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Kendall Jones Is Not Doing ANYTHING Wrong

July 8, 2014 Dallas, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas-AM, The Dirty 1291



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone is outraged by Texas Tech University Kendall Jones’ hunting of exotic animals… But what she is doing is legal and I have no clue why everyone that has NO CLUE what is going on, is going crazy on the internet about her.  I wanted to get your opinion on her and if the LEGAL activities she is doing, are wrong?

Did she really have to pick up the dead animal she killed?- nik

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Cheating A-hole

January 13, 2014 Texas Tech 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: He loves to play the game but hates getting caught. But it happens all the time because he is so stupid about it. He is engaged to a girl named Kelsey Gentry and he has already cheated on her in the month that they have been engaged. He loves going after younger, unsuspecting girls with low self esteem and he also loves to ruin lives. his baby mama moved away while she was pregnant because she couldn’t take anymore of his bullshit. Don’t trust this scum bag!

Musta needed a place to stay.- nik

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Greg Mathisen from Callahan is Missing a Chromosone

December 17, 2013 San Antonio, Texas Tech 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Greg Mathison is one of the BIGGEST compulsive liars I have EVER met! Aside from his compulsive lies, he likes to gloat and brag about a life… well… the one he truly think he has, but after knowing him all of these years, it seems he may be living in the past or has created this delusional life he wishes he had. In reality, he has two friends. 1 He calls D-Rek; a 21 year old kid that is currently in jail for violation of his DWIs & probation. His 2nd friend is Carl, who Greg hid behind his computer and completely cyber-bullied over social media for being such a looser. He enjoys calling everyone that do not believe his bullshit either coke heads, they are broke and not good enough or wealthy enough to be in his “high-society” level. Example: (These are his exact words) “Kristin Lambert is a big time coke head & many other drugs, but ONLY wishes that I was her boyfriend! I never even slept with her! She’s ugly, her teeth are funny looking. Frank (her husband) thinks I’m the most awesome dude in the world! She tried to hook up with me to make him jealous bc I’m like a God to him, but I rejected her & she threw a fit & all kinds of hell bc I rejected her. She is crazy & obviously still obsessed with me like crazy & jealous of all the things I have & she’s not part of it!” “Baily J. has a crazy crush on me. She had her chance along time ago, but she’s not in my league.” Corpus Guy (Ruben) & his gay-ass based model C-Class Mercedes! I posted pics of my Nike on the steering wheel like he did to make fun of him, but I was in a much more expensive Benz than his & that he could never afford.” “Sasha Sash is a faggot with that name and looks like a pug-nosed dog with crack-head teeth.” I apologize to whoever these people are, but these are is words. I will happily post screenshots bc he will lie about it bc that’s what he’s best at. If you haven’t experienced his insane stalking and messaging, just ask a pretty girl and I guarantee they will show you. It scared the shit out of me just reading it! Brother needs some serious therapy… Aside from his compulsive stalking and lying, he LOVES to brag about himself, well technically his families accomplishments that somewhere in his warped mind, he truly believes are his they are his own. During one of his rants on FB, trying to gloat how much better he is than anyone, it went verbadem like this; “Me (Greg): Mechanical engineer and many other skills (AKA: fixes/Sales cars at Auto Nation) LOL, Dad: PHD. Chemical & Petroleum engineer, president & CEO of UDRI Partners w/ MC. Dean & president of the college of engineering TX AM Kingsville for 35 yrs. Oldest Brother: Medical surgeon his wife attorney at law. 2nd brother: electrical engineer, wife CPA accountant. Youngest brother: chemical engineer, wife surgical practitioner. It cracks me up that all his boasting has really nothing to-do with him. Congrates to his family for all his family for their accomplishments but I wonder it he even realizes these are not his. LMAO Like I said, this guy is so freaking delusional, he probably thinks he has accomplished all of the things. The amount of lies that come out of his mouth are unreal! Well at least the words you can understand. When he starts bragging or lying, you can’t understand a lot he is saying. And don’t you dare try to say anything positive about anyone, bc he will immediately belittle who you are talking about and begin to start telling you some dumb story about how he did it some how and WAY better! I’m still unsure how he’s managed to turn 40 when he was just 36 last year, become a surgeon, supply ALL of the water to the entire city of Corpus Christi being the City of CC’s water owner, a fireman, a police office and whatever bullshit he has said. Just like his newest photos in FB of him winning the Hawaiian Fishing Tournament when he was here in CC being a car mechanic at Auto Nation. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! I truly think he believes half of bullshit he says out loud and the ones he doesnt remember, he just blames them on someone else not hearing him correctly. He’d probably tell you he was half African American if he wanted to hangout with black friends. LOL I have received so many messages from female friends scared out of their minds of this dude. He obsessively stalks them, drives by their houses in the middle of the night (to the extreme, that I know 2 of them had to get surveillance cameras installed) & both filed Protective Orders against him. All I can say ladies, is “Run!!! Run Far & Fast if this Dude Starts talking to you or hunts you down on social media!!” that is where he typically picks up girls, bc once you meet him in person, you’ll most likely be VERY disappointed. LOL He is the biggest full of shit guy I have ever met! He brags about having his 9 year old daughter, who I know for a fact, he has only seen her twice this year or more. He claims his ex wife & her female family member\’s likes to raise there child on her own without a male influence & he’s respecting her wishes. Please! That is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard! Maybe if he would stop hitting the bars every night and hanging out at high school parties, he’d had more time to see his daughter & not just be child support check. & when I say “high school parties,” I literally mean High School Parties!! This guy is 40 years (he’s not 40; one of the first people I’ve met that actually lie about being older) old and still hanging out & hosting parties at the “bowl” with U-Hauls. Parents reading this… be advised… This creeper will not hesitate stalking your little angels. This dude likes to belittle people, especially people younger than him. I guess it makes him feel like a man. I know for a fact this guy is a petifier, been arrested for DUIs & possession of an illegal firearm. His daughter was actually in town to see him for the first time in a year & he was partying at the beach instead & spent the night in jail for a DUI in Port A rather than hanging with his daughter. Depending who he is hanging out with or who is actually willing to hangout with him, he molds his personality to be able to fit in. He is such a liar and one the most annoying people I have ever had to meet. He wears the same ugly black cowboy hat with that ugly blue and white striped shirt and oversized black blazer. You cant miss him, bc he wears it EVERYWHERE! And he seriously thinks he looks like Tom Cruz. I tried hard to help him out and talk some sense into him, but I seriously think he was dropped on the head too many times a child. Sorry MATHISen, but you have officially fucked with too many of my close friends and need to be called out. NO ONE believes your B.S., they are either just being polite or are that STUPID TOO. Maybe try Luminosity.com…. It is supposed to promising to help with everyday brain functions. Or just stop lying, get your priorities straight, stop talking shit about everyone and maybe, just maybe… people will start believing you. Just my Thoughts…. And if you guys don’t believe me, just go to . That’s his real FB page. You can also find his fake page under Greg Mathisen that he “has no idea about…. LMAO   Maybe use a different name and photos and you wouldn’t get caught. LOL He has so many people that have blocked him from his scary stocking, he needs a 2nd outlet to continue. LOL And no, the last picture is NOT a worm! That is a disgusting zit on his at back someone  popped at the beach that someone sent to me. Freaking Gross! Nothing is grosser than back acne… Maybe some extra showers will help you out with!

Easy Tom Cruise, you drive a mini-van.- nik

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Watch Out for the New Town Girl

November 12, 2013 San Antonio, Texas Tech 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Alexis Schwarz she on her way up to tech because she’s already fcked all of San Antonio! This girl definitely has some daddy issues if she can only feel good about herself while having a cock inside her! Guys watch out for this one she might look cute and innocent but she’s walking around with drds and doesnt give 2 shits if she gives them to YOU!

If only she cropped out that tat.- nik

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Erica Tag Chasing Hernandez

September 13, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Texas Tech 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erica Hernandez just can’t seem to stick to one guy!!! She cheated on her husband multiple times while he was deployed and even in town!!! All she does is flirt with guys and manipulates them to do anything she wants! She’s been with god only knows how many marines on base in 29 palms! Now must admit it was a good time taking advantage of the divorced, “heart broken” vulnerable cheating whore! Poor bastard should of realized ya can’t turn a hoe into a housewife! I’d say we make this tag chasing slut famous! What Do ya say boys?!

Which ones her husband?- nik

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A Hopeless Dallas Case

August 22, 2013 Dallas, Lubbock, Texas Tech 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you gotta help me let Texas tech Greek life how much of a skanky, backstabbing whore kelly berend is.. first of all, she will use and abuse every guy she can get her hands on and fcks with their head first chance she gets. she’ll let things get serious then let the mind fcking begin.. once she’s in your head she’ll proceed to tell you she loves you and the next day ignore the shit out of you. she’s a whore mainly because of how she hops from dick to dick at all the frat parties she goes to. she tries to put off a good girl image to all her sorority sisters in alpha chi omega but I think I’m the only one who truly knows the skank this bitch is. one example to prove this is how her roommate second semester was hooking up with a guy that she apparently was interested in, first chance she got she asked him to hangout while her roommate was out of town and the guy and kelly were dating within a week. she’s a backstabbing whore… she also has been known to be the woman for the game stone face at multiple frat parties. that’s where she would be under the table of 6 frat guys with no underwear or pants and she would take turn giving head to each one and the guys would try figuring out which one kelly was sucking. if the guy was called out, he would then have to take a shot. this game usually ended with kelly sucking and fcking each guy one by one, or on the nights things would get shitty, all at once. lubbock needs to know the truth about this skank Nik please help me out!

That game sounds forgy.- nik

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Heritage Hoodrats

July 24, 2013 San Antonio, Texas Tech 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nikki these girlz deserve to be on the dirtyest of san Antonio the one on the left jazmin also known as asiaNaii Diamond or heritage sluttest she is the biggest whore she fcked almost every guy in san antonio she even fcked my baby daddy and tryed to say she didnt she the life of the party she has a daughter who she doesn’t take care of leaves her at home just to go fck a guy she fcks all day she smells like fish and is so ghetto has manly Tatoos abd thinks shes so hot she fat and thinks her as is so fat but its saggy and flat she talks so trash and she always has to jock everyones style she was a Stripper at 16yrs old she claims to be the hardest bitch out thier but we all know itz all a front if u have money and ur a guy shes guna fuk u give her alcohol and your going to get pssy for sure the girl in the pink shirt is Alexis diamond also known as chickes or diamond she is the biggest back stabber alive she claims to be the realest bitch but shes the fakest she use ppl for money or anything she can use u for she is the biggest undercover whore out thier she doesn’t have a home so she uses her boyfriend to have a home she is so broke that she makes people feel bad for her so they give her stuff niki i gave this whore a place to live and she still fcked me over u cant trust her she will steel and fck anything that walks

Stripper??? How on earth did she land that gig.- nik

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Nalga Surprise

July 16, 2013 Miami, Texas Tech, Would You? 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is NADIA PARFENOVA A nasty girl who wears so much makeup her face looks orange. She’s overweight but tells everybody she’s skinny. She sees herself as a super model Always having sex for pleasure with almost every guy in Town She is a Nasty girl got naked at the beach because she enjoys when everyone is watching her Nasty girl squirts massively while tied up … Met Her In a Club After I went back to her Place to have SEX She doesn’t like condoms or want to use them I got some drdS from this BITCH Right After I found out she was ‘improperly arrested’ after ‘throwing bong out window’ and for PROSTITUTION … She’s addicted to he*oin OMG What should I do Nicky?

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