Persian Sloot

April 18, 2013 Oregon, Portland 65 6,430 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Nazli Radmanesh, she is a Persian girl who lives in Portland and a big time gold digger and a fcken looser because she has no job or school education. She is the biggest whore I have ever met. It only takes a good car and a fancy restaurant to fck her. She hangs out at couture, whisky, refuge and many other pdx clubs. She claims she can’t have a relation because her Dad is dying from cancer in Iran (BIGGEST LIE EVER not true) but she fucks guys around. She is fcking some Persian guy at the moment and spreading her chlamydia on him. She will fck any one for money, so if you have money and a nice car you have a huge chance to fuck this Persian slut….

Is that a thong or did she forget to shave.- nik

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Elizabeths So Hood

April 17, 2013 Oregon, Portland 3 6,691 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Elizabeth Reed. She’s the nastiest girl I’ve ever known and well lets be honest somebody who looks like her has to be nasty to get any kind of attention. She is in a “GANG” and is dating the leader of this so called gang. (who is in a wheel chair) Sits on her ass all day and does drugs NEVER has had a job in her life didn’t finish school and still thinks she is better than everybody. She talks about all of her friends AND family and has never kept a friendship because she goes behind her friends back and tries to hook up with there man or somebody she KNOWS they like. 99% of the time getting turned down and loosing a friend all at once And has resulted in her having no friends. I find it so funny that she thinks shes so hot (not a joke) Always talking about her cute Butt… No in fact she has no ass. She has had a three some with 2 GUYS…… cheated on ALL her boyfriends and had plenty of abortions. I think its plain disgusting. There is nothing good about this girl her morals are jacked shes a slut, ugly and rude. Absolutely NOTHING good about this person!

Showing your belly is hood?- nik

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Shanna Deliece Needs to Retire

March 7, 2013 Oregon, Portland 28 7,262 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this haggard little porker is Shanna Deliece. She is pathetic and constantly posting made-up shit on the Dirty because she is so bored with her own life. Shanna, stop wasting your time and go to the gym. Your pot belly isn’t cute. While you’re at it, get some Pro-active for your leathery acne-ridden face, buy yourself a good push-up bra for your saggy tits (seriously, they touch your knees), and take out those nasty extensions. Better yet, brown paper bag that shit.

A princess would cross her legs.- nik

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Kristal Walters Poops In Her Backyard

March 4, 2013 Oregon, Portland 51 7,207 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristal Walters is the biggest tweaker in Portland, she lives with no electricity and has done so for 5 yrs. She screws drug dealers for a 50 sak of mth and never showers brushes her teeth or uses a regular toilet. Dirt is under her nails from burying her crap in Tony’s back yard (guy she screws to live at his house) because she spends money on dope instead of water or electricity. She has 4 kids she does not talk to because the state took them and rehab is to much of a drag to get her babies back. This bitch is inmoral and should be shot. Society has no idea a scab like this truely exsists but she does. ***th division are is where she steals from the hood and screws local dealers to live a drugged up piontless life.

I wonder how much Mac it takes to cover those freckles.- nik

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Marie Matos aka I’m Pregnant Every Other Week

February 13, 2013 Oregon, Portland 27 9,242 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Im going to keep this short and sweet unlike this cross eyed bitch. Marie Matos or Marie Sharp( it changes weekly) is known as a compulsive liar and has nothing better to do with her life but get into other peoples buisness. The poor guy she trapped, Matt, has no idea that his babies mama is a closet junkie. If she could she would sell her body for her next fix. She is currently living in Cascade Locks with her boyfriends family. She complains on the daily about how much she hates Matts family and doesnt appreciate anything they do for her. Every week theres something wrong with her vagina. I swear its going to fall off one day if she doesnt get her sh*t taken care of. She refuses to see a doctor for any of her “womanly” issues because she enjoys the attention she gets when shes in “pain”. Even though she has an IUD she is constantly “pregnant”. Apparently her close friends are shitty because they aren’t concerned with her weekly “pregnancies”. And in her own words “i miscarried again this weekend at 14weeks” If its not one thing its another.She has had multiple “abortions” before she could prove she was pregnant to any of her ex boyfriends. As for her mothering skills she calls her beautiful daughter a bitch on the daily. She only cares for herself and a guy that she could never have again. The sad part about it, is that her boyfriend/baby daddy knows she loves someone else but only stays because of the kids. All in all she is a loser and should stay in cascade locks and keep her C*M guzzling trap shut, after all she is much prettier that way. BTW who’s cuter?? Her or the dog?? We’re goin for the puppy!

Post ‘baby’ sex is where they getcha.  Just making a broad general statement….- nik

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Dirty Jeffery

February 12, 2013 Oregon, Portland 47 6,419 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, theis is Jeffery Hammer, he is 19 years old and goes to Western Oregon University. I believe that he is secretly gay but he wont show it. He is always hanging out with his “best friend” amber, she is nasty also. All he does is drink and smoke pot, I caught him making out with my roommate Michael back in october. All girls hate him becasue all they think is that he just wants in their pants, most guys want to kick his ass. He doesnt know when to stop. I think its time everyone know who the real Jeffery Hammer is.

Lemme guess, he just got a free tanning membership..- nik

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Dirty Brant Clanton

January 28, 2013 Oregon, Portland 65 7,266 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Brant Clanton, the dirtiest, skankiest little bi-polar gay boy in the Portland area. This guy thinks he’s all that, when in reality he’s just a loser who works at the mall and thinks smoking pot is classy. He likes taking it face down, ass up, by any guy with a greg willing to stick it in him. This kid needs a wake up call. Nobody is ever going to respect this trash until he grows up and at the very least learns some manner. He also obsesses over Miley Cyrus. How pathetic is that? Hahahaha!

I’d rather not know what he likes…thanks.- nik

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Stefini Cooper Takes It In The Pooper

January 28, 2013 Oregon, Portland 18 1 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Stefini Cooper and she is a purple crayon Feind she talks about all her friends behind their backs and she actually thinks she is hot shit. She is a prostituting M*th Whore. This is her add on BP she sells her butt hole and va JJ hole for crank and has made it into what she does for a living. Way to go Stef your an original Skank providing pdx with old hooker pssy. YUM YUM lol get a real job stef your 36 come on get a life.

People used to care about showing their face on sites like this.- nik

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