Psycho Marine

July 25, 2013 Marine Corps, San Antonio, UCLA 77 11,755 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy is named Chris Rodriguez he is a psycho path foreal and hes nasty he will snap on you in a sec he needs to b put away!! hes on CL looking for becareful because he seems nice at first then he goes crazy hes just trying to get in ur pants! I posted him on CL Too so i can let the ladies beware of him im sure he has some kind of disease so fyi beware of this psycho path!!! Nik plz let theses ladies know about him!

Is that a flag on his trigger finger…- nik

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The Not So Innocent Alabama Boy

July 24, 2013 Santa Monica, UCLA 22 9,298 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so a couple weeks ago we went to this party and a whole shit fest went down. We met Alexander outside on the balcony and he seemed so innocent and sweet! He moved here from Alabama I think 2 years ago and had the cute accent that made us want to give him a hug. We were so wrong. Behind those innocent eyes and accent was a cruel intentions bitch. Ok so my friend who shall remain nameless might have made out with Alexander’s really good friends boyfriend a few weeks ago at EDC. Alexander’s friend Amanda apparently enlisted Alexander’s help to bring chaos to my friends life. Everyone already had the idea that my friends boyfriend might have experimented with guys in the past but no one had any proof. I thought he was just metro and sensitive. I was so wrong. As the night went on we all got pretty drunk. Alexander kept talking to my friends boyfriend but she told me they were bonding over scuba diving stories. next thing i know I am watching my friends boyfriend sticking his tongue down Alexander’s throat!! A full on make out session in the bathroom!!! My friend starts freaking out and screaming at her boyfriend and Alexander (I can’t repeat what she said). Thats when we all got the biggest shock! Alexander the gay slut smiles and looks at my friend and said ” Doesn’t feel good when your boyfriend makes out with someone else, does it? Best regards from Amanda.” He then calmly walks out and leaves with a friend laughing and screaming “Mission accomplished.” Karma is a bitch. I guess evil really does come in all forms.

I’m confused.- nik

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The Guy with the Porno Tattoos

July 15, 2013 San Diego, UCLA 26 7,374 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik.. Check this guy out, his name is John Cox. he loves the porno girls so much he got Tattoos of them on his arms… LOL

I don’t know whats worse, the work or his commitment.- nik

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What’s With The Caterpillar Eyebrows

June 24, 2013 The Dirty, UCLA 88 87,325 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why do chicks think drawing on caterpillar eyebrows and smoking weed everyday is so cool? I think both are trashy and disgusting.  And shows that this girl has no motivation in life… on a side note Nik, have you ever kissed a girl who is a pothead?  They always have the worst breath.

I always say frenching a stoner is like licking a skunks ass hole.- nik

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Kurt Pinto Is The God Of Vegas

June 17, 2013 Las Vegas, UCLA 27 10,334 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, keeping this short and sweet like Mr. Pinto’s eyebrows… you haters need to stop hating, his girlfriend Chewy isn’t the only one sleeping with people for money.  They are both paid and that is why they are such a great couple when they are together.   Bottom line, money talks and Kirt has it… haters keep hating. – The Vegas God

Pinto you need the attention that bad?- nik

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Apparently Raychiel Really Is The New Bomba

June 13, 2013 The Dirty, UCLA 32 85,655 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik– there is an entire photoshop tag of Raychiel on Tumblr. She is so beautiful before, I have no clue why she feels the need to photoshop her body like that. She claims that she doesn’t photoshop, but you can clearly see the difference between her video stills and pictures… in her Gifs her body is crazy, too… I have no clue if it’s even possible to photoshop a GIF… but clear difference between the video still and photoshopped picture!!! Also, she was posted on Atlnightspots and commenters found her before youtube videos where she had no figure at all–so she possibly has had surgery–now those videos have been suddenly removed from her account.

Looks like another LIAR like Bomba. Take the pillows out of your hips.- nik


Raychiel Is The New Bomba

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Raychiel Is The New Bomba

June 12, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 36 83,366 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik– this is Raychiel she has a huge Tumblr fan base and claims she is not photoshopped nor has she had surgery. She posted gifs and a few videos to prove it, supposedly. She is only 21 and I think she’s pretty and her body is crazy if it’s real.  Tell me she does not remind you of Bomba?

I think her parts are real. Work it Black Bomba.- nik

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Giovanni Armani Ultimate Joke

May 30, 2013 San Francisco, UCLA 45 6,866 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Giovanni Armani Franklin. AKA @arm***ciouss @Gi***A66 he likes to jack off to little girls pictures and stalk people online. He commits all kinds of stalking crimes by stealing facebook pictures and pretending to be a hacker. He lives in a cheap apartment yet claims to be a millionaire, he has no job or friends except the ones in his head. He spends all his time with his drunk ass mom waiting for his 60 year old fiancée to come home. He claims to be a model but I went to high school with him and him and his family are all poor!!! Nik why do these creepy gays like to stalk people? Does he look like a millionaire to you?

Is this some more of his ‘published’ work?- nik

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