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Please Knock Her Off Her High Horse

October 25, 2011 South Florida, Tampa 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, here’s the deal on this chick, she thinks she is a DIVA but it reality she a b*tch and has a twin sister, making it a c$%t duo. She is some sore of fitness competitor and thinks shes the sh*t and is a stuck up girl who needs a reality check. Someone help her?

I wonder if one of the stars stands for her twin?- nik

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What The Hell Is Michael Lohan Thinking

October 25, 2011 Dirty News, South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 5

WTF Michael Lohan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, WTF compels all these sorry idiots like Michael Lohan here to end up committing crimes here in the lovely dirty Trampa? I flip on the news this morning, and here’s this guy trying to fake chest pains to get out of going to jail – that crap don’t fly with Trampa PD. Michael’s presently locked up in the Hillsborough County Jail for some stupid domestic battery charge. I’m sure he will be there a while cause we all know that he’s got no cash for bail. My question is, who’s the dumbass that would choose to get into a “domestic” situation with this washed up ex-junkie piece of trash. Also, WTF is Michael Lohan doing working for “Larasan Pharmaceuticals” as “Director of Marketing”…sounds like a dirty scam right there. Either he’s getting tons of free pills, or it’s some kind of pyramid scheme hawking would-be ED treatments to suckers. Regardless, could you please give him a call and ask him to leave Tampa Bay for good…we’ve got enough trash in St. Pete, we don’t need his shenanigans around here. Thanks, bro. DA Strong!

Sometimes I feel like him and his daughter Lindsay have a mug shot competition going on.- nik

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Thank You Nik Richie And

October 20, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, South Florida, Tampa, The Dirty 10

Thank You Nik and

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I’ve been Dirty Army strong for a few years now. Your site is a blessing to the internet and is something that brings a little joy to my day. Anyway, for the last few years I was in a miserable relationship with a DreamKiller and I was too blind to realize it. When I got laid off and went back to USF to get my degree, I guess I lowered my standards a little and started dating a girl that was a little chunky…didn’t think it would turn into what it did. For the last several years I’ve gone to school full time, worked full time, and pulled sidejobs fixing computers and websites. When I got my own house, I moved her in and that’s where things went downhill. First, she started packing on the pounds…she was already a little chunky when we started dating, within a year of moving in it was like I was living with a humpback whale. Second, she never cooked or cleaned up after herself, always griping at me to clean the place up. Third, she was horrible with the rent…it was like I had to beat it out of her sometimes, but she always had money for clothes and mani/pedi’s weekly. Finally, she keeps demanding that I “shift my priorities” away from working so much and onto her. She even suggested that I not go to law school and instead “start our lives together”. Over time it was really getting to me… I was miserable, tired, and sick of busting my ass day and night with school and work for someone that didn’t appreciate it.  About 6 weeks ago, it finally clicked. I was trapped by a DreamKiller. I broke it off with her and got her out of my house and life. Within a week of her leaving, my house was absolutely spotless. I was able to get my stepbrother and a friend to move into the other rooms in my house, so now I actually have people paying a good chunk of the mortgage and bills. I also got myself into the gym and started eating right; down a few pounds already and my gut is vanishing. Finally, I went out and after a few rebounds, started dating this awesome chick that looks a lot like Bar Rafaeli, and also loves your site. She’s beautiful (+2′s and no nose job needed), intelligent, amazing in bed, has her own good-paying job, and actually wants me to do the things I am passionate about and excel in life. It’s incredible, Nik…I’ve gone from a 4.0 to like an 8.5 or so and love it.  Much thanks to you and the Dirty Army, Nik. If it weren’t for you and your site, I’d probably still be trapped in a relationship from hell and might have actually ended up marrying that chick. I’ve never been at a happier moment in my life, and it’s cause I finally cut through all the BS and just kept it real. Thanks so much bro, keep doing what you do.

Never get locked in with a loser. DreamKillers are selfish women who love to feed off your misery. Be a champion and let the right person find you. Real girls want to better themselves off your happiness.- nik

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USFs Groupie Sloot Tara

September 29, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, South Florida, Tampa 2


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick formly known as Tara Elizabeth is known throughout Hillsborough County as the “groupie h*e”. She works at The Lodge and some Doggy Daycare, people are not even sure if she actually attends USF. Coming out of no where, she befriends guys from every frat, whether: white, black, hispanic, etc. Linked to the lowest of the lowest members of these faternities she has stolen boyfriends, broken up happy homes, stabbed friends in the back, just for some d*ck. There is even a video circulated amongst a faternity of her deep throating a guy although she claims to be in a happy and faithful relationship with a dead beat father of another faternity. I am sick of seeing her on my fb news feed of her liking every comment of these faternity boys and commenting on every single post! PLEASE BLAST THIS GROUPIE H*E and tell her to get a life and stop sucking every low life’s d*ck down!

I’m just happy this wasn’t a full body shot.- nik 

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For World Peace Would You

September 19, 2011 South Florida, Tampa, Would You? 4

Would you for world peace?

Would you for world peace?

Would you for world peace?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashlee Jean, total sweetheart from who lives in Trampa. She’s sweet, educated, and down to earth…would you? and if not what does she need to do so you would?

Answer: I need more intel/better images… this is for World Peace and I want to help the world even though her forehead is half her face.

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Addicted To Ambien

August 18, 2011 Charlotte, South Florida, The Dirty 17

Addicted to Ambien

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, finally here is the proof that Andi Rogers is an Ambien-Addict.  Can you see, you Suckers?  I told ya!!!!  She will be the second Tila Tequila! Drugged out Sl*t.

You can tell by her chest that she loves Ambien. Straight rocket science.- nik

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Cocky Criminal

August 16, 2011 Dirty DUI, South Florida, Tampa 39

Cocky Criminal Rashad Barganier

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I begin with this fool,Rashad Barganier? He claims to be the best thing since sliced bread in the Trampa area. The truth is no one knows about his multiple arrests and people believe all his lies. His first arrest was for scheming to defraud, in true purple crayon fashion. His second arrest was for a DUI, very responsible considering he’s a father already at 23. Anyway, I am so sick of hearing his bragging when he’s not doing shit with his life. He thinks he’s doing big things driving around a broke down mitsubishi gallant and working at Victoria’s Secret. This fool’s name on facebook is Rashad ‘Situation’ Barganier. I feel sorry for his daughter. She doesn’t deserve to have such a deadbeat, criminal, low-life, man whore of a father. Ladies, don’t believe the hype. Rashad ain’t SHIT. My dog has a bigger dick than him!

Unless he’s the security guard he doesn’t work there. Not a chance.- nik

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Boston George Is A Dirtbaf Theif

July 26, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, South Florida, Tampa 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Douche KEvin Wa*n is a freaking thief and it disgusts me to no end! He steals elderly people’s credit card numbers through a fake insurance scheme and then he buys good and sells them on ebay. He has already been in federal prison for the same scam in Mass and now he’s doing it in Tampa! So people, if granny tells you about a insurance man who is offering dirt cheap prices, tell them DO NOT GIVE THEIR CC INFO!!!! Boston George needs to rot in PRISON!

It must be easy for him since he fits in at elderly homes.- nik

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