Dirty Danielle

November 14, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee, Would You? 370 7,753 Views

Dirty Danielle

Dirty Danielle

THE DIRTY ARMY: HeLlO NiK ThIS Is DaNiELLe SiMMonS oF NaSHvIlle. She posts retarded pics of all the dudes shes done all over her facebook, majority of the dudes are her friends men. Every guy who goes out on a regular basis, does steroids, or sells drugs has been with her. Her and all her friends look like SHIMS, but they are easy. She posts on FB like a 11 year old kid WrITinG LiKe this or putting lame captions on her pics. If you look at her FB she actually makes collages of her clubbin pics and she takes the collages to work (on posterboard) and puts them up at her cubicle. She is a straight bottle rat. What do you think Nik?

This girl just calls out for douchebags, sloot indeed.- nik

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Thinks She Is Better

November 13, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee 10 6,407 Views

Thinks she is better..

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This bitch Jenny thinks she is so much better then all her family. But I found her on a sex site she had a profile with her pic and all. She said she was bi and wanted a cpl to f*ck. She is a whore but talks about everyone like she is so great.

Her hands are bigger than her feet…amazing.- nik

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Chattanooga’s Dumpster

October 28, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee 40 9,760 Views

Chattanooga's dumpster

Chattanooga's dumpster

Chattanooga's dumpster

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Rachel is a nasty whore who likes to run around and screw anything that will put powder up her nose. She is a drug addict nurse who got fired from her job for doing drugs and now blows the hospital staff to keep her current job. Having no daddy really f*cked this fugly sl*t’s head up. She runs around Chattanooga saying she is going to marry any guy who she dates for more than week. They end up throwing her to the curb after using her for the only thing she is good for…a c*m dumpster.

Her eyebrows are either drawn on too low or she has a really big forehead, or both.- nik

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Nashville’s Dirty D

September 30, 2010 Dirty Army Strong, Nashville, Tennessee 37 5,645 Views

Nashville's Dirty D......

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nashville’s own Damon D. aka-Dirty “D”. Lets put this out there so all females that have, are and willing to mess with this piece know the “dirty” truth….. This guy has been with your girlfriend, her best friend, the room-mate, and enemy all in a 24 hour period. Some may say Pimp but I say nasty. Dude lies and cheats every chance possible. He tries to play friends against friends and continuesly spreads his funk around. Some girls even know about each other and think they can change him. Ladies…..He is not called “Dirty D” for no reason.

Nashville sounds like the perfect place for Ari Golden to relocate to.- nik

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Nashville Trout Loves Hiring Strippers And Escorts

September 30, 2010 Cougars, Nashville, Tennessee 7 7,573 Views

Just another Trout

Just another Trout

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA strong here. Check out this trout, Todd Williams, in Knoxville. My crew and I see this guy out at the clubs all the time trying to pick up women less than half his age. It actually works out ok for us because we steer clear of any who hang with him. But we feel bad for these chicks since he hires strippers and hookers all the time, there is no telling what he could get. When will these dumb *ss chicks learn?

If he can afford it, why not?- nik

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Ghetto Gutter Sloot

September 22, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee 62 6,556 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like to introduce you to East Nashville born and raised “Chelle Baby” Michelle A#stin. She has hit the Nashville “scene” with the ferocity of the A*DS epidemic in the early 80′s. Chelle has managed to hit clubs nightly, sleep with every dirty celeb in Nashville and EVEN keep an affair going with her “BFF’s” man. She gets a few drinks and PEPSI in her system and it’s on and poppin! She has no class, no remorse and no standards. She TRIES to fight other girls, but recently got her grill busted and had to walk home in some high heels. Let’s hope her stay on the Nashville “scene” is a short one, the trailor parks on Dickerson Pike need her back!

So what your trying to say is she slept with Mr. 615…Gross.- nik

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Would You Nik

September 17, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee, Would You? 49 7,587 Views

nik would you???

nik would you???

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Ashley F*rd from Murfreesboro,Tn all the dudes around here wanna bone her..and think she is the shit..your opinion?

Well if you wanna know I am gunna go take a crap, does that tell you a little about what I think of her…and since I know you must know, shes too old, and has a massive vein going down the middle of her chin.- nik

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Convicted Snitch

September 16, 2010 Nashville, Tennessee 99 8,158 Views

Convicted Snitches writing bail bonds.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this douchebag claims to be a bail bondsman but really he is a washed up drug dealer. He (Charlie Ramos-purple) has drug charges and money laundering charges and much more on his record. He is a fat ugly puerta rican who hates on everyone due to his low self esteem. Noone in Nashville likes this kid and he needs to go back to NY where he claims he is from. This bitch thinks he’s a gangster but he is a snitching wankster. He was facing years but turned informant and served 16 months. You can query his name on Davidson County TN . He rides Mr. 615′s nuts and thinks hes the next big thing. The truth is the only thing big is his belly. He also hangs with Ricky Love and rides his nuts hard. My friend recently broke up with him and kicked him out of her house. He wants his furniture back but owes her to much money so she is keeping his shit. He lives at his fathers house on the couch mooching as usual. This is a 33 year old deadbeat who is scared of his own shadow. This bitch has snitched to long and needs to face the music and marry that trash Amber Hobbs. She is referenced on here also and she is a slut who gets beat up all the time. Also a good person that needs to be added to the dirty. Everytime he gets punked he bitches up and calls the police. My friend Lee checked him and he called begging for forgiveness. He has recently also been punked by a dude named Cali but he constantly begs for forgiveness. Please blast this bitch so the streets will see this is a snitching coward.

You’d think he would love prison embracing those dudes like that…well he probably did but is just soft and ratted on his friends.- nik

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