Wicked Of The South, Brittany Brooks

February 8, 2013 Charlotte, UNC 325 14,369 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Seriously Nik, you need to post this girl. She’s a freaking trainwreck. She tries to start sh*t with every girl in Wilmington. Give this girl her fifteen minutes of fame. She’s been begging for it. let’s give this girl what she wants, and that is two things, dick and for people to pay attention to her. She is the most narcissistic, self-absorbed, bitter, and malicious person. She moved to Wilmington, NC only to realize that nobody there likes and/or cares that she exists. In the matter of the year that she resided in Wilmington, the only thing she accomplished was driving drunk, continuously trying to sleep with everybody’s boyfriends, attempting to be a wannabe stripper, and making herself quite possibly the most hated person in North Carolina. Brittany feels the need to make fun of other girls and point out their imperfections, but she stuffers from a cleft lip. She’s just jealous she can only suck dick with one lip. She tries to put girls on social media blasts. She hides behind a computer screen to talk shit. Too bad the laptop she uses, she “borrowed” from her friend and never gave back. She entered an ameture bikini contest at the strip club. She won due to the volume of booing- that damn decibel reader. A couple months ago she thought she would be a badass and send this one girl’s porn link to her family via Facebook. She also put that same girl’s phone number on Craigslist, but used pictures of her old roommate. She also created a fake Twitter account about another girl. She spreads rumors about girls just about as much as she spreads her legs for a dick and that’s daily. She thinks people are “obsessed” with her, but she is the one who is always stalking people’s Facebooks, Twitters, and Instagrams. She makes fun of people’s cars, yet she can’t even drive because she got a DUI. So Brittany, here is a word of advice, get off the computer, use your stripper money to pay your friend back for the loan she paid off for you, give her back HER computer, hop off my nuts as well as everybody else’s, get off your back, stop fcking other people’s boyfriends, lose some weight, go back to where you came from because even your own friends are calling you irrelevant, and get a fcking life. I’m calling you out.

Looks like she wet her pants (first pic).- nik

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Cortney Strickland

January 23, 2013 Raleigh-Durham, UNC, Wilmington 164 10,336 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik Please help put this girl on blast. She is a 24 year old disaster. Hailing from Raleigh, she now resides in Wilmington and sleeps with anyone with a working penis. She goes out multiple times a week and finds the drunkest guy Downtown to take her home. She is known as “doggy style” because no one likes to look at her face and her terrible breasts. She has terrible skin which is pale and patchy. She has no kind of body and resembles an awkward colt who is trying to learn to walk wearing heels. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if the girl didn’t think she was hot shit and trash girls far more attractive than her. She runs around with a chubby little girl who goes by Ari and is a piece of work herself… Getting fcked in the alley behind Liquid Room for free! Cortney is no better she’s slept with 3/4ths of downtown Wilmington. My favorite photo of her is her passed out on her ex boyfriends door stoop. He wouldn’t let her in and she was sloppy drunk so she slept… See the marks on her thighs? drds!!! Take a close look doesn’t she resemble the guy from saw??? Besides looking like that guy from saw she is crazy! CRAZY!!And proud of it! She rants about being rich when in all reality her parents pay her off because they don’t want to be around her. She drives an out dated Volvo but acts like it’s a luxury Benz… In one of her crazy rants she asks to be famous… Lets make that happen!

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Smash or Trash

January 9, 2013 Charlotte, UNC 32 10,184 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if you live in Charlotte, u gotta no jessica foster. She like to be known as the girl who tells the truth. So dont tell this girl anything or she will let all of her facebook friends. She also claims to be a sexy ginger? an a soul taker? Also not sure what her job is.. she says shes a promoter, but really just gets hammered every night n puts restraining orders on dudes to look cool.

That is easy… Trash.- nik

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Mandy Whorehouser

December 6, 2012 Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham, UNC 52 7,386 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, so Nik….this repulsive overly big chested, no ass, thinks her shit don’t stink girl is named Mandy. She is from Salisbury but has mostly resided in a run down camper at Badin Lake. She calls it her “lake house” to sound like her family has money, when in reality they don’t because they spend it all on her spoiled ass. She put me on here and lied to one of our mutual friends just to be closer with her. SHE IS A PSYCHO!!! From what I hear she married a marine just so she could get her tit’s reduced from an I to a small d. Which in reality all that sloot needed to do was get off her fat ass and walk!!! Now she looks even bigger!! She claims she is a size five but her friend Tiffany(who is nasty too)says that Mandy actually weighs 180lbs! Which is ok i guess….but don’t lie about it. I swear when this bitch looks in the mirror she thinks she a victoria secret’s model or something!! ahaha All I want is for this bitch is to get a reality check!!! What do you think, is she hot Nik, or just Krusty??

Nobodies looking for a reason.  No doubt she had to ask for that picture.- nik

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Import Queen

November 29, 2012 Charlotte, UNC 52 9,009 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alma Nicole. I want to know why this girl thinks she’s such hot shit. Just because ugly guys jack off to your instagram pictures every morning, doesnt mean you are a model. I’d also be interested to know what Wells Fargo thinks of their employees displaying themselves like this outside of work. Please put this whore on the blast so that she can stop thinking she’s the shit. So Nik, I already know the answer, but would you? Actually, what would it take for you to say yes. She got boobs before her nose, and both are still messed up!

That second pic is a whole lotta photoshop.  She needs to learn how to smooth out the edges.- nik

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He Likes To Hit Girls

November 20, 2012 Charlotte, UNC 5 6,397 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alright, this douche bag likes to abuse women and thinks he’s the sh*t going around Charlotte thinking everyone wants his d*ck. He likes to creep around and get girls under 21 so he can control them. Hes nothing but a scum bag that likes to beat on women and say that he didn’t do it. He’s a little B!tch that runs to mommy and tell her everything. If you see him you should stay away from this douche bag, I feel bad for his 19 year old girlfriend. tsk tsk.

Does she have a name?- nik

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Stay Away From This D-bag

November 6, 2012 Charlotte, UNC 15 10,057 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This guy, who calls himself “Cy” is someone you do NOT want to associate yourself with. He is a complete DOUCHE. I met him at a club in Charlotte, he claims to be in the “army” and also a student at UNCC. Don’t let his “charming sweet talk” get to you. Little do you know, he has a girlfriend. And once he’s slept with you a few times, he will drop you for his crazy girlfriend pronto. Trust me, I have experienced this first hand! He took me out, spent time with me, would take me to work, stay with me at night.. seemed too good to be true, and it was. He told me that he was “single” and that he was trying to find someone to “be there for him” when he goes away for the army. He wants a good girl back home, and he wanted to make me that girl. WELL, it almost happened, until I found about the girlfriend. That he was blowing off, and ignoring, to be with me. WHAT A PIG. GUYS are douche bags, and THIS ONE, IS THE LEADER! STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS… NOT A FUN SITUATION. Be on the lookout.

That’s a pretty feminine tattoo and some soft photoshop effects.- nik

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Miss Skanky Pants

October 15, 2012 Denver, UNC 75 7,064 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Hey this girl Osean, is a dirty skank. She has a son tht she dont even take care of. The babies dad drinks and does cke everyday. She this she cute and hott. She has a pancake ass she has boobs but please your a mother now have some respect. Yea your young but dont need to show off your boobs we get it they arrived after the fact you had a baby. Every single picture she takes it BOOBS BOOBS everywhere even when taking pictures with her son… your fckin wack… Seriously support your son she’ll have a job one day than the next couple of weeks she quits than she’ll get another ugh.. the list goes on… seriously your wack and a skank…. you have beautiful eyes but sick.

Squidward!.- nik

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