Pitt | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Just Another Pitt Girl

January 29, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there really isn’t too much of a fun story here; this dirty little wh*re was on OKC and we chatted; I always do a reverse image search on girls to make sure I’m not getting cat fished and it came up with some very dirty posts on Craigslist; she wants to be trained and things of those nature.   Here’s your chance Kelsey Swetman.

Sounds like college.- nik


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Obsessive Personallity

January 18, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 172

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik”.WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT”? this is slutty jessica that is overly obsessed with drugs and wil do any little thing for any type of drugs. she is a bimbo hippo! she is always in and out of jail/ her whole life. scum to the maxx! an embarrassment to society and not even the jail wanted her stinky obesis overweight slamhog self. she chows down 5 whoppers a day but she will run around the whole entire state of pennsylvania just to get a some food. you tell her to do something she will do it for food and or drugs. she is a c*kehead worse then the average drug addict. its hilarious that not even the jail wanted her but they had no other choice. she is a whopping 300 lbs maybe even more. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT TO DATE HER? if you do oh my gosh you are such a sik minded retard that dosent think very highly of themselves. she also lets guys run trians on her for a little bit of money for her next tripple whoppers!

Her face looks like it was run through that Iphone ap.- nik

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Little Alexis Allison

January 9, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is alexis allison. She is the most annoying, think shes so hott asian. She is probably the biggest whore in the state of pa. She thinks she has friends but really they talk shit on her all the time. She thinks shes so cool because she can go out and party and post pictures of her smoking weed and drinking alcohol. OH MY GOD. How cool are you really? She hates when people make fun of her but its okay for her to make fun of other girls. She is disgusting, shes been with more guys than you can count on your fingers and toes. HA. She thinks shes so big and bad, but she has previously been hit buy guys. Lol. If you think shes a whore, your right, this bitch has been toed! she is a top knotch dirty whore. You cant trust her. she is a bad example to her little brother and i hope her parents are pround

Squeezing an extra bra size outta your chest has its downsides (wrinkly pits).- nik

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Not So Sexi Lexi

January 4, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, So lexi allison is a slut from north hills who sucks her little brothers dick for fun while she doesn’t have other dicks to occupy her disgusting mouth. She has 3 diseases, has fcked 57 guys and the number grows as you read this. She contantly has cm in or around her mouth and she can fit her whole arm in her vagina. She likes to pick up guys with lines like “wanna fck me and shit all over my face while i tongue ur butt hole” she also was born with a penis and whores around to make herself feel like more of a girl. this girl has more enemies then friends, and more bodies then a 50 year old prostitute. her penis really hurt my asshole. she thinks being a “playa” will bring guys to her attention but guys tend to stray away from girls whose vaginas look like chipped ham and smell like wholeys fish factory. when she was little her daddy raped her and smashed a pan against her face that’s why she looks like a pig.Till this day her dad still fcks her but its not considered rape anymore because she asks for it every night. now her and her dad are not getting a long cause she is to loose for him to fuck her anymore, and he walked in on her fcking her dog and shoving her gold fish up her fee fee. she’s obssesed with fcking animals and she’s clearly an animal herself… she loves when guys cunt punt her. shes needs to understand that the only reason people ask you to go to parties is to either a) make fun of you or b) fck you. She thinks she sooo cool cause she fcked t millz when he actually tried kill?**g himself after because he found cr*bs in his pubic hairs. stay away from lexi or else u might get raped by her dick and her vagina that hangs like a wizard’s sleeve.

Nice 6-pack.- nik

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Her Daughter Doesn’t Know Mom

January 4, 2013 Pitt, Pittsburgh 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is natalie mcCloskey shes the nastiest tramp in all of Pittsburgh. she is hooked on h**oine bad and will fck anyone for money or for her next high. she has a daughter to this other dead beat geoff and her daughter is 4 and she doesnt even no who her mom is because natalie is such a whore and doesnt live with her daughter and left her poor mother to take care of her. natalies daughter calls natalies mother mom and you no thats pretty sad. natalie has chla**ia and he**tis c so to all the guys out there be aware. natalie is curently pregnant to another guy and she already is dating someone other then her babies dad while shes pregnant thats just gross. thats the guy in the top pic whose dating her while shes pregnant with another mans kid. hes desperate as fck for messin with a girl whose preggnant and the baby isnt even his. yes natalie is pregnant and is fckin another guy other then her babies dad . nik you need to put this whore on blast and let her no to drop the h**oine and go take care of her daughter so her mom doesnt have to. also look up natalie on google and a post will come up how she was arested for he**8ine

Its for the best.- nik

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Dirty Dan

December 12, 2012 Pitt, Pittsburgh 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Daniel Bothwell. He is a loser who came here from Rochester New York. We dated for 2 years, in that time he gave me an drd (which he caught during a small break up) and couldn’t even tell the girls that they gave him something. He left it up to me. Then the burn gets worse! He convinces me how much he loved me and to move in together, well that was a bad decision. This loser got mad that I wouldn’t be a step-ford wife and take care of him and bitched that when I made my 7 year old son dinner how I didn’t make him enough. When we broke it off he not only told me his suicide attempt he made when we broke up was because of me AND then I come home from work and he left! He most likely moved home w/ Mommy and Daddy who take care of EVERYTHING for him (car, bed, rent, etc.) he turned the electric off on me and my son and stuck me with the $900 a month rent payment (when he is on the lease) he wont return any of my phone calls now leading me to have to take him to court to pay his half of everything! What a loser and what a dead beat… He prides himself on calling him self a “man” but he is a man-child who has his parents to thank for everything he has. I would recommend every girl stay away from him unless you want him to turn your life upside down and then bail leaving you with all the bills, no bed, and no TV! I hate this man. I was financially find before him. I was single for 4 years before he came along and although I wasn’t rich I made it work and supported me and my child on a full time job and college with no Welfare assistance at all and now I barely see my kid because I’m busy working 2 jobs to make all these bills, AND I had to post pone going back to school because I’m to busy working so I can even feed my kid. I hope his life at some point gets totally ruined! And if anyone sees him tell him to pay his debts!

I can see why he wears a hat.- nik

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Using Doesn’t Make You A Model

December 7, 2012 Pitt, Pittsburgh 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet “Lila OG”, or, Alissa. She has this ill-conceived notion that she is a “model” because she “models” clothing from oversea clothing companies. However, she takes almost all of her photos herself and most of them involve her posing blandly and staring like a drooling person in a wheelchair. I’m still not sure if she has some sort of malfunction involving her one eye, or if this is just unintended (or maybe intended?) special effects due to her inability to apply make-up. Her hobbies include religiously updating a blogspot blog that no one really cares about or comments on, uploading pictures to a modeling website (where she receives maybe an upwards of 20 comments on each ‘outfit’), oh, and doing Methamp***hetamine that she and her boyfriend procure from a local DJ. Due to the latter hobby, most of her photos and outfits are aimed to show off her extremely malnourished body, which one can only perceive is in order to draw attention away from her overly flared nostrils. And sunken cheeks. All of this behavior from a nineteen year old might be hard to grasp, but, in her own words, she’s just “misunderstood”: breaking every rule since 1993 fck with my east coast style i think you just don’t even know how to begin to understand it.

Everyones looking for an excuse to live that lifestyle (justification).- nik

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3 Babies 30 Baby Daddies

December 3, 2012 Pitt, Pittsburgh 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik im surprised i havent seen this girl on here before. her name is mysti shaffer.she has 3 beautiful babys and doesnt know who the father is to any one of them.this girl will sleep with anything!children services has to take her children away from her becausde she chose to stick a needle in her arm instead of changing and feeding them.oh your friends with her? you better watch your back! this crazy bitch will turn on you in a heart beat. if your a pretty girl good luck talking to her she wont talk to anyone who she thinks is prettier then her. there is just so much stuff that needs to be said about this peace but there isnt enough time in the day.

Wonder what goes in that cage…- nik

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