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Sarah Messina Claims To Be The Best In Tampa Area

August 6, 2012 South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Sarah Messina, daughter of a rich a family shes an ex pepsi dieter that now gets legal m*th from her doctor shes bi polar and doesnt take her zoloft, this piece of work neglects her kids, and worse than that, she lays in bed all day while they run through the house rampantly her nine year old controls the house and calms mommy down cuz mommy likes klonopin beer and adderall. She is tatted up like a day shift stripper and tries to give the p*ssy to everyone with the tag ling “my tubes are tied you dont need a comdon” but as her bf said he has drd because of her shes tried two sleep with me. i turned it down of course shes serve a few of different people with orders of protection.latest my friend which no doubt was tossed out of court he sent me the email of what she did to him and i was hardly shocked, she said she gets tats to match her pain on the inside, nik pain on the inside? look at this face and body what about the pain on her outside does she not notice that shit on her lip has shit on it? she thinks shes gods gift to men and has two babies by two different dads her parents forced her to get her tubes tied shes been baker acted shes bi polar and she imagines her own scenarios as to what happened instead of what really happened my question is do her plus 2′s make her f*ckable? if she hypothetically doesnt have herpes….but she she does of course and she works her parents business where she gets everyt credit card paid for everything to do a job that a moron could do for minimum wage, her parents know shes a f*ck up and thats the sad part, they arent even in denial.

What the hell is a comdon?- nik

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I Need Your Advice Nik

August 5, 2012 South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik so here it goes. My ex and I were together for just about a year and everything was so lovely and wonderful and perfect. About a month ago we were scrolling through old pictures in my Photobooth and holy sh*t.. there it was. A picture of me and my idiot ex. From about 3 years ago. I was giving him head in the picture. My boyfriend (at the time, who is now my ex) totally flipped out. Left my house. Wouldn’t speak to me. Told me he was completely repulsed by me and would never be able to see me the same way again. I love him more than words can express Nik and I would do anything to get him back but he hates me now. I never cheated on him, I was up with him before work every morning making him breakfast, packing his lunch getting his clothes ready for work. I could have spent the rest of my life with him and just out of nowhere it’s just gone and I don’t know how to handle the situation. Is he over reacting? Should I give it some time but remain hopeful or do you think it’s over and I should just keep trying to move on? Thanks for the time Nik.

You must move on and learn from this… don’t take stupid pictures because they always come back to haunt you. The past always ruins the present, so be smart and guide your future.- nik

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TRI Delts Are The Hottest For Sure

July 27, 2012 Dirty Greeks, South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the Hottest sorority girl in Tampa, proof that TRI DELTS are the best of the best with honors!!!

For a block head her gums really dominate that smile.- nik

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Looser X Baseball Player Pinnachio

June 22, 2012 South Florida, Tampa 1

Looser X Baseball player Pinnachio

THE DIRTY ARMY: nasty old man John Pinnachio dating prostitutes younger then his own kids, the nastiest and oldest of them all is the tired looking bitch in red pants in the middle, freaking disgusting. Nasty old guy to the left freakin red face too! An embarassment to the entire gay South Florida Community. Only reason every1 feels bad for the old bitch in red shorts is cus he got drd so be NICE!

I hope guys wearing briefs to the club doesn’t become the new thing.  Its already begun in dirty OZ.- nik

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Hottest Girl In Tampa, Maybe The World

April 1, 2012 South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 203

Hottest girl in Tampa or even the world!!!

Hottest girl in Tampa or even the world!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this could be the hottest girl ever, tell me Nik and tell me world do you not agree?

Stop self submitting yourself Old Lady!- nik

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Sloot On The Squad

February 8, 2012 Dirty Cheerleaders, South Florida, Tampa 27

Sloot On The Squad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce you to Nikki Fr*ser. This skank bomb with a Greg has absolutely no class and prances around Tampa with her 3rd class behavior mafia thinking she’s the sh*t. She think she’s above everyone and belittles those around her. Even talks sh*t about her friends. Up close she’s a hidius zoo creature that needs to be locked back up in it’s cage. Her pictures have been air brushed more times than a California low rider. She’ll do great in cosmetology since she’s been fooling everyone with her looks since day one! Nik do us all a favor and put this self absorbed low life on blast and get the Dirty Army on it!

She’ll do best at a strip, sounds like that’s where she’ll fit in.- nik

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How Can I Avoid This Happening To My Chest

November 28, 2011 South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 27

Refund Gap?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think about this aspiring model?  I mean she is super hot, but she should have not got +2′s with a refund gap like that.  Anything you can do to prevent this?

The only way to prevent this is to not be a Man.- nik

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Go Home Dirty Predator Stalker Dude

November 7, 2011 Dirty Predator, Scottsdale, South Florida 1

Go Home Dirty Predator Stalker Dude

Go Home Dirty Predator Stalker Dude

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve submitted to you in the past talking about how I overcame my dreamkiller and started dating a girl that actually makes me happy and wants to see me succeed. Everything has been going great, except for the issues being presented by her Dirty Predator of an ex. She broke it off with him a while back, and this guy just doesn’t get that it is over. She’s made it pretty clear to him that she wants nothing more to do with him and his small greg, but he continually keeps messaging and calling her 50+ times per day. So last night I was over at her place and she spots his car lurking across the street. I went out to go introduce myself and tell him to GTFO. This guy jumps out of his car spouting he had a gun then proceeds to swing on me a couple times like a girl in front of several witnesses, really? As quick as he popped out, he was back in his POS rice burner and speeding away from the scene. I really could care less about him swinging on me, I just want this loser to leave my chick alone. So the cops came and took a look at her phone and saw all the unwanted calls and messages. They ended up picking the dude up for Battery and Stalking later that night. Turns out this guy is originally from the Scottsdale area and that’s where his whole family is. Hopefully he’ll be leaving the Tampa Bay area shortly, but let this be a warning to everyone in both Tampa and Scottsdale, watch out for this creeper cause he won’t quit!

Every chick is a dream killer and there’s nothing worse than one with baggage. You did not luck out.- nik 

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