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The Next Tranny Manny

November 21, 2011 Hollywood, Las Vegas, Texas Tech, The Dirty 31

The next Tranny Manny

The next Tranny Manny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I’ve been a huge fan for a long time and noticed that “Sasha” the original Tranny Manny has been in hibernation, with that being said, I have a new tranny that should be a Dirty Celeb. This is Audrey “The Star”, he, she, it, or whatever travels back and forth from LA and Vegas posing as a chick, yeah, hard to believe that with a face like that, but people fall for it. Just look at the pictures, no real girl is that fugly. I know 100% that it is a man, I went to school with him back in TX, he sorta just disappeared one day and showed up on your site a while ago. With a little investigation, I found out that he changed his name to Audrey, got the full surgery and now trollops around Vegas and LA trying to be an industry bottle rat. Somehow, someway, he/she/it got hired at a pool couple years ago and is now all over the club scene. Nik, please show Audrey that trannys can’t hide like that way you showed “Sasha”.

Oh My God, I know a Vegas player that hooked up with this DUDE. Awesome!- nik

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I Leave For Boot Camp In 3 Months

November 15, 2011 Texas Tech, The Dirty 18

i leave for boot camp in 3 months amd the girl i love could care less

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need some help and your advice would really help. I’m leaving for boot camp in three months. I’m not all that worried about it I’m excited actually. Of course I’ve had family and friends tell me they don’t want me to go and the normal sobbing, crying, blah blah blah… But the only person I would really care to hear that from no longer speaker to me. She even blocked me off of fb when I told her when I was leaving and that I was going to miss her. Now there’s too much to this story for me to tell you entirely so ill make it short. We lived together for 4 months grew really attached to each other. I would always tell get how much she meant to me and how much I cared for her and she would tell me too. Well things got a little difficult so I moved out and we broke up but continued to talk. When I decided to enlist she heard that I was joining we got back together. But then she started getting really weird, she was ignoring my text, ect. So I didn’t flip out to much cause I didn’t want to be “that guy”. When it got to be about three weeks of her ignoring me I sent her a simple message on fb saying when I was leaving and that even though she was ignoring me I still cared for her and would miss her. Then she sent me a message and said that she still cared for me to and asked when I was leaving for sure. Then she blocked me! I was shocked at first cause I just didn’t know what to think and we haven’t spoken since. Nik what I’m asking is if I should try and talk to her before I leave. I love this girl Nik with everything she’s all I think about. But by her actions is it even worth trying should I just leave it be and let her deal with the guilt or is that why she blocked me cause she couldn’t handle the fact of me leaving. I just don’t know Nik so what would you do. Your advice would really help thanks.

Go find your life and experience what the world has to offer. Your heart will get over this in 15 days once you leave your environment. If this girl really loves you she will wait, but I can tell you from her actions she is planning to move on with someone else. Go serve our country and not serve her (DreamKiller).- nik

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Keely Burke Needs A Reality Check

November 1, 2011 Dallas, Texas Tech 48



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Keely Burke is a super-sl*t who deserves to be put on blast.. so instead of stopping before I start, I just want to tell the world a couple things about this girl. First of all, she will literally have sex with anything that has a penis.. including small horses and in some cases large dogs. If you’re having trouble picking her out in a crowd, she’s the one wearing blue-jean shorts half way up her ass while her cellulite clings to her flabby legs for dear life. If you look closely enough you will see that her wide-set vagina releases toxic/smelly juices that literally erode and eat away her sorry excuse for shorts. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but her teeth are even worse to look at than her disgusting body. I don’t think she’s ever heard of a tooth brush. The gunk and build up on one tooth alone, if scraped off, could feed a small child for days. I could paint an entire wall with the eye-liner she applies in one day. Gross. Nik, can you please tell this girl to close her legs and take a bath? Sincerely, Concerned Citizen.

Keely needs to comb forward with her hair to hide the block.- nik

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Needs A Prayer

October 18, 2011 Lubbock, Texas Tech 9

Needs a Prayer

Needs a Prayer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his girl is Devin Marquez, she goes to school at Texas Tech. This girl dated the guy in this picture for 3+ years and f*cked many others in the process. Nik, this girls thinks that she is God gift and all she does is use people. She sleeps with so many guys but always goes back to this guy to get money or a place to stay or even just to use him for sex. She has giving DRD to many and yet no-one tells her no. She knows that this one dumb*ss will take her to Tech games, take her out of town and spend money that he doesn’t have but he tries to keep up with her needs. Not only but in this next picture is her sister who is so “butch” yet thinks that everyone wants her too. Devin doesn’t even have the nerve to tell her own sister that she is fugly!!!! Nik, do something please!!!!!! Everyone here in Lubbock is fed up with this nasty wh*re.

She needs a napkin.- nik

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Partier Kaime

September 23, 2011 Texas Tech 8

Partier Kaime

Partier Kaime

Partier Kaime

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, look at this young girl. she has style, she has glitz, and got glamour. but some guys say she parties WAY to much. personally i think a girl needs a party side. I’ve met this girl once, and she’s the top 5 hottest chicks in my book. she’s chill, and knows how to have fun!

Your nuts.  Huge teeth and boomerang nose.- nik

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Real Bailey

September 12, 2011 Lubbock, Texas Tech 4

Real Bailey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was just searching through your site, saw a piece about this girl after she got her ass beat, and thought ” She looks like someone did a bad photoshp job on her” sure enough after about 5 min searching her name, I found some fb pics. Her chin isn’t that bad, at least put up her real pics up then let people decide.

This photos still doctored, a close up will show her roughness/Mac force field.- nik

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Its Chewbaccas Look A Like

August 29, 2011 Dallas, Texas Tech 40

It's Chewbacca's look a like

It's Chewbacca's look a like

It's Chewbacca's look a like

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty sl*t is Chandler Keilberg. She is a freshman at Texas Tech and is probably the dirtiest b*tch I’ve ever come in contact with. She cheats on every boyfriend she has and thinks she’s the hottest sh*t thats ever walked the planet. She thinks she’s cool because she goes to the clubs with her fat friend Jen Johnston (as seen on the dirty) and now they’re roomies. I warn anyone who comes in contact with her… DONT. She’s a backstabbing wh*re and doesnt give a f*ck if a guy has a boyfriend or not, she will infect their greg with her nasty cave. She seems like a sweetheart at first but DONT BE FOOLED BY THIS FAKE *SS BITCH!

IT really must be hard to find normal pants when your thighs each weigh 50 tons.- nik 

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Try To Hate On Me

August 24, 2011 Houston, Texas Tech 28

Try to Hate on Me

Try to Hate on Me

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! My Name is Stephanie Strickler and I’m posting to defend myself because some stupid bitch put me on here with funny pictures from my facebook! Those were all just me having fun! I’m fcking smart, sexy, and I’m not a slut! She is just jealous because I stole the man she wanted!! Read this you jealous bitch::: Stephanie Strickler LOVES John Hritcko FOREVER!!! Hahahaha! Yeah We are together and we LOVE each other!!! I’m sexy as hell so everyone can eat their heart out! I KNOW you WOULD Nik!! Sincerely, The Real Stephanie Perez Strickler!

Do you want me to dismiss the fact that you photoshopped your head in to these pics, or is that your natural caked on look.- nik

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