UCLA | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

ASU Honor Student Maggie Fenton

March 8, 2013 ASU, Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 1058

THE DIRTY ARMY: You asked, and I delivered!!! Nik, I’m pretty proud of myself here. Remember this post: You asked for CSI to be uncovered so Daddy can see where his tuition money is going. I delivered. Acting on a tip by the very last comment on the thread I did some google searching and found out the name listed did in fact exist to a certain ASU tall, blonde that has an uncanny resemblance to the girl being pounded from being by good ole Marco. Here’s where it gets good. She is actually an honor college student and I also uncovered her LinkedIn that shows she works at North Modern Italian Cuisine as a “hostess.” Let this be a lesson to all wh*res out there. You can not evade the Dirty! I did you a solid Nik. All I ask for is a pat on the back and maybe a DA Internship (unpaid of course). They call me the gold digger. Not because I chase dirty men, but because I expose dirty women in the name of the Dirt Army! Viva la resistance!!!

Click the Also See link so you can understand what the hell is going on.- nik


Mark Krystinak Keeping It Classy

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I Love Her ITG

March 7, 2013 Hollywood, UCLA, Would You? 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see this girl’s face all over tumblr. She has a gorgeous face and smokin ITG. Does anyone here know who she is or what her instagram username is? I can’t stop thinking about her, and want to rub it out to her a few more times. By the way, would you with this girl?

This doesn’t look American at all.- nik

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Those Are Definitely +2′s

February 22, 2013 The Dirty, UCLA 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, obviously the first pics are before her getting +2′s…which she denies.  There is no way her chest grew that much so quick.  I don’t believe.  Nik, you are a pro at this.  +2′s right?

Yeah, but look how fat her thighs are now… I really feel like she was a late bloomer.- nik


Are Those UCLA +2s

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Hannah Gregg Isn’t Just A Musician

February 19, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, Hollywood, UCLA 5

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whats up with all these Hollyhos. Here’s Hannah Gregg. Young aspiring musician with a pretty good voice. Check out her Myspace page [removed] Well instead of living the dream as most aspiring actors/musicians/writer do in Tinseltown by working hard and getting a waiting job, Hannah has decided to whore herself out by answering to “adult” Craigslist trolls. The post she responded to was “Pretty Girl Needed — let’s make a video.” Long story short she was willing to do very degrading things for less than $100. If she were owning it that’s one thing but this girl does this behind the back of her friends, family and yes boyfriend who has no clue he’s being exposed to VD! Here’s a link to her faceboo[removed] Also if you’re going to stoop down to doing this shit at least cover your face when sending naked pics of yourself to strangers. That’s just slut etiquette 101. Maybe even get a fake email next time Hannah. Or are you too strung out on mth to think straight. Lesson to be learned here all the other Craigslist sloots out there answering to trolls! You head it here first, via Nick Richie! Put this HollywoodHo on blast Nik! I’ve included a pic worthy of hearts as well as the emails!

I know its hard to read but that email is worth deciphering.- nik

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Are Those UCLA +2s

February 19, 2013 The Dirty, UCLA 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I along with other people who comment her pictures all wonder if her boobs are natural or fake. To me they look fake. Do you think they are?  They can’t be real and someone with your expert opinion is needed.

Judging from the heavy tone in her legs and arms… I’m saying REAL.- nik

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Filthee Is A Big Fraud

February 15, 2013 Hollywood, UCLA 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,I’m a HUGE fan.This Filthee as he goes by, real name Freddy Rosa. Please expose this Loser Scum Bag Fraud that looks like a rat for what he really is. He is in his mid 40′s and of course lies about his age to anybody he can. He sends women pics of his ugly ass, thinking he is a model. He used to send me pics of himself and his disgusting filthy looking uncircumsized penis. I guess the name Filthy suits him. He used to stalk me with texts and nasty pics of himself, not getting the message. He is hideous, short at 5’5, looks like a rat, doesn’t know how to dress wearing baggy clothes at 44 years of age and is just a loser. Also is a major leach. He tries to sleep with any woman he can, and all without protection if he can. A couple of girls I know have also told me. He is a wanna be rapper that absolutely sucks, and used to be in a group called Filthee Immigrants which never did jack but open up for free for other groups, then he went Solo. Of course his solo career NEVER went anywhere, because he just plain and simply sucks. He is also the biggest Ass Kissing D@#k Rider ever, and kisses any celebritys ass he can, LITERALLY. He used to follow B-Real from Cypress Hill around, hoping he would help him out and of course that didn’t pan out. He lies to women on the daily, about his age, status and that he has money. He has a part in this sh@#ty company called Richscampi, which will soon die out and disappear, because the merchandise just sucks. Every time he puts his merchandise in a store he lies to people and says its his store. He drives a beat up Altima, wears fake jewelry and used to say that jewelry is not his thing, then why wear fake jewelry u hypocrite. Also lies about his music status. He has NONE. Did I mention he’s a major leach. This guy is also the biggest smack talker out there. Just a Pure HATER. He will see someone and hug them and be their best friend and once they are gone talk dirt about them to anyone that would listen, especially to women. I have seen it for my self. To get women he needs to degrade other men, what a weak minded fool. I have seen it for my self. A perfect example is a couple of years ago Filthy ran in to this guy named Nu Jersey Devil, a Puerto Rican from New Jersey. Filthy was kissig his butt, all smiles and hugs,and as soon as he left, he talked alot of smack about Nu Jersey Devil, saying all kinds of stuff about him and that he’s a Jersey Rican and they aren’t real like NY’ers, which is all jealousy from Filthey. Nu Jersey Devil is a well known Dj, producer and rapper, and is with Game’s camp. Filthy is obviously jealous that Jersey is younger, much better looking, has more money and fame then him. He also calls a bunch of LA guys Hollywood, because he is originally from New York, but hasn’t lived there in 20 years. But he can be seen in Hollywood clubs 6 days a week, sometimes 7. He is a HUGE bottle rat. Acts like they are his bottles. He is a cheap miser. He is a real 44 year old LOSER. Please expose this DIRT bag Nik. He is a real Fraud. I will send you the disgusting penis pics. Be on the look out, and with his rat face in the pics

I see boxed and graffiti, looks like someones couch privileges expired.- nik

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Is Skyler Haze Worth It

January 31, 2013 Hollywood, Las Vegas, UCLA 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this she male or tranny goes by the name of Nicole Angele Raccagno aka Skyler Haze. This disgusting sub human should sue her/his plastic surgeon for the mess he did on the face. He/she seems to vacation a lot in Miami and who knows were the money comes from. Must be getting old trouts who are deaf, dumb and blind. This tranny is a definite assault on the eyes.  Believe it or not, she tried doing porn… filmed a a few scenes and was never heard from again because she was not good.  And to fail at porn, proves how much you are worth.

How can you fail at porn? You just lay there.- nik

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Hollywood Hustler

January 23, 2013 Hollywood, UCLA 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Tosha from hollywood. She is a crazy drunk, liar and scammer! First off, she uses men for money. She lies about having debts, bills and other needs. The worst was when she lied about having near terminal CANCER. She gets drunk and pukes all over the place, just doesn’t know when to stop. Multiple DUIs. Says she goes to UCLA but I can’t believe a thing this whore says. She is the biggest cheater and a master manipulator. I’ve heard she gets thousands of dollars from men using her lies. All her friends are college aged hookers. They all live off of older men, using them to maintain a lifestyle of laziness, multiple drugs and drinking. I would go into detail, but this pretty much sums it up.

One thing that could stand to use some scamming is her top.  Just saying.- nik

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