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Steven “king freeze” Siegfried

September 6, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here;s one of our local steroid abusing in the closet homosexuals that was caught not too long ago “injecting” himself into another man. Talking about “eat clean” etc this guy wouldnt know what legs day or abs and obliques were if they were getting drilled into his “cavity”. He is a local rapper by the name of king freeze aka steven siegfried, known for his love of oxycontin marijuana and steroids. Poor guy was always the smallest guy on the bus and just cant leave them injections alone wheter its performance enhancing drugs or himself into other men, especially younger he was caught with a photographer/videographer whatever they claim to be these days. You’d think he’d only have sexual escapades that don’t make a living on filming others/ taking pictures. He raps about the hardcore street life of a “southern suburban soldier” he is pretty funny and he goes to the gym that is known for its non steroid abusers. This guy gets laughed at the local cheaters r us and our gym.

Gym memberships should be revoked if caught doing selfies like that.- nik

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Getting Buff

June 21, 2013 Las Vegas, South Florida 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: The GOD is getting buff!

Looks like he’s doing girl push-ups.- nik

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Scumbag Photographer Award Goes To

June 13, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 317

THE DIRTY ARMY: BRUCE AMOROSO wins the scumbag wannabe photographer of the year. I am a full time promo model and every time I work with the local girls in Central Florida and South Florida this assholes name always comes up. Constantly harassing models to shoot with him, texting, instagraming, facebook, model mayhem, emails, you name it. He won’t stop! Your work sucks and your attitude sucks, he gets mad and talks crap about the models when they refuse to work with him. The models that took the scary leap to shoot with him, me included, all complain about they never received their images, creeps them out and won’t stop asking these girls out. Made me wait 2 hours in the damn heat, then shoots me for an hour after spending my whole day getting ready. Had some strange guy drop him off, harassed me for weeks to go out with him, back off weirdo.. I vowed to tell every model that I know to stay away from this asshole and I know A LOT. All he did the whole time shooting was talking trash about every other model and photographer from Florida to California. Find something else to do with your loser life! Have fun girls, tell everyone your thoughts and experience with this Jerk!

That award can’t be limited to one.- nik

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Duck Face Jacquelyn

May 14, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have a deranged ogre running around Tampa named Jacquelyn. She seriously looks like Shrek’s wife Fiona. DO NOT by any means call her Jackie, it must always be Jacquelyn otherwise she will correct you. Anyway, this broad runs around calling herself a Tampa socialite meanwhile she works as a waitress at Lee Roy Selmon’s. What a fat joke. And fat she is. She’s as fake as her caked up make up she plasters on every day. Oh and she likes black guys. Apparently the only thing that will find her attractive is the black Greg. It’s disgusting. And she brags about it and shows it off when black guys hit on her. Newsflash JACKIE: you’re basic and fat and acne ridden. No wonder the only guys that want you are black!! They’re ready to pump and dump but only with a plastic bag over your head. Get real. Nik, would you?

Answer: Not a chance with anyone who has butt flap tan lines.

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Typical Trampa Trash

February 9, 2013 South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this here is Nikki some delusional b*tch who goes to school with me at the Unviersity of Tampa or at least she did I havent seen her around since this time last year so who knows if that dumb girl actually managed to stay in school. Anywho I had heard from multiple people that this sk*nk slept with my boyfriend at some point last year right before we got together. She thinks she hot sh*t cuz she has big boobs and a big butt but that doesnt make up for the fact the your’e a cow sweetie! And I went through my boyfriends phone a couple days ago and saw that they had been texting each other nothing sexual at least not yet though I’m sure this sl*t has it on her mind. But what I really want to know Nik, is do you think I should take this beached whale as a serious threat?!?

Your boyfriend has terrible taste… I’m guessing you look like a fish too.- nik

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Babysitter Needed For Bi Polar Alcoholic

January 8, 2013 South Florida, Tampa 40

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Tabatha Rowland. She is americas little country sweetheart. Her ex boyfriend that she cheated on with me is selling pounds upon pounds of marijuana. She told me she was bi polar but i thought it was just something she said not meant. Long story short she tried to manipulate me into a couple things but it didnt work out in her advantage so her ex bf threw a brick or cynder block through my car window. But thats not my question. Shes 23 as december 30th question is nyk would you continue to have sex with her after her jealous ex threw a brick through my window of my car. No doubt im going to beat his little drug dealing ass. But would you have fcked her? nothing on her is fake and the window thing came after the sex a day after i happened to be dropping off some clothes to her and he happened to be there and he threw the brick through my window telling her thats what love is. Welcome to trampa yet again (well 45 mins north of trampa in spring hill)

You should never include your face in a sext.- nik

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Former Winghouse Girl

January 8, 2013 South Florida, Tampa, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik You love blonds right? not bad for Tampa!

Much better from a distance.  +2′s may help her make it to south beach.- nik

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January 8, 2013 South Florida, Tampa, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whoever posted that pic posted a bad version, she is way hot look at this version as proof!

You just sent in a shot from a distance, which again hides her age.  This post proves nothing.- nik

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