UPDATE: Thristy Northside Chick

October 15, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 123 8,238 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heres an update on Jill Morinello she was recently posted. This girl is nothing but pure white trash and so is her entire family, I have attached pics of her 2 sisters Maria Harangozo (mustache having, crazy googly eyed dope fein). And Sondra Rector (seriously in need of a dentist stat). As you can see the pics speak for themselves. With these girls the apple didnt fall far from the tree, they are all just like their mom..Drug addicts, they all have kids with all different dads just like mommy. None of them have managed to get a man willing to put a ring on it. Just men that use them as doormats is about all they can get. Purple crayon lovers. They all swear they are gorgeous and can have any man they want lmfao. Ew. They all need to invest in treadmills, dentists and get jobs! Stop living off state assistance and get their shit together. I feel bad for all their children!

I don’t remember the teeth.  Last posted musta been kind enough not to include a close-up.- nik

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Thirsty Northside Chick

September 23, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 355 12,082 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jill Morinello, typical Northside Gutter trash. She’s about to be 30yrs old and still acting as if shes in her teens. She goes out partying and clubbing everynight, leaving her 2 kids with whoever she can. Both her kids have different dads, her first kid is half black. Neither one of the fathers want shit to do with her pyscho stalker ass. She dont mind being a homewrecking whore, and constantly has her kids around a new dude. Even moved her kids in some random dudes house. She dont have shit of her own, but loves to act as if she has everything. Shes always been a mooch, using people to get by. Shes always running her mouth starting shit. Acts like shes tough. But when it comes down to it she runs tha other way! She lies and steals. Men of Pgh beware if you smash this lil midget purple crayon lover she WILL stalk your entire life. She needs to stop worrying so much about having a man and focus on how NOT to be a deadbeat mom. She needs to get her shit together and stop spreading her legs to any dude who smiles at her. She used to be a decent looking girl until she left herself get all fat. She could also use a trip or 3 or 4 to the dentist! Someone please let her know its time to grow up, act her age and be a mother!

Stop confusing your children.- nik

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Carol Ruhl

September 23, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 13 9,375 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Carol Ruhl she is a nasty her**n addicted smack dealer. Who would fck this disgusting junkie troll?
If her man cant buy her dope to keep her happy she starts looking for the closest DICK SHE CAN SUCK FOR DRUGS. She screwed her way up the junkie ladder until she landed herself a dealer who could keep her high 24/7. She is A WHORE FOR HER**N. She convinced her ex boyfriend (the last decent guy she dated) to bail her out of jail last year. Unfortunately the guy died later last year. So i guess she saw that as a get out of jail FREE CARD and skipped her bail. I guess she figured since he didnt need the money anymore….She went to University Of Pittsburgh for Environmentalism . Apparently has quite a few people convinced that she is a good person. Shes a scum sucking drug dealer who hangs out at Narcotics Anonymous meetings to sell dope to weak people who are trying to get clean.

I don’t understand why junkies just don’t get a job for their fix, be a weekend warrior and save themselves some dignity.- nik

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Dumpster Diver Darla

August 28, 2013 Cougars, Pitt, Pittsburgh 4 9,391 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Darla Rhodandeena Bryan was in a halfway house in Shadyside and overdosed on Heroine. She is the Original Junkie. She went from escorting at Naughty thoughts and Playmates to free lance knob slobbing and cell phone 4 somes. She has been caught banging out strangers in dumpsters, falling all over kids at the Dawson piers, strung out so bad shes 32 and looks 80! She has and genital  and fails to tell everyone she is with! Her sister went as far as posting the picts on Facebook because she robbed her family and pawned her mothers urn for dope. This toothless Rock monster is the ass of everyone’s jokes! She has hooked from Greensburg to Jacob’s Creek and now shes in Gateway in Aliquippa. She was busted for hustling welfare paid methadone and snitched half of western Pa out. She is in hiding. She sucks and Flucks her way to the next high. Its pathetic how she will beg and do favors for a beer at a bar! She lost her kids to CYS and lies to people saying her cousin has them. she is a pathetic waste of life and anything but a beautiful disaster. She is a bisexual bull dyke and how anyone can stomach her foul odor is beyond me. She makes fresh manure smell good! RUN IF YOU SEE THIS RATCHET SKANK,SHE IS HIGHLY INFECTIOUS and has a voice worse than DMX!

Real name Darren.  I decided.- nik

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Black Ms Piggy

July 23, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 13 9,307 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ogre is Keya Tucker. Firstly this girl likes to bash people on here when she is the one who needs to be busted out! She is the biggest whore I ever met ! She even hooked up with her own cousin. She also has done web cam shows for weed and beer. Pathetic right! She used her ex to get access to backstage at shows where she would blow dudes and let guys piss on her. This fat ogre looking pig has smashed up teeth, dirty weave and a puss that’s wider than the liberty tunnels. She smells like rotten fish and she doesn’t shower unless she is looking to f#k. She is a cheater, liar, and a dirty crank whore! I love how she was trying to tell everyone she was on Molly when she was actually doing Tylenol. This bitch is just a busted ass skank with a ugly face to match her personality! She thinks every white guy wants on that so nik would you?

She must be a great promoter if she got people to watch her web show…- nik

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Mercedes & Royal

June 27, 2013 Pitt 13 7,669 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik meet two of hamiltons finest i dont even know where to start…Royal dawn is one of the sluttest hoes in hamilton she sleeps with old krusty men for money she thinks shes somthing spechial but in real life shes used and abused and cant accept the fact that shes a durty sloot this girl will have sex with anything that walks or says shes pretty this girl is like a community bathroom everyone has used it at least once royal you should take a deep gander at your self your nothing spechial and never will be you welfair slut bagg.. but nuff about that cust bag… Mercedes lavelle where do i start oh yeah shes a dead beat mother that partys every day she can shes a stright up loser shes also sleeps with every guy she meets at partys of corse men stay away!! this mercedes has way to meny miles for you trust me you would be suprized her baby daddy pays for everything yet she cheats on him every chance she gets nasty !! both of these units are grosss with drds and more .. Seriouly men stay away unless you want your dick to burn after from these two blue waffles ….

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Snapped out Erica Demes

June 24, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 80 10,577 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Millvale’s finest aka (Millbilly) Erica Demes as shes known as in her town. Shes 18 yrs old and a complete mess! Shes has no ambition or goals in life. Shes the biggest lazy POS imaginable. She lives and mooches off her parents for her every need with no plans of getting her own place, car, school, job etc. And even her own family cant stand her. Her own brother posts all over fb about how big a wh*re his sister is! This girl lives on fb putting every detail of her miserble life. She changes the name of the new guy shes in a relationship with almost daily. Until the guy finds out about how big of a smutt pig she is and puts her on blast about all the DRDs she has. I feel bad for anyone who dared to go near her disguisting black mold hole. The funnist thing about this girl is how often she changes her jobs she went from bagging grocerys, to a taco girl to pizza girl all within a month all jobs she only keeps for a few days since she cant seem to hold a job to save her own life. She thinks its so cute to post pics on the daily of her smoking weed, or drinking and throwing up. Brags about how shes going 2 end up in jail. She starts drama with a new person everyday and is your classic “fb thug”. All talk no action..other than crying and apologizing in person. She makes fun of girls for being skinny but I guess she thinks being called the DUFF by all her guy friends is cute. Guess u cant blame them she does resemble a hamster with the largest cheeks I have ever seen and then the double chin and muffin top are super attractive lol. Someone needs to get this girl some serious help she recently admitted on fb that she has started using crack but says it ok because she can still count on her hands how many times how many times shes done it! Nasty. I have the proof! Please give her a wake up call before its too late!

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Bonnie Rychorcewicz

April 8, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 61 9,423 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Let me present Bonnie Harper. Fcking skank piece of shit right here. She lives in a trailer that is disgusting. When you walk by it you have to hold your nose as you can smell shit coming out of the windows. The bitch got fired from her last job at a nursing home as she was suspected of taking old folks money. She lives on Facebook and posts disgusting pictures of her house on there. To my disbelief she thinks she is HOT. Wtf right? She is known to do drugs and lives with a bottle in her hand. How cys has not taken her kids amaze me. Put this trash on blast. Dirty ass Ho bag.

What’s CYS.- nik

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