Texas Tech | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Beautiful Tech Athlete

July 16, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Texas Tech, The Dirty 10

Beautiful Tech Athlete

Beautiful Tech Athlete

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Texas Tech tennis player is an all-around beauty. Beautiful natural blonde hair and smile (with dimple) that attracts any guy she wants. She’s not “sexy” beautiful, but just all around very cute, fun, nice, and classy. A perfect girl for a guy to bring home to meet his mother.

Her body looks her age, but her face not so much. If I had to rate her she would be a 5.887281 in my book. Definitely not worth giving her my throat cream.- nik

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Shaila The Mongrel

June 25, 2012 Austin, Texas Tech 2

Shaila the mongrel Throat Clobber'er

Shaila the mongrel Throat Clobber'er

Shaila the mongrel Throat Clobber'er

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me break it down for you, this “woman” is Shaila Reyna, she lacks self-respect, values, and she is a shameless pig. Did I mention she is a pathetic wh*re that has absolutely no chance at having a man interested in her, so she settles and now she is dating a convicted child molester. Even after having proof that this guy not only plead guilty to raping a 5 year old; but also is a wife beater. That didn’t stop her r even give her concern. She is the nastiest, bad-built b*tch, I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. She has no sense of boundaries or pride, it SHOWS- she walks around in sweats all day. That is when she isn’t going through her dude’s ex-wife’s clothes, and wearing things that she trashed as she-dropped everything and left his sorry *ss, after finding out about his past. Every guy that has even f*cked this b*tch has said that her snatch smells like a c*m-bucket, and she is only good for blow-jobs and she swallows. So sad, all of her partners have cheated on her, she doesn’t acknowledge that because she can’t find another d*ckhead that would screw her with a rented d*ck. Further Shaila, remains oblivious to the fact that she is nothing more than a bed-warmer, a cheap play-thing to occupy guy’s time- as they wait for a real woman that he would not be ashamed to say he knows, to come along. Really, who the hell wants to spend the time holding together a ground beef p*ssy, in order to have get any pleasure? She actually thinks that she is amazing, but- I mean look at her… if her nasty rancid p*ssy is not bad enough; it might be her caked on 80s eye shadow, that she walks around looking like 20lbs. of sh*t stuffed in a 5lb. bag, maybe her cock-eye and just look at her family. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She has f*cked two guys with DRD, and claims to be a “dancer” sure. She couldn’t be a stripper even if she worked the lunch-time shift with all of the other c-section scars and single moms. It is time to put her sh*t out on front street, so that everyone will know that if you see her coming- run! She is only able to talk sh*t from behind a cracked car window and locked door, because she knows that if a real woman ever gets her hands on her, she would be. Torn limb from limb. Playing house with children that she knows nothing about, and getting in with a f*cked up, incest promoting family- is her life goal. After all, she is not anything more than a practice girl, that no one would ever be dumb enough to invested time, commitment, or more than money to cover the cost at the abortion clinic. She is a trick, a home-wrecker- who has and continues to f*ck anyone that say a nice word to her. Plus, I’m sure the people at the Hospital Texas Tech Health Science Center/UMC she works at or the Church she is “so involved in,” would like a heads up on associating with a baby f*cker’s yeast infected sk*nk, that is so forgettable no-one can remember her name. Nothing but a throatcoat gargling wench. She’s for sure a double bagger- c*maholic!

She must have a really misshaped head, I’m guessing it matches the belly.- nik

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I Just Don’t See It

June 21, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Fort Worth, Texas Tech, The Dirty 12

I just don't see it...

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tracy Stanford. She’s a professional golfer. My friend dated her for awhile and apparently she cheated on my buddy with a couple guys. It totally crushed the guy. I just don’t see the attraction… not even if I douse my eyes with bleach. What do you think Nik? Am I too harsh?

Eli Manning golfs?- nik

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Here Is Proof Kayla Jones Was Cheating

May 9, 2012 Houston, Texas Tech, The Dirty 36

(Click on her face to see her inner Kim Kardashian)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a video of Kayla Marie Jones getting Greg’d down by an unknown club goer while she was in a long term relationship, the girl you made a post about a while back about being a huge sloot and cheating on everyone.  Enjoy.

I can tell by her wrist art she was on drugs.- nik

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Why Are They So Desperate To Get Naked

February 28, 2012 Fort Worth, Texas Tech 2

IS WSHH that desperate

IS WSHH that desperate

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I get it that all the purple crayon loving girls, come on WSHH to become their “candy”. I’m so confused as to WHY these girls think that getting naked for a site called “World Star Hip Hop” would ever make them “famous”.

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More Of A ThornThan A Rose

January 20, 2012 Lubbock, Texas Tech 46

More Of A Thorn, Than A Rose

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rosabel Loya, she may come off as sweet and innocent but is far from it. This girl is one of the manipulative people I have ever met, and has no problem lying to anyone’s face without even batting and eyelash. It’s obvious when she’s lying too, she’ll say something very vague, or immediately tries to call you out and try to take the heat off her. She was cheated on countless times by her ex-boyfriend, the majority of which she has no clue about, but it’s not hard to figure out why he did. The way she talks and flirts with other guys, just one look at her phone and any guy dating her would think she’s cheating on him. You would think she would have learned her lesson the first time, but no she’s doing the same shady and lying games to her current boyfriend just trying to get the attention of other guys because she’s so insecure. The reason why I can think of her not being caught yet is she wised up and finally bought a phone that has a password lock plus the fact that she waits until he’s at work or in class to hit the guy up. This girl has one of the best poor me acts I’ve ever seen. I just feel sorry for her current boyfriend, with all the shady things she does with other guys behind his back without him knowing.

That’s alright, her ‘boyfriend’ (if you can call him that) is using her as a booty call.  Sloots try and take some heat off themselves by saying they are in a relationship.- nik

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New Years Eve 2012 Porta Potty Extravaganza

January 4, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Houston, Porta Potty, Texas Tech, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you’re an avid and envious fan of the Porta Potty lifestyle so check this… someones getting paid to kick off the New Year! Guess mamma needs some new Jimmy Choos! Do you think these girls have what it takes to become permanent fixtures on the Porta Potty express? and would you tag along on these pooper creeper high seas voyages? Be honest.

**There is nothing better than a Porta Potty that has been posted on the site, trying to explain to you in person how she is not one.  Most common answer is… “I don’t sleep with these guys, I just get paid to look good”.  Yes, that might fool your family and boyfriend, but not the Dirty Army.- JV

If I ever buy a boat I want to name it “Porta Yachty”.- nik

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Pepsi Slore

November 25, 2011 Texas Tech 13

Coke Wh*re

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tina Youssef. She is the dirtiest girl you will ever meet. When she isn’t snorting her lines, she is sucking d*ck to get some. You don’t want to know the number of guys she has been with, it might make you vomit. This pepsi wh*re needs to go back to whatever hole she came out of. And can you say “cake face”?

She’s got some big bones which she will fill out.  Her elbows almost as thick as her.- nik

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