Miss Kentucky Holding A Teddy Bear

November 4, 2011 The Dirty, University of Kentucky, Would You? 49 9,126 Views

  Miss Kentucky holding a teddy bear

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Miss Kentucky holding a teddy bear.  For some reason I find this funny as F*ck.. obviously she knows how to hold a Greg, I have to ask you… Would You?

Answer: No, I am not a fan of her reach-around.

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Horse Sloot Roaming Around UK

October 25, 2011 University of Kentucky 11 10,094 Views

Horse sloot roaming around UK

Horse sloot roaming around UK

Horse sloot roaming around UK

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Allie Halley. And no. That is NOT her real name. She doesn’t know who her dad is. I go to school with her and unfortunately was her best friend for quite some time. She is sneaky and conniving. She roams around Kentucky trying to sleep with everyone. Her chin is indented. It looks like a toilet. She thinks she is the hottest thing around town. She runs around bragging that she had an eating disorder but now in Kentucky she has put on a good 30-40 pounds. This girl is the definition of white trash. What do you think?? She also tries to sleep with Carolines boyfriend, her best friend. She has slept with a MINIMUM of 20 guys here. GET HER TO LEAVE!! her own sorority hates her.

What British chick doesn’t look like a horse, there’s really no shocker there.- nik 

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Bring This Broad Down To Size

October 24, 2011 Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 5 7,225 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong! This is Heather. From Pippa Passes Ky. Met this sloot around 2 years ago. Slowly started being around the same social circle about 2 weeks of that and it’s all it took. I won’t lie at first the +2′s got my attention and kept my interest for about 3 months until I found out this girl was sleeping with anyone who had medication that started with the word “oxy”. Anyways, the past couple month’s I have noticed how all these guys seem to think she is the most beautiful creature on the planet. She is dirt, she’s slept with numerous of her mother’s boyfriends as well as Professors at her “Christian” college. Nik, bring this girl down to size, she has at least 5 different porno’s circulating from drug dealer’s who keep her nose dirty. By the way, she claims she is sober now I guess she means sober from everything thing besides xanax and roxicodone.

I wonder if she goes to a Pharmacy school?- nik

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LeBron James Is Happy To See You

September 15, 2011 Lexington, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 37 9,778 Views

LeBron James is Happy to See You

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, LeBron is in Lexington practicing with UK basketball team; he either really likes his UK shirt, he saw someone he liked across the room, it was still early in the morning, or he heard he was going to be on TheDirty.com.

I am pretty confident that the baby is not his.- nik

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Miss Perfect

August 14, 2011 Louisville, The Dirty, University of Kentucky, Would You? 25 7,860 Views

Miss Perfect

Miss Perfect

Miss Perfect

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Ashley Sky, a model.  Her boobs are REAL and she has the perfect body and face. I think she’s already signed with Elite, and although I think she’s gorgeous, what do you think? Would you?

Answer: Already been there… the face is more manly in person.

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LA Killer

June 29, 2011 Louisville, University of Kentucky 3 9,407 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok man. This girls name is Amber Duncan. She dated my good friend for over 4 years. Hes a good guy served his time in Iraq, but anyways They was all lovey dovey and all that b s. So randomly 1 day they broke up, and he told me she had no reason to up and split. And she was sk*nking it up the very same week with our very close friends like a couple days after the fact. I cant stand the b*tch and when we had class together she would try to get with me. She has no education, conversation, dedication, motivation and best of all no occupation. so WOULD YOU? and WHAT DO YOU THINK OF HER.

I think she the only time she should hold up those flabby arms of hers is when she’s working out, which she doesn’t do…- nik

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Who Is Next

June 7, 2011 Cincinnati, University of Kentucky 21 7,250 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Hannah Rose Scott. She is a wonderful Dirty candidate. She is always half dressed and always at the tanning salon. She is only 22 but looks 35, here are a few pics of her so called “modeling”, she sleeps with everyone and is a total b*tch to everyone, she is a failed highschool wanna be it girl.

I was going to guess 34 years of age.- nik

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Britne Gregg Will Do Anything For An Athlete

May 16, 2011 Cincinnati, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 29 9,415 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK! You going to post this sh*t or what? GRITTY DIRT. The kind YoU LoVE! B GUILTY! She’s back!!! Britne Gregg didn’t learn from her last appearance on The Dirty and considering Patrick Patterson and Daniel Orton are now in the NBA her stock has risen too! She is your typical spoiled, dumb country girl who thinks orange = tan and loves chasing some jerseys.  Britne has been around the block, she first dated Daniel Orton, who loves sex too much for her to still be a virgin. Claims every UK basketball player is her best friend and has branched out to other schools, like begging Scotty Hopson and Dominique Fergueson, to text her. Her most recent conquest, UK freshmen, Terrence Jones, Like Orton enjoys his sexual activity. Her speciality is giving head and boob sex. Horny yet boys? She begs athletes to come over and for what, studying? She isn’t a complete idiot, she knows what she is doing by inviting them. Sex. She’ll give it out to any guy in Blue. They want money, she got it for them too. Clothes washed, she doubles as a maid!  She’s stepped her game, talking to UK players families trying to get an “in” with whoever she can, friends of players and managers too; as far down as Brad, Coach Calipari’s high school age son. She is obsessed with Patterson’s Dad, his Mom, and jumps at the chance to take a picture with any family member. To her sidekick, Kelsey, get out! She only wants groupie friends.  Britne’s #1 is Patrick Patterson however. For a virgin, she is good at sexting. They don’t help her “good girl” image! She should watch who she sends pictures to, they have been forwarded. Ms. Gregg thank god for your boobs…wait, unless they are fake too? Patterson’s been caught slipping..Maybe this will knock some sense into him; Pat, you are just one of many! Her roster includes many of your former teammates. Cut all ties now! Her cover for her UK sports obsession is that she is a sports journalism major. Nice try, honey, it’s not fooling anyone (I’ve seen her News broadcast, she sounds like a dumbass) Mom and daughter are dying for Britne to become a basketball wife and by the looks of it she would fit right in on that show. Her mommy is just as bad: buying, cleaning, serving players hand and foot. She doesn’t work because of a car accident years ago, so guess she has some extra time on her hands; on Facebook more than a 13 year old girl! Like mother like daughter, they both like younger men, tanning, and are praying for a free ride! All in all Britne Gregg has taken over as reigning jersey chaser of Lexington.

Patrick Patterson is such an idiot. Didn’t you learn from Brett Favre never to text pictures of your penis to a girl. Deadspin, email me if you want the Purple Crayon without hearts. DIRTY ARMY, please click the image to see some good action.- nik

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