Texas | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Bobby Sandoval

May 6, 2014 San Antonio, Texas 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this piece of shit is a disgrace to the marine corps. It had came out that he had his friend shoot him in the leg to get out of deployment 2009 now collects VA over that shit, now he uses his money on m*th and scams on jrotc girls at palo alto and is probably giving them a drd. Hope VA investigates that incident

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Pedo finally caught

April 24, 2014 Dallas, Texas 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Jeremy Marchman is pathetic! He is now 27 just got caught for sexual assault to a child under 17… He has always dated younger girls tho. When he was 21 he was dating a 14 yr old. He lives with his mother still and I guess she doesn’t care who he dates ? Disgusting pedophile that preys on young children just sick. This predator should be locked up forever .

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Cheap ManHoe

April 24, 2014 San Antonio, Texas 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Is A Super Cheap Hoe, That Basically Sleeps Around For Money. As You Can See He Posted An Ad On Backpage obviously To Get His Broke Ass Some Money! Hes A Big Bottom! Hes A Hoe! Constantly Hitting My Homeboy Up On Grindr Saying That He Sucks Dick Really Good And stuff. Like Wow This Foo A Trip. He Has No Life ALWAYS OUT AT THE BARS/GAY STRIP And Loves Fighting At The Clubs And Being Ratchet. NOT A Good Look For You Prince, Maybe If You Settled Down Your Job WOULDA NEVER FIRED YOU! this Nigga Needed To Be Put On Blast!! And Finally He Is

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Renee Koepke

April 23, 2014 Dallas, Texas 11

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little skank is from McAllen, but went to UNT and lived in Dallas and Denton. Not only did this little whore juggle 3 guys for a while, she’s known to trade sex for weed. She’s a dirty slut and people should be warned.

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Veronica Olivo

April 22, 2014 Austin, Texas, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Veronica Olivo aka Vero. She’s a town sloot has 2kids she never spends time with because she’s always out partying with different guys! Vero is a home wrecker she sleeps with all the BLOWBOYS. Then has the nerve to smile in there wife’s faces like nothing’s wrong , she complains she can’t find the right guy ? Honey the right guy wants a stay at home Gurl not someone everyone’s had laying on there back! This Gurl thinks she’s the shit when clearly she’s not! Someone please expose this hoe !

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Luling Terran Oakes

April 3, 2014 Austin, Texas 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this be Terran Oakes the biggest man whore in Luling tx 830 he be fuking every bitch I know in the hood or any bitch he meet at the club, frm what I heard he gots a little pipi and don’t ever satisfy the females, he has c***ia and drd just thought I would let u know before u let him hit it

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How to be a Rave Sloot 101

April 2, 2014 Houston, Texas 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Nik, this girl right here is Lauren Wilson. She’s a pathological lying rave sloot. She cheats on all her boyfriends, then covers it all up, even when there’s proof. She got fired from her job at Kryptonite after working there not even a week for walking out on her shift to go “turn up” with anyone who will give her free drugs. She’s an immature whore who can’t grow up. She preaches to the choir about equality and how everything should be about PLUR, but she misses the other R for responsibility, which she obviously has none of. She’ll talk shit about you behind your back, then when you’re around buy you a drink with the money that she got from asking random guys for. And how are you going to talk shit about someone getting an abortion when you’ve had at least two? Pro-choice is cool and all, just don’t be a hypocrite about it. She is just the most grotesque creature to walk the Houston streets. I feel bad for anyone having fucked this girl, get checked for your own good. OH and she also enjoys trying to anonymously break couples up so she can fck the guys. She think shes so cool because she goes to the shitty club and does drugs, but in all reality she is just a molly addicted slore. Lauren, “you cant sit with us.”

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Demi Willson

April 1, 2014 Houston, Texas 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Even though this girl comes from a very “important family” she’s nothing but a low life scum living off her family’s money while ruining the lives of the people around her. There are so many things that I could say that will make you know what a disgusting person she is.. Lets start with the lie she loves to tell people, being that she has only had 7 sexual partners… How could that even make sense when shes had more abortions than the amount of men shes clammed to have seduced? On 2 separate occasions she’s fakes pregnancy and asked the men to pay for her abortion.. and then took the money to go dress shopping at Nordstrom. Now Demi is married to some german guy who sadly thinks she’s been faithful in their marriage… i would be surprised if that child was even his, she’s a master at playing people against each other. The sad fact that she believes that she is actually the sexiest person in the world.. but lets be real she’s there plainest person i have ever met, the only people who are interested in her is National Geographic for the size of her loose p*ssy.

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