Oregon | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

The Prince Player

March 7, 2014 Oregon 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is the biggest player he dates 17 year olds and is 22! He cheats on every girl he has ever dated tells them he loves them wants to marry them & then cheats! He has a performance issues & always posts selfies making the duck face! His Instagram is @theprinceknight he is a true douche bag in the best form he knows how to make girls believe he is good then shows his true colors! I think he might be gay! And try’s to be with all these girls to prove he isn’t!

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Never Ending Ex

March 6, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Oregon State 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ginger skank attempts fool everyone by dying her hair and eyebrows bleach blonde, this is probably so people won’t gag at the sight of this ghostly giger with almost transluscent skin almost completely covered in freckles. This down home slut moved from Oregon to Texas to spread her legs where “everything is bigger”. What is obvious is how completely busted this girls face is…lets be honest her parents should have put a condom on that drunk night. This pathetic little bitch got dumped over two years ago and still could not get over her ex boyfriend. Stooping as low as sending saggy titted nude after nude when he had a gf, trying to lure him back into her tatted sausage arms. She was rejected of course, taking pathetic to a new low. As for the taken women in Texas, watch your man because this ginger two-faced snake has no qualms with throwing herself at taken men.

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Gresham Phony Baller

February 17, 2014 Oregon, Portland 228

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is shady Yasin. He is the owner of a alnarah hookah lounge in gresham Oregon. This guys thinks h’s a baller, but in reality, he uses his brothers dealership cars to show off. If he were a true baller, he wouldn’t care about the price tag right? He is cheap, ALWAYS worries about how much something is or worries how much a contractor will charge him for a job at his lounge. That’s why he does everything himself, which is illegal since there needs to be paper work behind everything. If the police did an investigation on this convict, yes he was in prison for man slaughter AKA he killed someone during a street race, his lounge would shut down! He pays his employees under the table because he is too cheap to pay for their taxes. I heard he smokes weed in his office with female employees he wants to bang. He sexually harasses his female employees, even though he has a pregnant 20 year old girlfriend, and he is 28 btw. He has sex with a bunch of girls on the side and those girls know he has a prego GF, they do it because he pays them since he’s a baller. This guy needs to be put on blast! He uses people and then throws them away after he is done with them.

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Kendalynn an Elijah Gittens

February 4, 2014 Oregon, Portland 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Elijah and Kendalynn are the worst people ever. Let’s start off with Elijah. He will make you love him, treat you good, then bam it starts. He is a liar, he doesn’t work, he says he owns a car when it’s his bitches car, he abuses you, he tells you he is talking to his family when he talks to other girls, he will Deni you are together and tell people your crazy an you broke up when you didn’t, he doesnt pay for things or do anything to better his life, his family will take his side and corner you, he sleeps with everyone and tells you he doesn’t. He hooks up with ur friends when your together and turns them against you not to mention he has drd! He is a complete liar and pathetic. Kendalynn is jus as bad not only did she date Elijah after everyone told her what kind of guy he is but she dated him after her bestfriend! She threw away a good friendship in order to be with a loser who cheats on her. She stands by his side is even gonna have his baby if she didn’t abort it. She is a home wrecker and has slept with probably every black guy there is. She supports this loser and stands by his side. She does a lot of drugs but clams she isn’t a tweaker, she is shady and will turn on you if it makes her look good, she only cares about herself. She obviously doesn’t want to get far in life by supporting a loser. She could have had her friends but she is the kind of girl who will pick dick over a guy anyday. She plays the pitty card because she was raped or maybe she just lied about that for attention we all know she sucks dick everyday

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D-Bag Woman Beater

January 30, 2014 Oregon, Portland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik~ This loser dad, wanna be rapper,thinks he’s Paul Walker from Fast and Furious piece of sh!t right here is Taylor Collie. The biological “father” to one boy and the acting “father” to another, can’t seem to keep him self out of jail. His baby mama left him years ago because he liked to do the Meth and wouldn’t leave his hands off of her. Now he is dating another girl with a small kid. He just got out of jail in November for beating her up too. So at one point, if not currently, two women had restraining orders against him at the same time, both of which were issued within 4 months of each other. The child support division revoked his license for nonpayment of his child support but the best part about this pathetic excuse for a “man” is that his greg is infected with ** and he doesn’t like to tell anyone. So he has now passed it to at least 4 different women, all of whom are only in their early 20′s. WOMEN-If you see this “man”, run as fast as you can.

Nice BB.- nik

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Portland to LA Still A Sloot

January 23, 2014 Oregon, Portland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Brandon he’s been posted before in Portland, Or for being one of portland best known sluts. Now he’s moved on and is infecting west hollywood with his trashy ways. he works as a “bike messanger” by day but every night he’s out with a different guy getting fcked by random dudes who promise to help make him famous. famous for what?! this boy has no talent expect for getting guys boyfriends to sleep with him which he thinks is funny. hes already been seen around town with andrew christian and other wll known sugar daddies just looking for a free ride. hes manageed to turn himself into just another trashy weho slut overnight but everyone in LA wishes he would have just left his nasty ass in portland. one of these days hes going to fuck the WRONG guys boyfriend. just because you’re blonde now doesn’t mean you fit in around here trash!!!

He got into it because of the body suit…I decided.- nik

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Krusty Juan Sedano

January 17, 2014 Oregon, Portland 26

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is my ex (eww right) This scum also known by juan sedano or juanathan (errmahgerdh)is the shitties hispanic roaming the streets of Portland dated this ass swipe for 2 fucking months not able to keep a job , working at a damn dead petco in Beaverton, allways on grinder , hornet and scruff trying to get some ass, don’t get fooled by he’s charm. He’s dick smells like he hast washed the damn thing in ages. Stench so potent gave me bronchitis! He think he’s the hot shit around fat , lazy scumbag getting in relationships. Breaking people apart, HE IS THAT UNHAPPY WITH HES LIFE, trying to get into 3 somes with minors, sick while we were saying he was with George , never met such a disgusting human being , dont forget he’s always waiting he’s money on alcohol, getting drunk at cc and Silverados thirsty for dick juice , never trust this drama queen always causing scenes. Portland beware of juan sedano!

Don’t think I needa mention how small that heart is.- nik

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The Germ

January 3, 2014 Oregon, Portland 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am suprised i haven’t seen this dirty ass on here yet! All of Milwaukie and Clackamas Oregon knows him and all the dumb bitches have fucked him….married or not. This is Joshua L. Busby AKA: fake rapper with shitty tattoos. You can find this local skank at any watering hole getting drunk asking people for drinks cause of course this dude has no job no life nothing. If what the streets whisper are true and you let this dude get inside you…you better get checked. On the other had you must be an idiot to fall for his shit cause when you met him he asked you to buy him drink.. This dude should have been on here and won the dirtiest dude on here five times already. He sleeps on your couch, eats your food, and uses your money. This dude is a fraud who thinks hes a “rapper”. P;ease bitch and i bet your rich… He also runs his big ass mouth but trust and believe its all talk he gets his ass beat by bitches. Whats that your married? i dont care i have no morals or decency i’ll fck you and dump you as long as i get what i need from you. This is what he does and not once but many times. So remember all you tricks, ladies, rappers.. this is a big guy in PDX whos makin it big..

Its impossible to look tough while taking a picture of yourself.- nik

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