Mizz Saggy

October 18, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl EMILY OCHOA likes to leave here 2 daughter’s at home while always going out she is known as the big saggy titt* whore in many bars/clubs. She has fu**** so many guys from many bars and still counting not carring if they married or in a relationship.She claims to be real but reality shes real dirty just about it she works at a hotel which she has used them rooms for early morning booty calls so girls when you see this rat at the bars watch out this 5 head will try to snatch your man. Who likes them saggy?

There’s a lot of flap in those jacks.- nik

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Krisa Faye

October 15, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing one of San Antonio’s nastiest hookers for hire. Her name is Krisa Faye. When I met her she claimed she worked for underground poker games as a waitress but I soon found out that she was actually a paid hooker for these “underground poker games”. She said she gave old guys at these games “massages” and they paid her $100 for ten minutes but I found out later from her friend who also works at these games as a waitress that she gives blowjobs or whatever those old nasty men want at these games to make easy tips. And I believe it because the first night we hungout at my place she went down on me and it was good except that her big crooked horse teeth kept biting me the whole time. She needs to use some of that tip money that she gets to give old men blowjobs and get braces on those crooked teeth. After she fcked me and let me c*m in her mouth I ignored her bc she started acting crazy and blowing up my phone and claiming she was pregnant even though she wouldnt take a pregnancy test so I blocked her number. So guys be careful if you run into this one.

I could only imagine the lax rules of an underground game.  for masseuses that is.- nik

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Sloppy Loriboo

October 2, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl calls her self loriboo…shes the bigest slut in the westside she has 3 kids by 3 different guys…she loves to steal husbands and ruin marriages she the ugliest whore in the westside…never can keep a man homewrecken bitch doesnt give a f*ck if she ruins a family cause shes really looking for someone to play daddy to her kids

That hearts tattooed in the wrong place…- nik

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Husband Stealer

October 2, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is jamie obaya…shes a husband stealer…this slut doesnt care that her so called bf isaac carrillo is married with a family plus a baby on the way…she nothing but an ugly whore who needs to wash her armpits…she needs to stay away from stealing other girls husbands shes a homewrecken hoe has different baby daddys probably doesnt even know who her kids fathers are, she lives in a dump her house is nasty…instead of boppin head she should fix and clean her house nasty bitch!!!

I don’t know whats worse, the baby belly or messy house.  Neither will win you a baby momma title.- nik

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Follow Train Flake

October 1, 2013 Houston, Texas 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: joshua corley is a try-too-hard, wannabe legend at tx state university.. often tweeting with the hashtag of #txstfollowtrain, he buys his followers on twitter as he sits at home in houston because he was KICKED OUT of college. he’s obnoxious and an arrogant egomaniac. there’s an emotional void in his life he fulfills with store bought friends, shirtless selfies, and his obsession with flashing his trust fund to everyone hoping people will like him and he’s more susceptible to getting laid by freshmen and social networking catfishes. he’s 5 feet tall with a cute ass dog but small dick.. don’t fall for this lame-o ladies, he’s a SCRUB and COMPULSIVE LIAR.. nik this guy needs to be humiliated and humbled

We got a match!  he looks much more innocent with a shirt on, they shoulda flashed the bottom pics on air.- nik

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Still At It

September 26, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 128

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik apparently dirty Chris is still out there trolling and terrorizing San Antonio women on CL. He posted a new ad saying he’s into BBW now cause apparently all the other women are onto his game. Funny thing is he is calling himself CJ now cause even his name is notorious with the CL crowd and you know that is saying something. After I found out who CJ really was I told him I wasn’t interested. He still e-mailed me incessantly till I agreed to call him (my number blocked thank goodness which was even his suggestion) for him to apologize to me since he constantly is insulting people left and right. He apologized and actually tried to have a conversation with me but I wasn’t feeling it. He e-mailed me the next day begging me to call him cause he wanted to talk. When I did he asked me to come over and when I wouldn’t he threatened me with posting fake ads about me on CL! Now that I have told him off he keep e-mailing me insulting and threatening me. He even threatened to post something about me on here. Nik help but this pyscho in check and help putting the women of SA on high alert against creepers like him!!
Put some pants on Robin!- nik

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Mercy Mercedes

September 23, 2013 San Antonio, Texas 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I start this girl is name Mercedes (mercy) she is a big hoe and is real easy to fuk she will do whatever to get drugs from you especially pills oh she loves pills she’s always out like if she has no kids to take care of she has no custody of her son the dad took him away cause he knew what type of person she was. So now she just has her daughter but not even at that she hardly ever has her cus she’s always out getting drunk and pilled out on bars,somas,oxy u name it she’s done them all why do u think she’s so thin cus she’s hooked on drugs. She have my homeboy an *** so guys beware of this hoe when you fck her she will give you an *** like she did to my homeboy this chick is sick she thinks she’s the center off attention bitch pls your pussy stinks like something died in there gross nick will you? Look at her black armpits nasty

She needs to settle down on the curls.- nik

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Slooty Mom

September 19, 2013 San Antonio, Texas, Would You? 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is stephine paiz u can see more of her on facebook if u just go and add her.will shes a hoe she likes to fck anything that comes her way.she will even do a chick.she does have a daugther dont really know to much about her kid ,but i know that she does see everything stephine does thats just nasty.i heard that he had small ass tits and she was unhappy with them …..so there so goes getting them done.spending money on that then to spen money on her daugther what a fcken bitch,but she loves to put dick in her ass she loves to suck dick and pssy.. so if u are looking for someone to do that to you look her up on facebook . will what do u think?

+2′s should come with a work-out plan.- nik

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