Giovanni Armani Orange

May 20, 2013 San Diego, Santa Rosa, UCLA 57 8,015 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Giovanni Armani Franklin. He has been featured here before I am almost sure of it. This freak likes to harass people online and pretend he is a super model. He likes to photoshop pics of himself in different places. He claims to have 15 modeling contracts with top modeling agencies. Especially Armani. Yet has NO photos to prove it except selfies in his cheap tiny bathroom .He claims he did a Dolce & Gabbana shoot but clearly it is him in his bathroom! His Instagram is full of the most ridiculous tags ever like- #PhuckYoFresh_ – #YuMad- #Haters-He claims to be rich yet he is truly broke and his dead beat dad drives a city truck in Inglewood and his mom is a white trash drunk that he KISSES ON THE MOUTH! Ew… He left Illinois after crying in the deans office in his orange crocs cause nobody liked hi, he terrorizes people on twitter and claims to be a multi millionaire yet lives in shitty apartments in Santa Rosa California. He fcks a 60 year old man( shown below) He brags that his Liberace fake rings are diamonds and nobody can be on “his level” cause He is “about that life”, This poor alien looking freak needs to get a life. He likes to stalk anyone that exposes his truths and needs a reality check. According to him speaking ones mind is illegal and he will sue everyone that calls him on his shit! Nik does this look like a top Armani model to you?

Nope, sounds like a cover, dudes a sugar chaser.- nik

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Carly Francavilla Is For Real

May 19, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 143 86,905 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I looked for Carly Francavilla on instagram and saw her pictures and was in awe of how pretty this girl is…. She is pretty much perfect! What do you think?

I like how she doesn’t eat.- nik


Hottie Carly Francaville

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Classic American Slore

May 7, 2013 Anaheim, UCLA 2 10,611 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jacklyn Suzan Pritzl is probably one of the biggest disgraces of our generation. Not only is she a fake a** B***h, she is a pathological liar who eats, sleeps, and breathes her lies. She sleeps around with so many guys she forgets about her friendships and there relationships and f**ks with her friends boyfriends too. ITS HER ROUTINE. She even loves getting pleasure from her gyno on her  check ups. She even decides to get recorded sucking off a random guy at a kick back. she needs a serious dose of a reality check, so here it is, but being a hoe they dont ever change. she should be ashamed of herself on a daily basis but she plans all this stuff out so she feels no regret! Nik put this b***h on a pedestal, she is a winner !

What’s going on with her pits…- nik

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Did Jerry Springer Really Slay Her

April 30, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 36 85,685 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I came across this photo on instagram of this girl claiming she had sex with Jerry Springer.  She looks cute and way out of his league I want more Intel on this, do you think the Dirty Army can help me out?

Check out that wrist action. Jerry Springer really is the controlling type (in bed).- nik

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SoCal Sugar Baby Egreis Gjergjani

April 2, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 2150 119,276 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Egreis, her friends call her Eggy but she’s instagram famous and known as stilettomeup. (Yeah with a name like that you know that she’s pure class). She lies and says that she’s a business owner when she’s actually just a development manager. Her (not gonna lie) pretty impressive shoe collection is all funded by her married boyfriend. She does have a history of dating married men. It’s rumored that her last sugar daddy’s wife shot and killed him because he was spending all of their savings on Eggy. Her now boyfriend is a serial cheater so it’s only a matter of time until he does it to her.

Eggy needs to LaserAway the white trash on her chest. Why would any husband buy shoes for this?= REFUND GAP, a nose for days and her thighs touch.- nik

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Nates Past Due

March 21, 2013 Santa Monica, UCLA 18 9,460 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Nate Rodriquez aka IG Imatrex,( Im a Trex) Yes hes obsessed with dinosaurs, Wannabe DJ Jurassic. He’s originally from Fremont, Bay area, and now is a graphic designer for big films in LA. He has a huge fan base of females crawling on all his websites, which he promotes on everything. Maybe to make up for his small man issues because yes he is a very very short man. While I’m positive I’m not the only female he’s pursued, he needs to be put on blast. He takes woman into his apartment for days on end to use them. Nate seems like a very genuine guy but let me assure you, hes a scumbag. He preaches about god and sleeps with a bible next to his bed. While not following anything godly like sex before marriage, tattoos, including cheating on your girlfriend of 4 years plus. Oh wait, did I forgot to mention that?! Yeaah, I found out all on my own. While I was visiting him, the mention of Disneyland came up considering its only miles away. A few days later Nate goes to Disneyland, no pictures of people show up. But one of his recent “followers” went to Disneyland too. Only to find out its his girlfriend!! Where was she for 4 days when I was there?! check this out, she moved from SF, to LA to become a makeup artist for films. They had to of planned it, moving there together cause they haven’t lived in LA very long. Ms. Lovebumkin is very proud of her “man” “boo thang”, with her always & forever posts, trips to the beach, pictures of their stuffed animals together. She seems to take him in alot of stuff but never with approval on his pages. With enough looking into it, you’ll find pictures of him wearing his clothes, comments back and fourth of I love you babes, you know me so well. Yeah right, girl! Your “boo thang” cheats on you with every chance he gets. He’s out being a trifflin’ hoe. Don’t worry about confronting him on it because he will deny it to the death of him. Nik, please warn any ladies in the LA to Bay Area from this douchebag guy. And don’t we all feel bad for his girlfriend. Not that shes that cute anyways. This is a pic of his girlfriend and here are a few of his many “selfies”, which no man should have this many of.

Only an predator would spend this much time on his pics.  People need to find better use of their time rather then photoshopping themselves.- nik

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ASU Honor Student Maggie Fenton

March 8, 2013 ASU, Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 1055 86,976 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: You asked, and I delivered!!! Nik, I’m pretty proud of myself here. Remember this post: You asked for CSI to be uncovered so Daddy can see where his tuition money is going. I delivered. Acting on a tip by the very last comment on the thread I did some google searching and found out the name listed did in fact exist to a certain ASU tall, blonde that has an uncanny resemblance to the girl being pounded from being by good ole Marco. Here’s where it gets good. She is actually an honor college student and I also uncovered her LinkedIn that shows she works at North Modern Italian Cuisine as a “hostess.” Let this be a lesson to all wh*res out there. You can not evade the Dirty! I did you a solid Nik. All I ask for is a pat on the back and maybe a DA Internship (unpaid of course). They call me the gold digger. Not because I chase dirty men, but because I expose dirty women in the name of the Dirt Army! Viva la resistance!!!

Click the Also See link so you can understand what the hell is going on.- nik


Mark Krystinak Keeping It Classy

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I Love Her ITG

March 7, 2013 Hollywood, UCLA, Would You? 8 7,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see this girl’s face all over tumblr. She has a gorgeous face and smokin ITG. Does anyone here know who she is or what her instagram username is? I can’t stop thinking about her, and want to rub it out to her a few more times. By the way, would you with this girl?

This doesn’t look American at all.- nik

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