Justin Tallman

August 7, 2013 Dirty DUI, Oregon, Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Justin tallman is the skum of the earth! Why u ask well here are just a few things he goes after girls that have boy friends and tells them everything they want or could be missing with there boyfriend he acts like a friend then comes in for the kill. He has no respect for anyone he fcks anything that walks even his best friends girl Alex! So story behind the tattoo is he falls in love in his words with this girl gets a tattoo so she will leave her boyfriend then goes and fcks her sister lol ! What a stand up guy right ! Mind u he knows the girl for oh idk a month at this point and tattoos her initials on him ! The guy is fcking crazy and the whole time he is sleeping with her sisters and by the way he is still married fcking his wife! Oh on top off all this he gets a DUI and gets let go from his job and is now living at home with his mom and dad hehe so cute! Girls need to watch out he lies about everything and the dick is not even worth it the sex is so bad I went home and cried that I even let a guy so nasty touch me and the stretch marks go for days hope u never see him with his shirt if its fcking sick!! Good luck to all the girls out there and hope u don’t fall for this mans bull shit!

Does that tat mean he’s gay if your gay?- nik

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Waste of Time

July 19, 2013 Eugene, Oregon, Portland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cody Coon. The Ultimate Douche Bag. This guy is a downright filthy rotten bastard. He recently got broken up with by a dear friend of mine and he put her through hell. He has cheated, Lied, Stolen, Abused, Neglected, etc. She forgave him multiple times for the cheating to the point he thought it was acceptable because she would just forgive him. caused massive drama in public places with random people for basically no reason other than they were looking at him wrong. He stole money and other things out of his “best friend” Sean’s car. smashed through the car window to get to it. Still lies even though he was caught. Multiple times the cops were called to her apartment because she was screaming from him hitting her. neglected to pay parking tickets as well as towing fees after he wrecked his car not even 5 feet away from her while she was walking home. everyone thinks he was trying to k*ll her. This guy is also a “marine” if you can even call him that. he is in the reserves so he goes to a 2 day drill every month but has never been over seas even though he tells people he has. Bottom line, Don’t trust this guy and girls watch out, your douche bag alert will go off instantly in his presence.

Why’s he striping in front of a bunch of guys…- nik

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Posing With Panties

July 16, 2013 FSU, Oregon, Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this a-hole likes to tell girls he loves them and will make them his princess. I was in a long distance relationship with him. And he was so convinced that I had slept with someone , that he went out to drink, when he met a girl from Italy who he took home and slept with. Afterwards, he sent me the picture of him holding her panties. After a week of constant arguing, I went to see him. And one day when he was taking care of paperwork at his school, I found the girls panties in his bag when I was cleaning up the bedroom. I spent 6 days with him and he had to go to turkey , promising me that he would see me in a few weeks and would fly me back to Florida when he returned. We talked all the time the first few days, when suddenly he stopped talking to me with no reason or explanation. It’s been weeks since I’ve talked to him. I just wish I knew wtf happened , I feel like I deserve to know why he did this. I was always 100% loyal and honest to him. He is a lying player, and completely broke my heart.

I think this guy just started a new d-bag trend.- nik

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Donald Brown

July 15, 2013 Oregon, Portland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Donald Brown. The biggest piece of shit to walk out of Estacada. He has three children he refuses to take care of and another child on the way. He would rather smoke pot, pop E*stasy and play Naruto with his buddies that help with the lives he created. He used to be a military soldier for 5 years. I don’t know what happened to him. He is a bum!!!!! He has lied to me, hit me, threatened to k**l me, has left me and our son out late at night with barely any supplies, has locked us out of what used to be our home and has not only cheated on his ex-wife, me and has used me. He has also cheated on his current girlfriend with me, Ashley Spring. He told me he wanted our family back together and claimed to always love and and want me, then leaves. Good ucking rid-dens. And now he is having a baby with a girl he has already cheated and lied to. RUN AWAY ASHLEY!!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!! This man will do nothing but manipulate, use, and twist you until he has beaten you down just like he has done with every one else in his life, including his friends and family. He is the worst plague to walk on the fcking earth. He is a horrible father, a horrible husband, a horrible lying boyfriend and an ugly rotten human being. Fck you Donald. You deserve nothing and no one. You are a fcking disgrace.

Nice dress.- nik

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Forgy Tendencies

July 3, 2013 Oregon, Portland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This scum of the Earth is named Kevin Kaiser. He tries to act all innocent and oblivious with his “farmer history” and accent. Don’t let this worm fool you!! All he cares about is sex, and if you hang out be sure he is going to go for it. If you aren’t willing, that doesn’t matter to him, he will try to take it from you. RAPIST ALERT!!! He just tried to do so with a friend of mine. I had to spend hours with my buddy just to stop the tears and the shaking. This is NOT OK!!! It’s a good thing it\’s illegal for me to beat the living shit out of Kevin. Spread the word. This guy is a predator. Nik, don’t you think trash like this should be wiped off the face of the Earth?

Those shorts were intended for a lady…- nik

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Scumbag Max

July 3, 2013 Oregon, Portland 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Max Westphalen. He roams around Gresham mooching off of people because he refuses to take care of himself.I let him into my home to help him out thinking he was a decent person when he decides to PEE in my sons baby box. All of my sons baby clothes, cards and memories covered in piss and decides to leave his belt in it. Ive been nothing but kind to this man and he decides to be a DOUCHEBAG. He takes from people, doesnt care, uses others and is always constantly complaining about not having a girlfriend. MAYBE ITS BECAUSE YOU ARE A ROTTEN HUMAN BEING THAT LOOKS LIKE AN UGLY SHARK! Who would do this to a childs things really? I understand ruining my things to a degree. I ended up kicking him out, BUT TO MY SONS?!?! There is a special place in hell for you, you dirt bag.

Can’t fix crazy.- nik

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Cassandra Mcbide

June 28, 2013 Oregon, Portland 92

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THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this girl about 3 weeks ago and now she will not stop calling. I wouldn’t mind beside that fact that her husband has no idea she fuks ever guy she meets sorry brother your girl is a slut

Someone wanna be a pal and tell her McHusband.- nik

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Jamie “steals your man” Salsman

June 26, 2013 Oregon, Portland 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this she man right here is jamie salsman aka your local pizza slanging homewreck. At 19 shes slept her way right up the papa johns latter all the way up to general manager and right into good ol’ ***.at one point she was sneaking around with 2 different employees who had been friends for +10 and destroyed that friendship. She ripped several if not dozens of families apart. Once whomever she is done fcking has left their wife or girlfriend and kids shes on to the next.This is her claim to fail, a rant she posted on craigslist: I told you if you did not keep my name out of your mouth I would put you on blast. You think that you can come between me and Pablo , you can’t your husband wants only me you can’t please him he hates you . You can’t even please him in bed that is why he has me I know how to fck, when I suck his dick he moans he loves me. You think you stand a chance Robin you don’t this is what happens when you can’t keep your man happy they find someone younger. I have no time to mess with you your not worth my time you think I sent 2 guys to your house to knock on your door calling you names threating you and your kids you should disapear I have never had anyone knock on your door at 12:30 or 1:30 or anytime Robin I could careless about you or your fcken kids I will have all of him and he will not be seeing your kids he says they are not his so bitch get a fcken life and keep your drama to yourself psycho bitch I have your husband and I plan to keep him  If she spent a forth of the time with her kid, whos daddy is a toss up between 5 guys, as she does fucking everyone and anyone her daughter might have a fighting chance at a normal life. Nik please put this nasty little bitch on blast.

Interesting hairdo.- nik

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