UCLA | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

It Took Me Two Years

January 8, 2013 San Diego, The Dirty, UCLA 394

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the calf muscle is the hardest muscle in the body to develop… It took me two years to do that. Annnd GO!  None of you internet douchebags can do this.

I thought that was my nut sack for a second.- nik

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What To Do

December 20, 2012 UCLA 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so first off, I really admire your opinion, so please help me out here. I’ve been working at my job for going on 3 years and I have a son and a daughter. I work like crazy I have such a bad feeling leaving them at home because I’m never there and always working. What should I do? Should I tell my boss that I can’t do it anymore because to be honest with you I don’t think he would care. In my point my babies need me and I should be able to enjoy them while they’re small. Btw I hate to sound ungrateful but I work too much and that place is stressing me out. I’m not the kind of person to quit and give up but I really don’t think I can do this any longer. I got a * promotion* 3 months ago that doesn’t even feel like a promotion because I do more work than before that has nothing to do with my new position. What to do?  Oh and btw, that is a image I googled.  Not me.

The more you are around your kids, the less f*ck ups they will become in the future.- nik

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Why Do Hot Girls Brand Themselves With Neck Tattoos

December 4, 2012 Newport, The Dirty, UCLA 463

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik why do people brand themselves permanently into a lower cast of american society? Don’t they realize guys like me with degrees and jobs can never take them home or marry them? Forever they will be low class stripper look-a-likes? This needs to stop. Also get rid of the Kardashians if you could. thanks. how big are those girls vaginas anyways at this point? Kanyee has to use at least 4 platinum records to fill that hole.

Weird Kardashian segway, but I agree with you on the neck tattoo issue. Why force white trash on yourself?- nik

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It Is Official, I’m Quitting College And Becoming A Porta Potty

November 26, 2012 Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty, UCLA, University Of Memphis 308

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, been DA for a while now and I wanted to thank you for the awareness.  I’m currently 22 and 2 quarter semesters away from graduating at UCLA.  I consider myself a pretty girl, I’m 5’4, blonde, hazel eyes and have DD gummy bear +2′s that sit perfect and no refund gap.  For the past few years, while I’ve been busting my ass at school so I can earn 50-60K a year, I have been watching my girlfriends from high school that never went to college, take trips all over the world, drive very nice cars and own their own homes.  All from sleeping with Trouts, they never work and make over 15k a month that is not even taxed.  I have been against it forever until the last few months, I have been following other porta potties I have seen on this website and they all have the best life.  Like here is mega Porta Potty Jenna Bentley, hanging out with Ludacris, Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am.  All from having sex for money, why would I not want to do this?  Do you think I like watching the American Music Awards at home doing homework?  No, I want to be front role next to Nicki Minaj, I want to be there having sex with Ludacris and Will.I.Am at the same time after the awards.  And the more I think about it, with this degree I’m getting, I will never have a fun life trying to pay back my student loans.  So Nik, you have my email, please forward my pics and email to any rich Trouts you know. PLEASE.

I feel like Nicki Minaj is the new Lil Kim. Her face keeps looking scarier and scarier. Hey UCLA girl, there is this thing called PRIDE. You are on a more self-fulfilling path than you know… quick money and cheap thrills to bang celebrities your kids will not care about means nothing. Life is not a race or a contest and don’t be fooled by images you see on the internet. These whores don’t live for themselves, they live for their social networks.- nik

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RC Levell, AKA Master Gypsy

November 21, 2012 Dirty Business, Hollywood, UCLA 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI Nik! Long time reader…LOVE thedirty.com!! I want to let everyone in Los Angeles know NOT to do business with RC Levell, aka Randy Levell, aka RC Casellas. He has many alias and has stolen from people for years!! He claims to own a record label company and claims to eat lunch with Eminem and Jay-Z on the reg but it is all lies!! He has DRD and will tell girls anything to get them in bed!! HE IS A MASTER GYPSY, steals money from young innocent girls and will scam you out of everything!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN and RUN WITH YOUR HAIR ON FIRE!!! BEST CON-ARTIST hands down in LA. He claims to be brothers with Milo Levell, choreography to the stars and long-time friend of the late Michael Jackson. ALL LIES!!

Ask to see some pictures.  A guy like this would surely snap some pictures.- nik

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The Downward Spiral Of Varunie Vongsvirates

November 18, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wow this chick really has hit rock bottom. Her name is Varunie Vongsvirates and is dating Allister Blackham (EC TWIN) douchebag. He has cheated on her left and right with numerous women. I have text msgs and fb msgs he has sent to me. It’s obvious he doesn’t care for her at all and makes fun of her. She has been arrested and is actually instagramming the rolex watch she wants for him cheating. Can you say golddigger?

They should get married. EC Twins can’t afford that watch Varunie unless it’s a Folex.- nik

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UCLA’s Frank

November 8, 2012 UCLA 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Frank is a student at UCLA. He is totally stuck queen with an apparent aversion African Americans! Its a shame that he lives in such a multicultural city and yet he is filled with so much hate toward his fellow man. He is really uptight and talks lot of sh*t – but he is scared to back it up. I guess I would fall back too… because when you are a queen like him and talk with a lipse and have small testicles I understand. Anyways put this b*tch ass/racist queen on blast and tell him I said to get the dicks out of his mouth and his loose ass! I have a pic he sent to me by the way! #Enjoy

Frank easy on the photoshop.- nik

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UCLA’s Christina Cagle

October 22, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, UCLA 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wanted you to check out this beautiful girl Christina Cagle.  I’m tired of people saying USC has better looking girls.  Those people are on crack.  What do you think about this beauty and please tell me if you were in your early 20′s you would not want to attend UCLA over USC.

Sorry, I’m USC all the way. I rather accidentally knock up a chick with rich parents then get stuck having a smart girl try to extort me for 18 years.- nik

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