Cori-Lynn Black

October 24, 2013 Oregon, Portland 285

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet 24 yr old Cori-Lynn Black. This slut bag recently sucked and butt fcked her way into the spirits industry as a sales rep for a local Portland liquor distributor. Little do these industry spirit all-stars know who they are dealing with. In my opinion, she has quickly climbed her way up the Northwest spirits socialite world as a closet slore, sucking whoever off she can for her own personal gain. She has contracted gonnorhea twice, has disgusting cellulite, and she thinks her +2s make up for her lack of intelligence, dim-witted personality, hideous stretch marks, and morals like Tory Lane. Oh did I mention that she has a 5 year old son? Whom she routinely leaves with her father (not the baby’s daddy because he left the second she was knocked up) and leaves for week long “business trips” with other industry peoples when she’s actually getting blacked out drunk every night, and fcking the next brand manager or portfolio liquor manager to make her way up to the top. This cum bucket deserves another blast in the face other than trout juice from the dirty…and so much more. Nik, wtf?

If the patrons could only see the under-side of that counter.- nik

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Horrible Mom/Social climber

October 24, 2013 Oregon, Portland 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this social climbing slut bag has really made a name for herself lately. She recently made her way into the liquor industry as a sales rep for a local portland distributor. Quickly climbing the ranks of Northwest liquor distributors, she routinely gets blacked out drunk and prances around PDX and Eugene looking for the next greg to blow in her “industry”. She thinks her +2s make up for her cellulite covered ass, dim-witted personality, stretch marks, and canyon-like sausage pocket. Oh, did I mention she has a 5 year old son? She routinely leaves him at home with HER father (not her son’s father because he left the minute she got knocked up) to take care of him while she goes on week long “business” trips aka getting wasted with industry personnel. Nik, put this whore on blast! Or would you?

Answer: No, it doesn’t look like her bodies spat out the baby.

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Oral Solutions

October 9, 2013 Oregon, Portland 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Colleen Hesla from Portland,OR area. Apparently she loves to cheat on men with other men who are in a relationship. Then, when given proof….denies it still like she never sent him pics. I feel bad for who ever dates her. This is what you have to deal with. I caught my boyfriend and Colleen writing each other through Facebook. Ladies, better watch out for this whore!

Damn watermark…what’s she willing to do to ‘not her boyfriend’.- nik

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Red Deer Mat

October 8, 2013 Oregon, Portland 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Meeghan Glanzer, resident of the Portland,OR metro area. She’s a member of IMPORT CHICKS as well. She loves going to the RDM meets on Sundays in Portland,OR (Red Door Meet is a car meet for people in the car scene). Well, this girl loves to spread her legs around the car scene for men within the car scene. She’ll tell you otherwise that’s not what she’s into but it’s a lie. Multiple people know men she slept with. She drives a VW on airbags as well. Word is, she got fired from her job at Jiffy Lube after her boss found out about her with a couple men. She loves to spread lies about people as well. Meeghan, she can’t even take responsibility of her own actions. Like it’s other people’s fault that she’s a whore. Then, when she gets called out by numerous people on Facebook she blames them. This chick needs a huge reality check in life. She’s only 20-21 years old. Give her some booze as well. We all know what that leads to with her.

A sloot can’t change her spots, and she sure does got em.- nik

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Dirty Oregon Slore

October 3, 2013 Oregon 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Genessa. She opens her legs from portland to Medford. But for the right price she might come to your city. She can’t keep a boyfriend because she’s very needy, selfish, jealous and most of all she want’s them to buy her everything. She has a good job but spends all her money in the bars getting wasted drunk and picking up guys even females. She post on facebook how she’s such a good mom to her daughter. But she’s never with her daughter cause she’s to worried about getting fcked. She’s so nasty she slept with her ex boyfriend’s own family member and he gave her an DRD. She has no friend’s cause she uses them all and they have all seen her true colors. She will lie her way right into her life and make up stories about her being raped as a child, So you will feel bad for her. Nothing she says is true. It’s time to put this fat ugly ass on blast. She says she has a boyfriend now and has only been with him for a month and is already trying to get knocked up by him. she’s just trying to look for a new baby daddy that will pay her bills and buy her what she wants. But ones you see her belly fat and nasty sagging tits you might run too.

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Jordan Cora Lampe

October 1, 2013 Oregon 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Catfish, Not a makeup artist. Not a sports fan, just a regurgitater of information. Will sleep with friend’s boyfriend / crush Will purposely get pregnant
Do not lend her money or trust anything she says Gross vagina and cellulite

You only find that much exposure in a tanning bed, which she’s not in.- nik

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Who’s The Daddy

September 4, 2013 Oregon, Portland 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHORE. WHORE. WHORE. Brittany N Jones is having her second child, and does not know who her baby daddy is of either! She is not only hideously grotesque but TRASH TRASH TRASH. She will sleep with anyone who gives her the time of day or a ride, so she doesn’t have to take the bus. She obsessively rants looking for attention everywhere. She says how she is in the military but only did bottcamp, years ago, where she got pregnant with her first kid. And then resorted to what she calls modeling, which is really taking her clothes off for old perverts online or in front of a camera. Her “modeling” is poor just like her. She’s tried to tell the world how she knows who her current baby daddy is when she has slept with dozens of men and doesn’t know herself. She doesn’t even know when she became pregnant because she never saw a doctor. And first the baby was a girl, now it’s a boy. Nobody knows! Feel bad for the kids..

I love how she’s hiding her kid in the picture.- nik

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September 4, 2013 Oregon, Portland 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: You will find Josh at CC’s selling cocaine,looking for another sugar daddy and creeping on girls with there guard down. . He lies and says he has a business licence, Chauffeurs licence and he’s registered with the city. The truth about his illegal driving service is its a gateway to prostitution. He gets dancers and girls with low self esteem drunk in the “CAR BAR” drops them off at his friends places who give him c*caine or money. This guys x girl friend has a restraining order against him for stalking and pimping. Portland doesn’t need another Con man please don’t support him.

Her closet is that cupboard above the sink.  I decided.- nik

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