Mercy Mercedes

September 23, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 79 11,689 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I start this girl is name Mercedes (mercy) she is a big hoe and is real easy to fuk she will do whatever to get drugs from you especially pills oh she loves pills she’s always out like if she has no kids to take care of she has no custody of her son the dad took him away cause he knew what type of person she was. So now she just has her daughter but not even at that she hardly ever has her cus she’s always out getting drunk and pilled out on bars,somas,oxy u name it she’s done them all why do u think she’s so thin cus she’s hooked on drugs. She have my homeboy an *** so guys beware of this hoe when you fck her she will give you an *** like she did to my homeboy this chick is sick she thinks she’s the center off attention bitch pls your pussy stinks like something died in there gross nick will you? Look at her black armpits nasty

She needs to settle down on the curls.- nik

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Slooty Mom

September 19, 2013 San Antonio, Texas, Would You? 85 12,861 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is stephine paiz u can see more of her on facebook if u just go and add her.will shes a hoe she likes to fck anything that comes her way.she will even do a chick.she does have a daugther dont really know to much about her kid ,but i know that she does see everything stephine does thats just nasty.i heard that he had small ass tits and she was unhappy with them … there so goes getting them done.spending money on that then to spen money on her daugther what a fcken bitch,but she loves to put dick in her ass she loves to suck dick and pssy.. so if u are looking for someone to do that to you look her up on facebook . will what do u think?

+2′s should come with a work-out plan.- nik

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Keeping Austin Trashy

September 18, 2013 Austin, Texas 2 6,349 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I love all the progress in austin but what the hell happened to the warehouse district? It used to be classy but now its being run over by this kind of scum.I guess even with all the new people moving here there are still going to be hoodrats allowed in decent areas. Especially this crowd YIKES (exception of the girl on the far left shes a sweetheart but is probably on drugs).

No exceptions…they need to implement a no hipster dress code and cap the # of people per bottle at tables.  10 guys pitching on 1 bottle is not acceptable.- nik

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Val Kolton

September 16, 2013 Hollywood, Texas 0 6,111 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Val Kolton the owner of V-moda a big headphone company has drd… I found his valtrex. Haha Val uses Valtrex. Thank god I didnt contract it. But a headsup girls dont sleep with this guy without a condom or just not at all. And Val , dont lie….. and stop putting other peoples health at risk. drd is not something you can just cure, its serious.

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Naked Photo Collage Disaster

September 13, 2013 Austin, Texas 1 10,680 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: You think educated women with goals would stop being so desperate as to sending mass emails of naked pictures to randoms, think again. I guess being a nasty c*nt will indefinitely end up getting your grandma tits and overly tanned freckle factory smokers body online. Her favorite is slogan “keep it classy” I think Keep it Krusty works out much better.

Lets get a name and face to match this aged leather, shouldn’t be to hard with that tat.- nik

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The Storm

September 11, 2013 Dallas, Texas 17 6,294 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Chandler Soderstrom aka Storm. Storm is a good nickname too because this guy causes catastrophe every where he goes. He was a drug dealer at Insomnia and a BAD one. He thinks he is better than everyone else and that isnt an understatement. He truly believes he is the king. He is supposed to take anti-psychotic medicine but he didn’t he became a bartard and threatened everyone of his “friends” lives. He was hit in the face by more than one girl at Insomnia for being the loser he was. He tried to play all kinds of girls tho it caught up to him quick. He spent all his money on bars and then forgot and tried to accuse everyone else of stealing his money. Then he tried selling FLOUR! He lied to the guy he got his stuff from and got his “brother” beat up. He cheated on literally every girl he dated. In the first picture he is on steroids. The second picture too much meth. He stole his girlfriends money and car and wrecked it after wrecking his own car. He talked shit about everyone he knew then acted like they were best friends. If you ever met him you would see right through his bs although too many people didn’t. What do you think about this one Nik?

First pic is before he started attending raves.- nik

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Julian the Snitch

September 11, 2013 Houston, Texas 0 9,016 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Julian Karim is an  + snitch who sets up deals for people to buy drugs from him, then the cops get them. He’s cooperating with the cops because he got busted with drugs awhile back. He offers really low prices to get you to lower his sentence. He also knows of his **V status and brags about sleeping with girls unprotected. Watch out for this one, ladies! He also loves to dance, and I’ve been told he contracted the H** from his dance partner

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Shea another Dallas Sloot

September 10, 2013 Dallas, Texas 48 9,496 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch named Shea Weber is a stripper in Dallas at what use to be called Jaguars or the Garden of Eden.. She is the mother of 2 kids and is snorting coca*ne and a whole bunch of other things while f*cking all kinds of things. She goes around Dallas thinking she is Hott Shit.. Nik what do you think? I am just confused as to why this chick thinks she is sooo pretty. Personally, I think she should save up every penny from the pole and go get some work done..

Its cause old guys are willing to give her money, she’s let it get to her head.- nik

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