Texas Tech | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Don’t Trust Noelle Fanning

July 15, 2013 San Antonio, Texas Tech 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: meet Meagan Noelle Fanning, recently she moved back to San Antonio after breaking up with a boy named aaron well she used to be a cke whore so naturally no one fukin trusted her nor wanted to talk to her I was very disappointed when friends of mine trusted her and took her in I begged my friend to just let her be Noelle has a way of letting her vagina find her a place to stay ,food to eat,a car to drive but everyone seemed to seriously think she did some like 360 with her life and of course gave the damn hoe the benefit of the doubt and let her stay with them of course wherever Noelle goes drama follows so not long after my friend called said he had to defend her from some family she had ruined apparently she had been having sex with some married loser,caused a bunch of drama course! even after all this I told my friend to stop talking to her that whether or not she did this or that no matter what shed bring drama around and then she met some random fuking freak at some bar and went home with him lol he apparently thinks hes a vampire and she lets him abuse her theyre all obsessed with the whole fifty shades of gray sex style so now shes happily on her knees a sex slave (literally what he calls her) serving her master lol where she honestly belongs if you know Noelle at all youd agree she was born to be in slave position nothing more not even her own family really keeps in touch with her everyones so disappointed with who she is even me a really long time ago when I actually liked her it gets worse with every new guy she starts sleeping with ) (prob back when she was with aaron) she was cool but when you grow up you learn not to trust hoes and thank sweet baby jesus my friend has stopped talking her I commend him on that . so basically if you meet this guy don’t trust her !

She musta been on sale.- nik

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Pretty Little Liar

June 28, 2013 San Antonio, Texas Tech 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Rebecca Hendrix is a complete liar. I don’t know how many times a soul can constantly lie before they dig themselves so deep in a hole not even the lord could forgive her. She claims to be a “professional Kick boxer” and moved to TX from Russia. Looking at your body, i doubt you train or workout like a professional. This little girl so more Hispanic than anything. Not once has she ever spoken Russian. Keep an eye out for this one. You claim to be a saint, and you’re young, neither are traits that I hold in high regard. Just remember honey, sometimes you have to learn how to open your mouth for more than just giving head.

Not a chance with flap jacks..- nik

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This Is What A Slore Looks Like

May 17, 2013 Chicago, Texas Tech 25

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the worst human being i have ever had to share space with. she is a liar, a cheater, a slut, a supper bitch, and worst of all has the maturity of a new born… aka shes a child. she decided to ruin a 3 year relationship all because i didn’t take her side on all the stupid bull shit she loves to do or complain about. she even admitted that she knew she was being outrageous but said she just cant help it ……(WHAT THE FCK) and after i caught her she was like and i quote ” see this is why i don’t tell you things because you always get mad”. that was her excuse for why she did it she basically let me know that because i never wanted her to hang with guys or to indulge in there advances that it was her duty to just lie and hide it and then once she cheated because of it she was like i didn’t think it would go that far i just wanted the attention PAUSE!!!!! i gave the bitch all of my attention she just got bored and moved on but still wanted to be with me the bitch is crazy she has no house training and was brought up by idiots to be an idiot im not sure she will ever get married if a guys sees this side of her and if she dose hid it i feel bad for the guy because after the cuteness wears off all is left is childish crazy selfish bitch and guess what these pic where never for me there just pics she had left over form sending them to ex’s but she lied and said she threw them out. well now i hope the whole world sees.

At least she was nice about it….- nik

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Help Me Find This Girl

March 20, 2013 Dirty Greeks, Texas Tech 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this picture of this girl that goes to Texas Tech on TFM, but it doesn’t say her name. (She’s the one with leopard ears) HELP ME FIND HER!!!

Why do you wanna chase chicks from the softball team, possibly wrestling.- nik

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Matt Helton From Little Girls To Boys

February 26, 2013 Dallas, Texas Tech 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Matt Helton he sexually assaulted my niece and was arrested last year for the charge. She was too young and naive to see through his bullshit. Hes now doing gay porn under the name Matt Wood for citiboyz. This disgusting confused faggot should go no where in life for what hes done to everyone. I’ve put his citiboyz pics and mug shot over his sexually assault arrest on here, so he cant lie his way out of this one.

LG’s are a transition phase for forgy’s.  They have the most boy’ish features.- nik

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Revenge Of The Blondes

February 25, 2013 Austin, Texas Tech, The Dirty 402

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik Richie, we are tired of you and your Dirty Army losers always trying to degrade girls who have blonde hair, big boobs, nice sexy lips and bodies to die for. Here is a thing for you MORON, you are your losers in the Dirty Army call these stunners, trannys, porn stars, escorts, trailer trash etc. But the real factor here Nik, is none of these losers on your Dirty Army could even come close to date one. IF they were escorts as you and your losers claim: A) They would not have the time. B) They would not have the money, that includes you, MORON. Then of course, besides the male losers sitting in their mamas basements, jerking off to these babes they will never have, there is the female contingent of your failing Dirty Army. These are usually filthy fat bastards, with unshaven twats, smelly fat asses and never been laid in their lives. These are just jealous angry girls, who dream of being like these BIKINI models and the likes. Now on to you Nik. You are the biggest moron of the bunch. You allow these idiots, or your minions to post such crap and yet you, married a crackhead, SHAYNE LAMAS. Right? Yes, I’m right. My dear Nik, when the blondes have got their verbal revenge and verbal assault on you and your losers at the dirty army, you will all be nothing but piles of quivering flesh in your mamas basements. Betcha you wont have the balls to post this on the Dirty, you coward so already round one goes to the blondes. Reply my dear, cant wait for your pathetic response. Tata sweetness….MAUH

I’m a Moron yet you took 23 minutes out of your life to submit this. How much money did you just make me because I’m sure you made ZERO… dumb ass blonde.- nik

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The True Joey Sevart Story

February 13, 2013 Austin, Dallas, Dirty Army Strong, Texas Tech, The Dirty 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so here is Joey Sevart or “Boston Sevs” he is on parol in Lubbock but has his fake facebook saying he lives in Austin so his parol officer doesn’t find it. I saw a post a guy in Lubbock posted on FB and thought this was a post I had to make on here. He has a habit of getting close to people and ratting them out for anything he can so he doesnt have to go back to prison. He ratted out some high level MEXICAN MAFIA guys a while ago and when confronted about it said F*ck them I run West Texas!!! He goes out all the time to bars and different cities that would break his parol but some how never gets in trouble??? I wonder how he gets away with that? RAT Maybe?? Honestly I don’t care about that I am mad at how he beats up girls on the REG and gets away with it!!! He is very possessive and freaks out on girls if they dont do exactly what he says. Any man who beats up girls is a piece of shit! Enough said!!! P.S> If you would like to find Joey he hangs out at Chimy’s and Confrence and drives a new black four door Mercedes….and he doesnt go to the depot because he is scared to run into people he ratted on.

Joey Sevart sounds like an undercover cop.- nik

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Fatty Homewrecker

February 12, 2013 San Antonio, Texas Tech 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, There is this fat whore I work with, who just needs someone to open her fcking eyes to see how much fucked up in the role of life! She used to be one of thoses hottopic losers who taught she was the shit, until high school was over, thats right bitch, its time to grow the fuck up and stop acting like a fcking butch who wants to be one of the guys, yet god gave you a pussy ha ha. I hate to break it to you sweety, your just a fcking fat slut. cking a bar tender? thats cute, i like how the fact that hes married and has a kid, FCKED UP RIGHT? Hope the dude who’s fcking her reads this you’re fcking filth dude, and I hope you see that shes just a fcking fat toy who needs a cock to shut her ass up. Don’t give a fuck what people think?Then stop crying over shit you hypocrite, and look at your self in the mirror til you cant stand it , and just fcking end your life. You got Harlots breath, that shit is forever. ON BLAST!

What is that, a lazy-boy?- nik

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