Sloot That Moved To Tennessee

October 3, 2011 Dallas, Tennessee 12 5,642 Views

Whore that moved to TN

Whore that moved to TN

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This chick Brandi is the biggest whore ever and flirt , every ex she has she stll fcks , she stills peoples boyfriends. She gets a new boyfriend every other week . She steals peoples tattoo ideas and thinks her sh*t don’t stink yet posts emo shit 24/7. Whats worse being emo or being a fake emo!!

I’m sure this broads half the age I think she is.- nik

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Ryan From Teen Mom Has Weird Taste

September 29, 2011 Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty, Would You? 85 10,058 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ryan Edward’s (MTV Teen Mom) girlfriend Dalis Connell. She’s a sophomore at TTU for Pre-Physical Therapy & Personal Training. She seems really sweet and down to earth. From the looks of it the two are totally in love. Personally, I think she looks average, and Ryan could get a way hotter chick. But of course the only opinion that matters is yours. So Nik Richie, Would you?

Answer: No, she needs a chin implant and needs to give up on the underwear modeling, her front looks like her back.

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Classy Group Of Girls

August 21, 2011 Memphis, Tennessee, The Dirty 19 7,027 Views

Sloots:  Because nice girls bitch and moan when you cum in their ass

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I got VD just from looking at this pic. I think the two flashing their butt cheeks slept with my dad, my boss, all of my friends, and the Tennessee Titans football team.  How ’bout it Nik, would you “put your two cents in”?

I think I see a skinnier version of Jessica Simpson.- nik

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Country Star Joe Nichols…Nashville Dirty Celeb Slayer

August 1, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Nashville, Tennessee 32 6,860 Views

Country Star Joe Nichols.. Nashville dirty celeb slayer!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Joe Nichols has reportedly been having relations with Kindly Myers, Amanda Buck 50 Wyatt, 12 pack’s gal and Keith Urban’s ex mistress… and was allegedly caught in bed with ubergay debutante socialite BRENT YOUNG! It seems that Joe will stick his little willy anywhere that is a warm hole! Joe dosen’t care if it is a man, woman, or whatever! Luckily for Joe, he is a country star, because with his girl body, and small hands he’d never get laid! Imagine the diseases he’s spreading, doing men and women both? You heard it here FIRST! So remember that, when you see Joe on TMZ!

I can’t decide if this is a self post or not…well played sir, but your still a girly boy on a constant search for sugar.- nik

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Dirty Medical Professional Robert Martin And His Purchased Columbian Wife

June 2, 2011 Tennessee, The Dirty 26 9,836 Views

Dirty Medical Professional

Dirty Medical Professional

Dirty Medical Professional

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Robert Martin a local nurse practitioner and his office manager wife Mary Cavadia. This University of Tennessee grad bought this girl in Columbia. Rumor is that her family moves more snow than a winter ski resort. He is currently under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the State Board of Nursing. He funds his luxury lifestyle by ripping off patients and insurance companies. He has bought her a nice rack, nice car, nice house, all at our expense. This c*cksucker needs to go down!

See, guy nurses can make money too.- nik

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Has Anyone Seen Mikey

May 16, 2011 Nashville, Tennessee 70 8,399 Views

Has anyone seen MIKEY??? HELLO

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, has anyone seen Mike Inlow? Last I saw him, he was telling me that he was arrested for drugs and probation, but was let out by the police. That just dose not add up to me. He was arrested last summer and couldn’t make a 500$ bond, but this time he has a 5,000$ bond and gets out? Now he has disappeared off the map. Is he in rehab? prison? Florida with his mom? In witness protection? Has anyone seen MIKEY? I have emailed Purity about putting him on milk cartons. I hope no one has been doing business with him?

His mom found out and grounded him.  She made him move upstairs from the basement so she can keep an eye on him, which is why he can’t sneak out anymore.- nik

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Mr. 615 Tried Taking Credit For Shutting Down TheDirty

April 4, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Mr. 615, Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty 89 5,984 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my girls and I ran into Chase this weekend at Green Hill’s mall with his “gently used” girl Cassie. Cassie was in the dressing room and Chase tried to be cute and flirt with us, like he does all girls. He told us how him and Cassie were together and he bought her a new car, and how life was beautiful. Chase then laughed and told us that was finally shut down and his attorney’s had it done! I checked the site from my phone later and I must admit, I believed the site was seized by the feds, and was 50/50 on Chase having a role in it. The next morning I saw that it was an April fool’s joke lol, but it looks like the joke was on 615 and all the other dirty celebrities who took credit!

Why aren’t his legs greased?- nik

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Morgan And Kelly Have Almost Gone Through The Whole Football Team

March 3, 2011 Nashville, Tennessee, The Dirty 49 8,122 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Morgan Cox (brunette) and Kelly Maddox (blonde). They are two of the biggest sloots at Tennessee. They walk around like they are hot sh*t, but I know you will set the record straight… Rumor has it, they have slept with most of the football team. Even if that’s not true, we all know they would. Personally, I think Morgan looks like a cat and Kelly looks like a man. Please, Nik, tell these sloots what’s up.

Well they have faces that need football helmets… seriously, are you guys taking testosterone shots?- nik

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