Texas-AM | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Cheating Girl Got Fat

April 4, 2013 Austin, Texas-AM 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl is Katie Francis, I’ve been dating her for about 3 years. She dumped a guy for me so that we can be together. She dumped him cause she couldn’t handle the trauma that he was facing. We moved in together last year. i wanted to tell her that she’s gotten fatter than the pigs I’m used to dating but I can’t, can any one here be nice enough to tell her.

Stick with 1 skillet, that should help…- nik

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Beware Local Dating Sites

February 26, 2013 Dallas, Texas-AM 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jake Saavedra was married for 14 years and lived a double life. 9 yrs. ago he was caught preying on women and when his wife found out he seemed remorseful only to find out he continued and he now gets on dating websites preying on any pretty girl he can find and pursue till he gets her in bed then doesnt remember her name unless she continues to put out. He lies, betrays, and manipulates yet his kids won’t even talk to him and wife went into hiding because he becamse abusive with her.

Forgiving a cheater works against you, their head grows on what they can and cannot do.- nik

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I Guarantee It Is Me

February 25, 2013 Houston, Texas-AM, The Dirty 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay so in response to all the comments to my “Would You” post about my weight loss.  I GUARANTEE IT IS ME!! And here’s a body shot you requested.

I know its you. I can tell by the armpits.- nik


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Watch Out Ladies

February 10, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Army Strong, Texas-AM, The Dirty 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik, heard about this site and immediately knew of someone I wanted to post. I totally got caught up with this Larry guy! Managed to have a girlfriend and sleep with multiple women at the same time! Beware ladies, don’t let his looks fool you, tries to act of innocence and accuse you of being with other men to make you feel guilty when he’s the one with multiple women. He probably should untag himself in facebook pictures. Acts like he’s being the perfect father when he’s really spending his time with other women. Anyways, doesn’t wear a condom, thank goodness for plan b! To my surprise, he was already posted on here in 2008! Time to grow up scumbag.

You let him spray sperm inside you… are you nuts?- nik

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I Love Your Wife

January 19, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Army Strong, Texas-AM, The Dirty 398

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. So I have been following the DA for a while now, and after watching you and Shayne on Couples Therapy I decided I liked you even more. Being a wife for a few years – (no longer one), I can see why the “would you” section would bother her, but seeing how you praise her and the way you treated her on the show its obvious you love that woman. I think she is beautiful. You could call it a girl crush. So we know you love blondes, +2′s, the strong ITG, no tattoos – etc. So, respectfully I ask, what is NOT perfect about Shayne? I see so many beautiful AND hideous looking girls but when I read some, I think to myself… he has to say yes! But you dont. So what makes her perfect for you? Because you are one picky, picky man.

Read my book, it explains everything.- nik




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3 Babies And Daddies At 19

January 2, 2013 San Antonio, Texas-AM 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this Nik, Is Julie Flores or she calls herself “Juliet” she is 19 years old living in the west side of San Antonio,she has 3 babydaddys and cant not confirm the dads of any of the 3 Smh .she will fuck around with your dude ,husband,babydaddy she has no Limits or Restrictions doesn’t care if y’all are friends or not .she also sucked my homeboys dick while pregnant with her desist Babydads child,Bitch was on the pole pregnant while not taking care of the two she already has honestly who hasn’t this girl fcked over has no friends left she lucky her family stuck around not even her babydaddys want to be around must be her that she looses everyone around her stop fcking everyone’s dude !keep your cousins,uncles,brothers,dads,grandpas away she will fck any dick that gives her attention she needed to be blasted scandalous filthy whore

These pictures are dated if she’s had 3 kids.  Don’t believe the hype (not that there is any).- nik

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Typical Mexican

December 17, 2012 Houston, Texas-AM 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is jade marino. would you bang this waitress? im debating… apparently she gets into a lot of trouble with the law tho, help!

How is this even a debate…do you like squirrels.- nik

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Ratchet Gonzales

December 12, 2012 San Antonio, Texas-AM 129


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jolie Catchet Gonzales..biggest slore of kenedy and San antonio TX. This ct thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread but truth be told anyone can have her and almost everyone has!!! As you can see from the pic, looks like someone might have a problem. Lmao What do you think Nik, Would you waste your time with old lady c**bs?

She looks like a fish outta water.- nik

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