Homewrecker Hillbilly

October 15, 2012 Houston, Texas-AM 0 6,671 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this homewrecker only dates married men…but that’s just getting started. She talks about OTHER people’s looks etc when she is..well I mean you see the pictures….She lost her son to her mother because she’s alcoholic and won’t admit it claiming her mother “took” her son from her…LOL. Her newest on and off again fling has a wife (requirement) and 2 kids. Not saying he’s any better than her but come on, why is it a requirement they must be married? And she has quite an unhealthy crush on her cousin. Now that is just fcking gross. What gets me the most is she has the nerve to say things about pretty, attractive, intelligent girls when she looks like THIS and stays drunk 24/7.

Her nose has a T.O.D.  I decided.- nik

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Hello Dirty World

October 3, 2012 San Antonio, Texas-AM 6 6,290 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I don’t typically visit sites like this, but a friend told me about a post she read about me. It’s quite old, but I’ve only just seen it. I’m not sure what the exact purpose of this site is, but there was an anonymous post submitted here which slandered my name and the hobby I chose to partaken in. I wish for it to be removed please, if it cannot be, I wish for things to be clarified. I do attend a university, it’s called TAMIU, a branch of Texas A&M. I will be transferring to the International Academy of Design & Technology next semester. I love fashion and photography, I can’t deny that fact, but I’ve never claimed the title of a professional model, much less do I think I hold the ability to turn a girl into one. I’ve never considered the idea of becoming a professional model, because I’m very well aware of industry standards. All these false claims are nothing but ridiculous and unnecessary. Also, I post pictures of my cooking because that’s another passion of mine. That I will self-proclaim myself as, an utter foodie. Well, that’s all I have to say I suppose. I hope you have a lovely day.

I’m glad you’re aware of this because you seem to be getting worse.  But if its unpaid no future work whats the point?- nik

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Dallas Tranny Convention

September 4, 2012 Dallas, Texas-AM, The Dirty 13 6,981 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I’m so sick of seeing these trannies around town. Nik put them on blast, they think they are so f*cking hot, only to a gay man with drd. A town which is now sh*tty due to people like this. Fort Worth is where it’s at anyways.

I can’t believe how much Dallas has crashed in 2 years. The place is worse than Scottsdale now.- nik

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Fatal Incest And Pillow Stains

August 14, 2012 Austin, Texas-AM 0 9,894 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK IMAGINE THIS: JOSEPH GIANCOLA, who has INCESTUAL DESIRES for his “OWN SISTER” and tries to RAPE HER by giving her “DATE RAPE DRUGS”. He acts like a JEALOUS BOYFRIEND, sabotages her RELATIONSHIPS, and has a “FATAL ATTRACTION” for his sister.

Creepy.- nik

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Please Tell This Wicked Witch She’s Not A Model

July 20, 2012 Houston, Texas-AM, The Dirty 4 7,848 Views

Please tell the Wicked Witch of the West she can't model

Please tell the Wicked Witch of the West she can't model

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been DA strong for a year and I couldn’t resist putting this sloot on blast. She “thinks” she can model, I personally think she looks like a witch/horse mated and came out with this thing. She acts nice around your face but behind your back shes the biggest wh*re and b*tch. Watch out ladies this pointy face “model” will try and snag your man. But I want to know what you think about this “model”.

You’re not a model, your friend is just hoping you’ll experiment with her.- nik

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‘Birdman’ Andersen Child Porn Extraordinaire Is Engaged

July 3, 2012 Denver, Dirty Athletes, Texas-AM, The Dirty 1 8,399 Views

'Birdman' Andersen child porn extraordinaire is engaged

'Birdman' Andersen child porn extraordinaire is engaged

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is from College Station and is apparently engaged to Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen, who’s home was raided by detectives in the Internet Crimes Against Children unit of the Douglas County, Colo., sheriff’s office back in May….Something along the lines of child pornogrphy…. (check the full story at http://di.tl/nM) She was fired from a couple local College Station bartending jobs for theft. Nothing says love like criminal activity. She’s only half noodle.

Congrats to the website di.tl for making life on the internet so much easier. It’s about time someone paid civilians to share the internet.- nik

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Taylor Armstrong Is Being STALKED/HARASSED By Russell’s Former Friend

July 1, 2012 Dallas, Dirty Business, Hollywood, Texas-AM, The Dirty 7 7,125 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, recently I learned that Russell Armstrongs ex-friend Randy Edwards has hired a PI to FOLLOW and INVESTIGATE Taylor in Los Angeles. Former friends/ex- girlfriend of Randy are saying how he is acting obssessive with this entire case by hiring a PI just to see how Taylor spends her money, and lives her life without Russell, and if she has done anything illegal without getting caught. The purpose of that is so that way if he were to sue her in the future for being a supposed fraud and defamation of his former friend, he would have something to back his case up. They say ever since Russell died, he has clearly been bitter towards Taylor as he thinks she is to blame for Russells death, and has done twitter rants about her and only her ever since. Taylor has blocked him since October. He is currently working on a book as reported by other gossip sites on what he knows about Russell and Taylors marriage (Which is apparently very minimal). Randy has no source of income now, since Russell use to send him money on a monthly basis, and now he is going after Taylor’s money from the show, and from appearances. He never knew Taylor personally, and only visited the family once or twice. Taylors friends say Taylor has done nothing to him, and has said nothing about him. She doesn’t even acknowledge him, and could careless about a “supposed” friend of Russell. She takes the highroad when it comes to him, but once she sees what he is doing now, there is NO way Taylor will let Randy get away with something as sick and obssessive as that. Randy will be seeing a restraining order pretty soon, and maybe even a lawsuit. Randy is apparently scared out of his mind since he’s been caught, and has a gym equipment business based in Dallas that he doesn’t want to lose.

Taylor is such a phony. Randy let it go… let this mental murderer live her life.- nik

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Just Saying

June 25, 2012 Austin, Dirty Army Strong, Texas-AM 20 5,282 Views

Just saying

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have a good one for you Miss Ashley Browder, She walks around thinking she is all that and acting like her sh*t don’t stink but it does she f*cks with everybody just ask anybody that lives in college station they will tell you and i know this because the b*tch f*cked my boyfriend while she had a boyfriend and also f*cked his friends too because we use to sit around and talk about the h*e and laugh about it she’s been with a lot of guys so make sure you wrap it up boys. Guys if your a ball player or just a guy period she’s an easy f*ck i promise you. She’s also a mother a bad one at that but what do you expect when you have a baby while your still in high school. Nobody wants your ass take care of your child instead of going around sleeping with other people’s boyfriend b*tch oh and shout-out to your boyfriend Myron Rhodes he’s f*cking hot and so dumb at the same time for sticking with your *ss i feel sorry for that guy i hope he see’s this and leave’s your sloot *ss. Just thought someone should put this girl on blast, before i forget thanks Megan for telling me about this website!!

It looks like she manicured that hairline, my only question is why?- nik

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