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What’s A Trout Supposed To Do

June 17, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, University of Miami 632

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am new to your site and I love it because it cleared up something for me. Being divorced almost 3 years after being married and faithful for 16 years I cannot see dating a woman my own age of 44 for many reasons, especially because I believe in treating my body like its a shrine for woman to marvel at. Now after being taken for millions in my divorce I will never marry again so why not have fun with a few young woman between 21-27… I give them an education in life with money, travel, friendship, gifts and fun during our maximum 4 month relationship and they leave richer in every way except that they can’t keep me… I pay them to leave… I want to respectfully Thank You and the Dirty Army for exposing a porta potty who almost got me hooked in a moment of weakness believing the I love you’s and the fake pathetic moans…lol.

Not that this is relevant to anything you said, but I had the worst Father’s Day ever. I give so much to my family and try to be the best father possible to my daughter. It’s just hitting me this morning that nobody did anything for me. I guess I shouldn’t care because being a dad is enough, but sh*t I had to entertain myself yesterday. Sorry, EMO moment.- nik

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Miami Heat’s Biggest Douchebag Fan DJ Jon Cowan

June 5, 2013 Miami, University of Miami 70

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I know how much you despise Miami Heat’s trashy fans such as Filomena Tobias. I wanted to make you aware of their biggest douchebag fan so that everyone can get a good look at this guy during the playoffs and get a chuckle. This short chubby middle aged Jew that has never played a sport in his life truly thinks he could do a better job coaching the team than Spoelstra and a better job analyzing than Kenny and Charles. These are his daddy’s seats that he inherited and he uses them to try and get laid by chics to cover up his big black man fetish on daddy’s dime. Then the freak always gets caught cheating on his gf when he brings other girls to games and his gf sees him on TV with another girl! He goes around town telling everyone that he is besties with Lebron and D-Wade but I can guarantee you they have never even heard of him. He is actually borderline obsessed with them and I think he may be romantically interested by the way he talks about them. He is also the jerk who puts these guys on blast on your site when they are in the club partying too hard or banging a random. He is due for a taste of his own medicine. Hopefully the women of South FL read this so they don’t fall for his lies that he is a team shareholder when he is just using his daddy’s tickets to try and mask his secret lust for Lebron James. His seats are about 4-5 rows behind the basket on the right side when facing the crowd so look for him on TV or at the games. Check out his Twitter to view all of his obsessive Miami Heat tweets.

That’s the smile of a special person.- nik

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Sleezy South Beach Promoter

May 29, 2013 Miami, University of Miami 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is corey a.k.a “corey partyboy” this man is a south beach club promoter and gets girls from all over the country to come out and “party on him” he has multiple partners/girlfriends, hes given girls an sexually transmitted diseases. he harasses girls to “come out and chill” if you give this guy your number he will call you at 3am and say “I need to see you baby” or “I miss you baby” or “come over now baby” hes a weirdo and women need to be warned about him!!! hes a dirty guy!

The tags on hats trend needs to end.- nik

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Graham Douglas Still on the Prowl

May 16, 2013 University of Miami 280

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Graham Douglas who I previously posted about. When I met him, I was a freshman, a virgin, and had hardly even kissed a guy. He is a senior and seemed like a normal, nice guy. We begin a texting relationship, and he starts to encourage me to touch a penis and that losing my virginity is a good idea. He tells me I should be jealous of my friends having sex. I consistently tell him to please stop texting me about it and that I will never have sex with him, but that I like him as a person. He is very persistent and asked me to come over, so I go over planning to hang out because he had apologized about it all. He gets me in his bed, and I say I’m too drunk. He still continues then suddenly takes my virginity when I had never even gone second base with a guy. He calls me the wrong name the next morning. At the time I thought it was an accident and that he was a nice guy, so we keep texting for several months, and I go back. I start to hear rumors that he had once raped a girl, and he promises me the guy is just lying and trying to get into my pants. I also discover that he had read all of my private text messages to his friends. He decides to suddenly cut off all contact with me, likely due to guilt. I tell him I feel uncomfortable with this entire situation and that I would like to press charges, but he tells me it’s my fault for choosing to have sex with him (I didn’t). I also discover that he lied about the number of girls he’s had sex with and that I could potentially have drd’s. I also realize I blacked out for a large portion of the night where I lost my virginity, and he refuses to tell me what happened. I ask to have a face to face conversation for the first time in months, and he tells me it’s possible. He then flakes, and I fly back home, where it is more difficult for me to take legal action. I missed three weeks of classes trying to make him talk, had to go to counseling appointments, get an drd test for the first time, and figure out whether I should press charges or not. This guy is one of the dirtiest, sneakiest, worst out there. It’s likely he’s getting away with everything he did to me.

Welcome to college, the land of wet hole chasers.- nik

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Carrier on the Loose

May 3, 2013 Miami, University of Miami 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Graham Douglas. He comes off as a nice shy guy, claims the number of girls he’s had sex with is private, claims he doesn’t do it with many girls. I ended up getting s***is from this guy and discovered hes had sex with hundreds of girls. This guy is crazy manipulative and you would never expect it. I contacted him about it and he blamed it on me somehow. I really believed he was a nice guy, but word needs to spread on this crazy manipulator. I would have never expect such a nice guy to carry such a terrible disease.

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Not The Girl Next Door

February 5, 2013 Dirty Army Strong, Miami, The Dirty, University of Miami 74

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t know about you, but I think Morgan Welton is a babe. Known infamously in the town of Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens, she now lives in the Miami area and attends university. All I know for sure about her is that she dances on stage at raves for well known DJs, and she gets VIP wherever the hell she parties at. Guess she has connections. When I went to school with her people judged her like crazy. She always thought she was the hot topic around school. I mean she’s wealthy, and (seems like she) has a lot of friends, but don’t get too cocky. I heard she’s getting +2′s in the near future because she wants to go into the porn business. Not the best idea for a nineteen year old in university, but I guess you have to make money somehow! Thoughts?

Morgan’s life sounds like a drug infested manuscript.- nik


The Next Paris Hilton

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Don’t Be Hating On Don Jovanni

January 31, 2013 Miami, University of Miami 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I happen to know him, he changed his IG name to his company @FreshPressShop. Hes not a millionaire but he does own a successful company that prints and manufacture shirts to major companies and radio stations in Miami! A great company at that.. Also to whom ever it may concern, he also owns a house on the water. Has no worries and lives stress free. Hes alot of fun! Who ever posted the pics could of done better…lo.l He has an amazing body and loves to work out, don’t believe me check his IG @FreshPressShop and lives a really healthy lifestyle. My boy loves togo out and party and is down to earth.

Good come back Donny.- nik

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Recovered Wild Child

January 21, 2013 Miami, The Dirty, University of Miami 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after being submitted last year on your website, Carly McCall decided to change her ways. She moved to California, and apparently she is now living the sober life. I’m very happy to see her change, it is very inspiring to other addicts. Keep it up Carly!

I’m proud of you Carly McCall.- nik

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