very nice of him.- nik

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