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Nasty Nate

April 10, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik it is time Portland that word got out about this socio/psycho/schizo/fatso/tweako/wannabepimpo man. He needs to get locked up at this point it’s kind of ricidulous. This gem’s name is Nathan Wilson. He currently “works” weekend nights promoting for the strip club “Spyce” a gentlmens club in downtown china town. Yes, just a strip club. The reason I am submitting this post however is to warn all those young “stray kittens” he calls them out there downtown about this mothersucker. He is bad news. He spends most of his time hunting and praying on the young, sometimes underage vulnerable, preferably alone girls. He will lie out his a** trying to convince them however way possible to hook up with him. Whether its offering a party, money, drugs, etc. Once he has your number, you are in his spam list he spends hours forwarding messages daily to all the chicks in his phone, trying to basically get pu**y. He is a dangerous sociopath, every single trait applies to him straight up. His most recent stunt was getting one of my good friends hooked on crystal meth, then would attempt to pimp her out as well as take over her entire life in a matter of maybe three months or so. She is only 19 ! He is turning 29 in April! He used her for money to support himself, used her body daily, and even volunteered her to his friends. She got “saved” from some of her last buddies she had stayed contact with, and now has to go to a special place to recover and return back to “normal”. This man is danger. He is also a “professional narq” he enjoys pushing peoples buttons enough to where they want to hurt him, then he proceeds to recording the situation on his iphone and using pepper spray, mini knives, pellet guns, mace or whatever else he keeps in his black jacket as “protection”. Supposedly he tried to stay on the police’s good side to keep his ass off the line. He is a sick mother ducker. No one knows where he is from, we just know he is banned from his last state, he doesn’t stay in one place long, hopefully he moves away soon. No family in the state and he says “friends are an illusion”. He told my girlfriend he “wants to go out in a bang” whatever dude. Watch out for him on plentyoffi[] also on craigslist personals… Also one of his psycho ex girlfriends is Sophia Gohl, google her shes a real gem and actually is on this a site a couple times as well. (h*roin hooker hoochie 19 year old). This “man” is a liar, tweaker, predator. He had sexual assault charges last year but were dropped. Some of these pictures below are the ones he uses for dating sites, others are personal, and last is his fake pic he uses online as well. Consider yourself warned, Nate the snake is slithering around downtown… he is an unstable mentally ill sex addict! Oh also watch out for his gigantic double ended dildo.. then you know you’re in real trouble.

Only question is why he has that dildo…very questionable after taking a picture of his ass.- nik

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Lucha Libre

April 9, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Carlos the local drug dealer. This douche cant even go into a bar without getting into a fight. this lucha libre thinks hes gods gift to strippers. but this local db on blast.

Nice t*ts…- nik

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Womanizer In The Worst Way

April 5, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this young man is a really good liar and I just want to warn any ladies in Portland. He likes to have multiple relationships at once. He will lie and convince you that you are the only girl that he is seeing and that he is too busy to talk to females. He will go for girls that have a low self-esteem and then use them for sex and even ask them to “borrow” money and use their. He is 22 years old and just got his first job making hot dogs. He claims that he lives with his uncle but he actually house hops with a bunch of different females instead of just providing for himself. I just hope that no other trusting and understanding women have to deal with such a piece of shit like this.

I don’t think that bar-code stickers supposed to be left on..- nik

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Looks Like Someone Made A Porno

March 29, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Oregon State, Portland 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl is Sarah Doerfler. She is already notorious for being dirty. There really arent many guys she HASN’T gotten with. Over spring break I stumbled across a video she probably wouldn’t want everyone to see. Just goes to show, don’t put stuff on the internet.

Something musta instigated the posting of the vid.  Comments will tell…- nik

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Dirty Sarah

February 28, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Sarah Mohler – this obnoxious slut spends her time at Impulse bar 24/7 getting completely wasted and trying to jump on any d*** she finds to please her wide hole of a vag. This girl pretends to have standards but all she is looking for is a good time every weekend and from some sources she has been spreading some DRD around. Stay away from her crusty girl.

Sounds like college to me.- nik

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Klamath Falls Douche Bag

January 9, 2013 Oregon State, Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Douche Bag thinks he’s something kinda wonderful. He cheats on his hot ass girlfriend with little 18 year olds in town for the summer, he is a total jerk, and he honestly thinks he’s God’s gift to earth. He played baseball for OIT, which again, he thinks is spectacular, and he’s not great looking. He’s an ugly blonde kid who needs an attitude adjustment. I also have a theory that he’s for the gays…submitted pics for proof…thoughts?

That’s not the only matching outfits they have…- nik

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What Do I Do

November 25, 2012 Oregon State, Portland, The Dirty 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a huge crush on this girl… shes seriously so awesome but she hasnt dated anyone for like 3-4 years or something because shes super picky.  What should I do to set myself apart and conquer her.

You really want to fight for that ghost, if she got a haircut you wouldn’t even think she is hot. Anyway, start with a card… something funny and not creepy. Tell her you are sick of her lesbian ways and it is time for her to have coffee with a real man.- nik

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Big Ball O’ Butta’

November 15, 2012 Oregon State, Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the infamous Hailey Thomas, she also goes by the \”dirty penguin\”, best known for whoring it up around corvallis, albany, lebanon… really anywhere she can get a guy to look at her. She spreads her legs for pictures just as willingly as she does for guys. Having slept with 60+ guys she has no boundaries for where she\’ll pick a guy up, whether it be a married man from her job, guys from hook up sites, or just some random dude on the street who will give her a glance, anyone willing to actually put their d*** in her nasty unprotected v*****. Honestly, where does she find guys desperate enough?

Some girls will do anything for attention.- nik

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