There Are No Words

May 22, 2013 Hollywood, Oregon, Portland, The Dirty 148

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this guy regularly posts videos on youtube (most of which get banned). There are many ranging from him performing fellatio on a banana, to him abducting and raping/murdering women. I will post links to a few… and yeah, as the titled stated NO WORDS.

I just want to clarify that this is a STRAIGHT man sacrificing for the greater good. Ladies this is for you to learn and be educated.- nik

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The Queen and his Prince

May 13, 2013 Oregon, Portland 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two, Alec and Taylor, are the wannabe gay power couple of Portland. Alec decided to steal my ex-best friend away from me. Just because you shower your man with gifts and buy him whatever he wants, doesn’t make you the perfect man – you gremlin lookin’ thief. Nik, is there any advice you can give about clingy-ass boyfriends? I just don’t understand why any guy would want to stay with this twig. Taylor can do A LOT better.

Two handed self pics don’t lie…- nik

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His Nickname Is Dirty

May 7, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Oregon 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Thomas and he is the biggest man whore at University of Oregon. So far we have noticed that his type is girl… and he will try to get at every girl possible. Although he makes out with…everything he is a child when he sees the girl again. This guy acts like a middle schooler to girls and deserves to be put on blast for his immaturity. Would you hang out with someone that everyone calls Dirty as a nickname?

I can think of a few other, equally appropriate, nicknames for him.  I’ll give you a hint, they involve other greeks.- nik

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Slip and Slide

April 29, 2013 Oregon, Portland 4

HE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Andrea Foster AKA the whore of seven bar in Bend. I used to be her friend and she was a seemed like a very nice girl but ended up being the biggest back stabbing bitch I have ever known. She was so into being married and forced her husband to get engaged to her because she wanted to be married so bad. Six months later she cheated on her husband and ended up giving him the cl**. She denied ever having it and continued to sleep with multiple men, also spreading it to them. Recently a bouncer took her to his car for a quick bang and she woke up with redbull can stuck in her twat. How Dirty!!!

I don’t think that’s oregano hanging on the door knob.- nik

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Amanda Loomis

April 26, 2013 Cougars, Oregon, Portland 912

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda Loomis. Every dirt ball in Eugene/Springfield has filled this one up. She is a two-time mom with kids from two different dads and isn’t dating either one of them anymore. Her food stamp face says it all… living off of the government is awesome, yeah? That atrocious tattoo on her chest is her daughters name… Probably why she takes it up the ass so much because no one wants to look at her daughter’s name while the fu*k her. She acts like she’s a big time photographer, but she wouldn’t even have a decent camera if she hadn’t scammed her ex to buy her one then cheat on him and move on to her next victim. She sits around on Facebook all day posting pictures of herself and trying to find some poor guy to mooch off and possibly give her a nice ring to pawn off after she dumps them. Most people should have figured this out already: you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. EUGENE, watch out for this one. She will stalk you and figure out how to make you think that she is the most perfect person in the world for you then cheat on you in a few months, tops. Among some of the disturbing shit she does: she will hide her relationship status when she is in a relationship so she can message other guys and make them think she’s single. If she’s feeling thirsty enough, she will delete or hide all of the pictures of her and “man” also. The sad part is, everyone sees this but the person shes dating. Not to mention she drives drunk with her kids in the car. She is a Class I sperm-thirsty mooch who is long overdue for a blasting.

What’s wrong with her tongue?- nik

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Persian Sloot

April 18, 2013 Oregon, Portland 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Nazli Radmanesh, she is a Persian girl who lives in Portland and a big time gold digger and a fcken looser because she has no job or school education. She is the biggest whore I have ever met. It only takes a good car and a fancy restaurant to fck her. She hangs out at couture, whisky, refuge and many other pdx clubs. She claims she can’t have a relation because her Dad is dying from cancer in Iran (BIGGEST LIE EVER not true) but she fucks guys around. She is fcking some Persian guy at the moment and spreading her chlamydia on him. She will fck any one for money, so if you have money and a nice car you have a huge chance to fuck this Persian slut….

Is that a thong or did she forget to shave.- nik

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Elizabeths So Hood

April 17, 2013 Oregon, Portland 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Elizabeth Reed. She’s the nastiest girl I’ve ever known and well lets be honest somebody who looks like her has to be nasty to get any kind of attention. She is in a “GANG” and is dating the leader of this so called gang. (who is in a wheel chair) Sits on her ass all day and does drugs NEVER has had a job in her life didn’t finish school and still thinks she is better than everybody. She talks about all of her friends AND family and has never kept a friendship because she goes behind her friends back and tries to hook up with there man or somebody she KNOWS they like. 99% of the time getting turned down and loosing a friend all at once And has resulted in her having no friends. I find it so funny that she thinks shes so hot (not a joke) Always talking about her cute Butt… No in fact she has no ass. She has had a three some with 2 GUYS…… cheated on ALL her boyfriends and had plenty of abortions. I think its plain disgusting. There is nothing good about this girl her morals are jacked shes a slut, ugly and rude. Absolutely NOTHING good about this person!

Showing your belly is hood?- nik

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Shanna Deliece Needs to Retire

March 7, 2013 Oregon, Portland 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this haggard little porker is Shanna Deliece. She is pathetic and constantly posting made-up shit on the Dirty because she is so bored with her own life. Shanna, stop wasting your time and go to the gym. Your pot belly isn’t cute. While you’re at it, get some Pro-active for your leathery acne-ridden face, buy yourself a good push-up bra for your saggy tits (seriously, they touch your knees), and take out those nasty extensions. Better yet, brown paper bag that shit.

A princess would cross her legs.- nik

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