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Psycho On The Loose

December 30, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: You people of Corvallis,Oregon might want to keep your guy away from this psycho bitch, Jordyn Collins. Jordyn might have a pretty face but has a not-so-pretty attitude. Jordyn is narcissistic and obsessive cunt. She has the tendency to make things up that may or may not be true and then post them on a social networking site such as Facebook. Jordyn also is a cunning bitch as well, she will make you feel like sh*t about your own relationship if it’s somebody that she so happens to be romantically interested in. Can you spell D-R-A-M-A Q-U-E-E-N?

Weak post, submit real dirt.- nik

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Kimberley Knight

December 12, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl Kimberley Knight, goes by Kim. She went to Oregon State her freshman year, and not only did she drop out, but she ended up fcking a guy that had a girlfriend in the dorm rooms. She was well aware of the fact that he had a girlfriend, and still continued to pursue the relationship and decided after a month of him not breaking up with his girlfriend, she told the girlfriend. When she told the girlfriend, she made it seem like it was all the girlfriends fault and wouldn’t leave the guy alone. She thinks she’s a model but she is clearly NOT. Her eyeliner is so fcking thick she looks like a damn raccoon. This bitch thinks she’s hot shit but anyone who is anyone or a normal human being would immediately say she’s ugly as fck. LONG STORY SHORT, she’s a hoe that needs to be put in her place. Oh and did I mention, she’s ugly as fuck?

Is that a pregnancy belly?- nik

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Check Out This Honker

July 1, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I think I just found the worst nose ever. Check this one out. Her name is Adrienne Radys and she’s a makeup artist. Too bad she hasn’t learned a trick to shrink her nose. God must have really hated her to give her that. She needs a new one stat! And laser those garbage tattoos. Dirty Army Strong!

That’s what she was hoping for with the career choice.- nik

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Is He Getting “It” Somewhere Else

May 30, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a problem and was hoping you could offer some advise. I’ve been dating this guy for a while and like everything about him except for when it comes time to have sex. When we first started dating he would jump on me any chance he got and I loved it! Now it seems like I’m the one who has to initiate it every time. It’s not fun anymore. He has a bad back that he’s planning to get surgery on and says that’s what the issue is, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s because he’s getting it from someone else. Should I say something to him? I really want to be with him but I also need a man who can please me. Your thoughts?

He is cheating on you or rubbing it out to porn during the day.- nik

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Portland’s Glitterazzi

May 27, 2013 Oregon State, Portland, The Dirty 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I used to think this guy, who goes by the name “Toni Casta” and is known around town as “Glitterazzi” was a nice a cool guy… Until I got to know him and have befriended people that are/were friends with him. He has this cute smile and nice attitude, at first. But when you least expect it, he stabs you right in the groin. He is an ex-wanna be model who thinks he is still in his prime. Little does he realize he has passed his youth and is no longer wanted in this city. Many people I have known told me at the beginning of our friendship to beware of his hidden intentions. He is known around town as an escort and has been seen with plenty of older men with money at certain high end bar. Not for me to judge who he sleeps with, but if you are going to play the innocent card and then walk out of a hotel the next morning after sleeping with some creep, it just isn’t flying with me. There is nothing Glitter-glamour about this low budget nobody, who tries to act like he is too good for Portland or the West Coast. He should really take his makeup wearing ass, colorful outfits, DRD’s and idiotic glitter back to tacky Jersey, Miami,Vegas or wherever he came from! Slowly he is burning his bridges and has become known for his god awful b*tchy attitude and sl*tty ways.

My guess is that he is 42 years of age.- nik

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Butt Pirate Strikes Again

May 9, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware MEN AND LITTLE BOYS of Newberg- looks like this krusty Krab jumped from OSU and has set his sites on fresh MEAT. I met this guy at the new water park in mcminnville, he asked me on a “kiack trip” date…boy was I naive to think that’s all he wanted! Once we were stranded he tried coming on to me telling me “what a beautiful man I was” and getting close. Isaid good bye to that guy and later found him on not only this site but I guess he gets around the newberg/dayton/mcminnville area, I hear I’m not his victim of a “kiack trip”…. luckily I got away with my virginity…. so sad peope these days, I mean look at him, this picture came drom his plenty of fish profile

Trust me, you didn’t need to highlight either of those regions.- nik

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Another Portland Sloot

April 30, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, brandon spends his days chatting up all the regular sluts in portland, he’s already fcked half the guys in the greater portland area and probably is currently working on the rest. he promises guys everything and makes them think he’s really into them and then as soon as he gets what he wants he dumps them and then bitches about why guys get so obsessed with him. on any given weekend you can see him drunk around portland slutting it up with the first guy he sees and if that weren’t enough he takes pride in snatching guys boyfriends. he tricks guys into cheating on their boyfriends and then rubs it in their faces. hes the worst kind of slut and a typical drunk portlad f**

All signs point to forgy.- nik

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Lying Fraud James Bomotti

April 17, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 194

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fraudulent shit Is James Bomotti (aka Louis James Bomotti) he thinks he’s a “Bizness” man. He says he’s a licensed contracter who owns Northwest Concrete Interiors and does high end custom concrete counter tops. But really he just steals people’s large deposits using the money to go clubbing, and pay for his 9th floor apartment (removed) so he can act like a “playa”. His bond and license are no longer active and besides being a complete douche and thief there is girlfriend of mine that got an drd after dating him. He tries to look all bad but is really just a thieving little bitch that lives on stolen money. BTW his current skank might wanna check what he’s doin when she’s not with him. He’s got two or three lawsuits against him so if anyone wants to get ahold of him, give the douche call at [removed]… If you do be sure to wipe off the phone when you’re done!

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