Unwanted Messages At 5:05am

May 20, 2013 Houston, Texas-AM 33 6,700 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, this piece of work is named Steven Paul McCoy. He decided to randomly send me this bullshit unexpected and most definitely unwanted. So after sending this to his girlfriend, i decided to go ahead and entertain all of you. Here’s his number if anyone would like to take over on being the recipient []

Thanks for the entertainment.- nik

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A Childless Mother

May 14, 2013 San Antonio, Texas-AM 2 7,982 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: When her slutty actions and **’ finally take over I am sure she will be in a better position to teach her children right from wrong .. Until then .. she does not have her 3 kids , and does not pay her child support .. has a 1/2 time 1/2 ass job and a fat sweaty boyfriend who beats her …. but ladies night is never missed … just another corpus christi sloot

She’s got some huge mitts.- nik

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Macy Osoria Is Not A Classy Aggie

May 7, 2013 Houston, Texas-AM 201 9,465 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Macy Osoria. She likes to play the “good girl” role but she is absolutely disgusting. I dated her a few years ago and I can confirm a few things about this girl. She has contracted DRD twice and loves to take it up the butt. She is only 21 and has had breast implants, a chin implant, lip injections, and a nose job. If you ask me, she’ll look like Michael Jackson in a few years. However, she could probably use some lipo. Nik, what do you think?

Who is paying for all these procedures?- nik

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Sleezy Aggie Ratchet

April 17, 2013 Houston, Texas-AM 37 7,331 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Check this Nik, This ratchet is known as Adelaide Bradley claims to be dating me and has not figured out that I know she has been cheating on me the last two weeks. But little does she know I got tested last week for c**ydia and sure enough the test results came back positive. I hope her and all her sexual partners enjoy my gift! Thanks and Gig ‘em.

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The ITG Master

April 4, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Army Strong, Texas-AM 15 9,716 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been reading, and hearing that no one credits you for the obsession with the ITG. Well I want to give you all the credit. I never really cared to have one, until I started being DA and seeing how much sexier it is. Everyone I’ve talked to says its all in the hip structure, and who really knows… But, despite what they say, I have my lipo appointment scheduled for next month to get the fat removed to help me get closer to achieving a 4 finger ITG. Thank you for opening our eyes to this. P.S. please autograph my book I pre-ordered, like a gentleman.

I will autograph it for sure. Stay sexy.- nik

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Cheating Girl Got Fat

April 4, 2013 Austin, Texas-AM 10 9,900 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl is Katie Francis, I’ve been dating her for about 3 years. She dumped a guy for me so that we can be together. She dumped him cause she couldn’t handle the trauma that he was facing. We moved in together last year. i wanted to tell her that she’s gotten fatter than the pigs I’m used to dating but I can’t, can any one here be nice enough to tell her.

Stick with 1 skillet, that should help…- nik

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Beware Local Dating Sites

February 26, 2013 Dallas, Texas-AM 7 9,098 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jake Saavedra was married for 14 years and lived a double life. 9 yrs. ago he was caught preying on women and when his wife found out he seemed remorseful only to find out he continued and he now gets on dating websites preying on any pretty girl he can find and pursue till he gets her in bed then doesnt remember her name unless she continues to put out. He lies, betrays, and manipulates yet his kids won’t even talk to him and wife went into hiding because he becamse abusive with her.

Forgiving a cheater works against you, their head grows on what they can and cannot do.- nik

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I Guarantee It Is Me

February 25, 2013 Houston, Texas-AM, The Dirty 122 92,299 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay so in response to all the comments to my “Would You” post about my weight loss.  I GUARANTEE IT IS ME!! And here’s a body shot you requested.

I know its you. I can tell by the armpits.- nik


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