Father of the Year Jack Marshall

December 9, 2013 Houston, Texas 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Father of the Year Jack Marshall and deep sea pretender left his family for a 50 year old Grand mother skank he met on plenty of fish. Abandoned his Wife and two Kids left them with no Food Water or Electricity. The Family Home was foreclosed on a month ago and his recent visit to Court was found hot for Cocaine and Marijuana and has lost visitation. And also has been treated for Go**hea…He is now banging another Houston dirty post Awesome Mom Crack Whore and c*m dumpster Jillian Binford,they make a great couple.. Girls he is a real catch !!

Must be hard being such a deadbeat.- nik

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Desmond Moses

December 4, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Desmond Moses. We were occasional fuck buddies throughout high school. We hooked up a couple times throughout my first 2 years of college, he has this girlfriend who he claims to love but its too bad he has fcked half of Madison High School. His girlfriends a fcking idiot and pathetic for staying with him. He is very manipulative and tells girls anything to keep them as fck buddies. He thinks he is hot shit and he is not. Ladies be careful around this one. He is cute but he will fck anything with legs.

I’d stop that trend.  Its both embarrassing and illegal.- nik

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Addicted Mother

December 2, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Katie or Kathryn Shull or as she likes to say “Kathryn Palmer” even tho she isn’t even married to my brother Jake is a poor excuse as a mother she’s a worthless piece of shit she was at my house November 24 and told me herself she was high on drugs that she bought with my grandmothers money she was nodding out with her child in her arms while she was giving him a bottle she fell asleep and he started choking on his bottle I had to take him from her and stop him from choking to death she proceeded to get more fcked up then her and Jake started verbally attacking me my m and my 72 year old grandmother calling us cunts saying my moms a bad mom then tried to fight me I have it all on film she doesn’t remember any of it she claims point is this bitch is driving around with her child on drugs she’s an unfit mother she gets high everyday around her newborn I want EVERYONE in San Antonio to know what a piece of shit this bitch really is she even said my child is fine when I’m high he’s only 3 weeks old it’s not like he’s going to remember lol whatever hoe your a trick ass bitch that deserves to get exposed I hope you see this too hahahah! Later hoe

Send in the film, addicts need an honest look in the mirror.- nik

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Cristina The Fat Boy

November 26, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Her name is Cristina Rodriguez, She has been with this guy for about 2 years, each time I will visit her, she would be doing the same thing be fat & dirty, playing zombies all day and night getting high smoking her boyfriends weed. She just uses him for her weed & money and to stink up his place. Sucks for him because he has to deal with her stink. UGH every time she would move she will smell like ass & dirty wett rag vagina everywhere. She wouldn’t take showers at all, she would go to school smelling like a wet fish thats been beaten by a can of old beans. Her apartment is so dirty, she wouldnt even cook for her poor husband that works all day to support her fat ass. ON top of that, her attitude is so nasty, She trys to fit in so bad that at the end we all have laughed at her from the backs, we tryed to keep it cool, she claims to be right all the time, Acts like shes on top, when i heard all the people that go over only use her for her weed, thats why i would go which was only 5 times cause she got really annoying and nasty and everybody knows it. Some one once had found her dirty underwear in her apartment and they were so stained with yellow and brown stains, they were so crusted eww.

How does one only milk out their face like that?- nik

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Get you Drunk and then Tries to Sleep With You

November 18, 2013 Houston, Texas 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Zeb real name Aurangzeb Mahmud from pakistan who also co-owns Lounge 147. where do i start.. lets see the buisness was started with 2 partners ans as soon as the buisness picked up he kicked his partner out and converted the club into more of a brothel… yes nik you can actually go to this bar and rent a bed over there and the worst part is that they don’t id and have been caught serving to underage girls who they can fck after they loose their seances.. he have a horney asian (Trung MrVibe Nguyen) who help him with the club and this guy can literally fck anyone…yes i mean anyone nik.. they sleep with different women everyday but the girls don’t know what they are gonna get from them once they are done… all they tell them is that they own the place and use it as a leverage to fck them.. the place is open till 5 in the morning… they all sit in there and drink and make money of renting that room… please spread the work as i have been a victim..

The clothes are still on, they were just there for the free alcohol.  I decided.- nik

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Twin City Biggest Sloot

November 12, 2013 Houston, Texas 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Heydee Rauda Biggest Sloot In Rosenberg Tx . This girl here will do anything just for some pills or any other drugs. This dumb little girl is only 17 years old but acts like shes big shit when in reality she gets beat up allllllll the time. This bitch is complete trash shes a bar head and head hunter . She is no goood she just likes attention . She will f*** anything that has something between there legs haha she probably already has a diease not to mention poor girl treats her parents like trash after they do so much for her . She did drugs and dranked while she was pregnant and now she doesn’t even watch her baby alll she worried about is sex and drugs poor hoodrat from Rosenberg . I doubt anyone from Rosenberg will say anything nice about this chick . Tell me what yall think?

Those stripes should be straight.- nik

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Forgy Boy

October 21, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Charlie Resendez and what he does is use men for sex and money. He will be sending his pics all over SA. Once he gets to meet you he will tell you all you want to hear and then once you help pay his bills and has sex w you he leaves you. He’s dirty and a gold digger. He shouldn’t be trusted cuz he will sleep with your friends and friends.

It seems that men of any sexuality are easily persuaded by sex….who’da thunk.- nik

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Babysitter For a Low Life

October 21, 2013 Austin, Cougars, Texas 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: My brother-in-law has a rap sheet a mile long, esp w/drugs. So what does he do? He marries wife #1 and uses her for room and board while he becomes a chemist at UT…recipe for disaster. I know him, I begged my husband to through his disgusting ass out. This is how he ended up moving in with wife number 1 since he knows how to turn on the charm. After he gets his degree (no he is not dumb) he needs to dump nice girl and find the slut he really has been dreaming of. So he dumps the pretty Christian girl who would do anything for him and finds the porn star of his dreams. She dresses so slutty I don’t want my pre-teen sons around her. She looks like a common whore. Even her wedding dress was an embarrassment. The first wife tried to keep his interest, but most of the time he prefers whacking off in front of the computer. Enter second wife, much older and tougher, but she can afford to pay all his bills since he can’t seem to keep a job, between his attitude and his criminal record.
I have a feeling wife #2 will be back out on the market in Austin quite soon. Chances are he will be looking for sugar momma #3 soon. She loves doing things like mud running and drinking. He loves drinking and any drug he can get a hold of, but he can be very good at hiding it. I think she (Mony) short for Monica Garcia Valdez Helgesen, I guess she is on husband number 3. As soon as she finds out how bad he is, she will probably have to be looking for a fourth last name.

I don’t understand how people wife up living on a couch, or who’d want to.- nik

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