Bottoms Up For Miss Jones

May 22, 2012 Dirty Greeks, Kansas, Kansas City, Kansas State, Kent State University, University of Kentucky 38 6,939 Views

Bottoms up for Ms jones

Bottoms up for Ms jones

Bottoms up for Ms jones

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hah Nik, you got KU’ss biggest slore on here! I can give more dirt. She’s slept with about every frat guy there is at KU. She even writes on her fb about how shes going to get blackout drunk multiple times a week. Even people at Kstate and MU know about her. Including KC. The reason the cops were called to the sorority is cause apparently she was going to commit suicide! Attention seeking much? She portrays this good litl catholic girl thing but really she eats d*ck for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. some guy even told me she loves anal. Bottoms up!

Miss Jones, +2′s will save your life.- nik

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Former Kentucky Starter Michael Porter Arrested

May 16, 2012 Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 3 5,494 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, former Kentucky starter Michael Porter — who was with the team from 2006 to 2009 — was arrested early Tuesday morning and put into a Lexington jail on charges related to sex acts with minors. The information is still coming out, so the story is in its initial stages, but what we do know, according to, is that the 25-year-old Porter allegedly was inappropriate with a 15- and a 14-year-old girl. He met the girls while doing community work at a church. He was a “group leader”, which sends a shiver down your spine. Porter was charged with six counts of sodomy and two of outright sexual abuse.  What the hell is wrong with this guy?  God is sending him straight to hell.

He should tryout for the Nuggets.- nik

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Julia Bond Is NOT Sexy

May 3, 2012 Austin, University of Kentucky 14 11,132 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think my guy friends are obsessed with Julia Bond, since they saw her on “Jerry Springer”. This girl isn’t really pretty? Whats with the tattoo on her belly button, I’m kind of confused about why men would pay to see this girl have sex? She’s definitely a Porta Potty too. She has a daughter, and she still does all these things.. Please help me understand what makes Julia Bond sexy!

What ever happened to EVE?- nik

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Too Much Makeup

February 14, 2012 Louisville, University of Kentucky 3 5,361 Views

Too much makeup, must be a Tranny

Too much makeup, must be a Tranny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kristin Cecil, and she walks around the U of Louisville campus with 20 lbs of make up on thinking she is the next hot thing. Noticing a trend from DA Soldiers I think this “chick” must be an actual dude.

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Would You Sleep With Chris Ogle

January 11, 2012 Cincinnati, University of Kentucky 13 7,980 Views

Would you sleep with Chris Ogle!

Would you sleep with Chris Ogle!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chris Ogle broke up with me, I told him he was dumb anyways, I would never sleep with him anyways. Would you Nik?

Answer: No, I’m married…to a girl.

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Would You With A Louisville Southern Bell

January 9, 2012 Louisville, University of Kentucky 4 7,790 Views

Would you with a Louisville southern bell

Would you with a Louisville southern bell


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is a girl I went to high school with and I think she is gorgeous, and so does every guy and girl I go to school with at U of L. I just want to know…would you?

Answer: No, she barely made the Hooters roster, 2.35577 (mainly due to the padded bra).

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Where To Go

December 23, 2011 Cincinnati, University of Kentucky 6 5,323 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, I don’t have any crucial diehard information about anyone at the moment. However I too have come asking for advice. I went to college in a small school in Lexington Kentucky, and currently work in Cincinnati. I work in the hotel business and can’t help but think that some one with my credentials in this business would be so much better off outside of Cincinnati and somewhere.. well else.  This somewhere else is the great mystery in my life at the moment. I am 24, 100% single, and have nothing keeping me here other then a lease on a house that expires in June. With that said I am tired of the mid-west but don’t want to start over again.  I want to stay in the hotel business but looking online all I can find in the service and hospitality industry is ads for strippers dancers and portapotties. I want to get out of this area and head west looking for bigger and better things.  Where do you suggest for good jobs in the service / hospitality industry. Im currently working for the #1 hotel in my brand, I know for a fact that you know a lot of people and you were the most connected person I could think of. Any tips, tricks, names or phone numbers that you could give me to help me get out of this dismal land of girls in need of cellan and +2′s? I want a place where I can work, and party hard without having to worry about there being literally a handful of girls who are worth my while. Is Scottsdale a good bet? LA? Vegas? Or somewhere else entirely.

Move to Scottsdale.- nik

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Playboy Model Injured During IU Upset Of Kentucky

December 15, 2011 Indiana, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 1 5,342 Views

Playboy Model Injured During IU Upset of Kentucky

Playboy Model Injured During IU Upset of Kentucky

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my beloved Hoosiers knocked off UK last weekend and then I have to come online to read this story about some busted “Playboy” model who was injured when “idiot” fans rushed the court. At first I felt bad for her because I thought they had stepped on her face, turns out, it was just her ankle and she’s always looked like that.

Let me guess… she is suing the school for millions?- nik

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