Two Faced Ashley

May 29, 2012 Corpus Christi, Texas-AM 45 6,582 Views

S.T.D Ashley

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well I have an interesting one for you. Miss Ashley Holmes. She walks around thinking she is all that and thinks she can get any man (or women) she prefers. Don’t be friends with this girl because she will end up taking your man (or woman) and then try to deny it. She sleeps around for money and her reason is because she is a “College student” and doesn’t want to work for her money like a grown woman should. She is so retarded just like her older brother. A few of my homeboys that know her said that she has DRD and they saw open s*res in that “area” and they immediately left her apartment when she used to live on campus at tamucc. She should be put away for passing around DRD like that. She is very two faced and always tries to get attention any way she knows how, thinkin shes all that with that beat up nissan altima she be driving. Someone needed to put this trick on blast and its me.

They didn’t leave.  I decided.- nik

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Epitome Of Messy

April 6, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Houston, Texas-AM 13 8,564 Views

Epitome of messy.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik don’t let this “sweet” face fool you. She’s a home wrecker, a club rat, probably at a bar every single day she can breathe. She starts rumors for no apparent reason, and for every wrong this she does…she justifies it for being drunk. She’ll even homie hop in the same circle of friends with no shame. She’s her strongest when she has the backup of her friends, if not she’d probably cry. Watch out when your at the club, if there’s a cigarette in her hand she will straight up burn you in the leg just because. She is an over privileged brat, she’s living oh so independently thanks to her parents. She’s pretty damn good at twisting a story around that’s for sure, if she came on to you…and you so happened to turn her down and there was an audience to witness it…she will make it seem the other way around. She lives in the greater 290 area, so if you see a “sweet asian” girl rolling around in a BMW, don’t be fooled it’s daddy’s money. So please Nik, put her on blast so everyone in Houston knows to keep their distance..

That face is no prize, gold digging attempts will fail.  I decided.- nik

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Best Friend Of A Slore

March 13, 2012 Houston, Texas-AM 11 8,922 Views

Best friend of a whore

Best friend of a whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all I can say is, don’t get me started on this girl. Her name is Vanessa Quintanilla. We use to be good friends, but then she started drinking way too much and started on that c*ke habit again. It all started when she started going to Texas A&M, where she started rooming with a sk*nky byotch named Krystal. They always hang out and Krystal has always been a nasty, sleeps around, and has her fat rich boyfriend on the side. Vanessa stays high all day long.. not only on weed..which is alright.. but on pills and whatever is around. I heard she even snorted some nail polish to get high just because her poor *ss ran out of money for the meth. All I can say is, you all had better watch out for her. She’s also a user, along with her alien looking friend who thinks dancing on fat guys will get them attention.

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The Truth Shall Set You Free

March 6, 2012 Houston, Texas-AM 6 8,872 Views

The truth shall set you free!!!!

The truth shall set you free!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik you are all familar with what a whore Misty Dryden is well now it is time to learn the truth about Mark Ideus and his lies!! He keeps fooling everyone!! Im sure he is a great guy and a great referee but he is a LIAR and uses money given to him from benefits for his cancer and buys gifts and gives money to his lover Misty! His poor wife is so blind to to it all!! I never would have believed it until I saw it first hand myself!! They are both lying cheats!! The truth shall set yall free!! COme out with it already!!!! please quit hurting the kids and quit hurting the ones who care and have helped you!! I know I will never doante another penny toward you again!!!

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Miriam Is A Big Dirty Sloot

February 28, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, San Antonio, Texas-AM 18 9,169 Views

Miriam is a BIG dirty sloot!

Miriam is a BIG dirty sloot!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This fugly slut is named Miriam Arriaga. Not only is she fcken crazy but she’s also a horrible mother. She’d rather be out partying it up and hooking up with anything that will touch her instead of taking care of her own son! She claims her son is her life but yet she goes out of her way and leaves him to go get some from some dirty illegal alien. She’s probably bi-polar and neglects her son and only gives him attention when someone else wants him around. You can find her at Howl At The Moon if you’re looking for something easy and cheap to fck! She thinks shes the shit but in reality she’s nothing but an easy, fat ass, divorced, poor excuse for a mother who should stop worrying about fcking anything that moves and focus on her son! Honestly, shouldn’t even be bragging about how many aliens she’s fcking… it makes her look easier than she is!

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What Happens When You Let Your Girl Attend Raves

December 28, 2011 Houston, Texas-AM, The Dirty 126 11,203 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do I need to say anything else?  The picture speaks for itself.  This is why raves are so dirty, all these young sl*ts go and lose respect for themselves while doing drugs.  How classy, the best is how all their parents let them walk out the house looking like this?  If your child wears more than 5 of these bracelets there is a 15000 percent chance, she is going to a rave, popping mad e, sucking up nitrous and having unprotected sex numerous times with randoms.

In some countries this is classified as rape.- nik

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Stay Away From Sheridan

November 21, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Texas-AM 12 8,053 Views

ugly ass

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sheridan Miller, she goes to TAMU and is a pathological liar. Shes obviously starving for attention because she so damn ugly. Sorry that no one cares how much money you have, it still doesn’t make you cool. Oh, and by the way please do us all a favor and get some work done to your face, because lord knows were all sick of looking at it. Not to mention Big Bird over here wears grandma clothes 24/7, get a new wardrobe and stop wearing ugly bluejean jackets b*tch. Everyone hates your annoying loud *ss laugh, so just do us all the favor and STFU. Sheridan literally is a PSYCHO B*TCH FROM HELL. Beware, oh & if she tries telling you shes been raped, tell her to come up with a new line, because you cant rape the willing!

That is honestly the most disgusting cow I have ever seen.- nik 

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Texas A&M’s Prized Possession

October 21, 2011 Dallas, Texas-AM, The Dirty 12 8,764 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl definitely is one of the fakest people I know. She claims to “hate that b*tch so bad”, but yet will turn right around and tell the girl she “loves them” and that “we should totes partyyyy!”. B*tch, get real. Every dude that actually knows her can tell you she is the EASIEST girl you will ever come across. Just tell her you go to A&M and you’re guaranteed a blow job. Don’t believe me, ask a certain group of friends. 3 of them had sex with her in a 3 month period, and she even had multiple rounds through the group. Don’t let the pictures fool you, she has a striking resemblance to a penguin. She always complains about needing to lose weight and the act that she needs to go on a diet and works out constantly, yet she can’t put food or the cock down to save her life. Warning: having relations with this girl can cause suicidal thoughts, itching similar to crabs, and a very high-pitched annoying ringing sensation in your ears.

Be yourself, Snooki is already taken.- nik

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