University Of Kentucky | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Who Is Next

June 7, 2011 Cincinnati, University of Kentucky 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Hannah Rose Scott. She is a wonderful Dirty candidate. She is always half dressed and always at the tanning salon. She is only 22 but looks 35, here are a few pics of her so called “modeling”, she sleeps with everyone and is a total b*tch to everyone, she is a failed highschool wanna be it girl.

I was going to guess 34 years of age.- nik

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Britne Gregg Will Do Anything For An Athlete

May 16, 2011 Cincinnati, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK! You going to post this sh*t or what? GRITTY DIRT. The kind YoU LoVE! B GUILTY! She’s back!!! Britne Gregg didn’t learn from her last appearance on The Dirty and considering Patrick Patterson and Daniel Orton are now in the NBA her stock has risen too! She is your typical spoiled, dumb country girl who thinks orange = tan and loves chasing some jerseys.  Britne has been around the block, she first dated Daniel Orton, who loves sex too much for her to still be a virgin. Claims every UK basketball player is her best friend and has branched out to other schools, like begging Scotty Hopson and Dominique Fergueson, to text her. Her most recent conquest, UK freshmen, Terrence Jones, Like Orton enjoys his sexual activity. Her speciality is giving head and boob sex. Horny yet boys? She begs athletes to come over and for what, studying? She isn’t a complete idiot, she knows what she is doing by inviting them. Sex. She’ll give it out to any guy in Blue. They want money, she got it for them too. Clothes washed, she doubles as a maid!  She’s stepped her game, talking to UK players families trying to get an “in” with whoever she can, friends of players and managers too; as far down as Brad, Coach Calipari’s high school age son. She is obsessed with Patterson’s Dad, his Mom, and jumps at the chance to take a picture with any family member. To her sidekick, Kelsey, get out! She only wants groupie friends.  Britne’s #1 is Patrick Patterson however. For a virgin, she is good at sexting. They don’t help her “good girl” image! She should watch who she sends pictures to, they have been forwarded. Ms. Gregg thank god for your boobs…wait, unless they are fake too? Patterson’s been caught slipping..Maybe this will knock some sense into him; Pat, you are just one of many! Her roster includes many of your former teammates. Cut all ties now! Her cover for her UK sports obsession is that she is a sports journalism major. Nice try, honey, it’s not fooling anyone (I’ve seen her News broadcast, she sounds like a dumbass) Mom and daughter are dying for Britne to become a basketball wife and by the looks of it she would fit right in on that show. Her mommy is just as bad: buying, cleaning, serving players hand and foot. She doesn’t work because of a car accident years ago, so guess she has some extra time on her hands; on Facebook more than a 13 year old girl! Like mother like daughter, they both like younger men, tanning, and are praying for a free ride! All in all Britne Gregg has taken over as reigning jersey chaser of Lexington.

Patrick Patterson is such an idiot. Didn’t you learn from Brett Favre never to text pictures of your penis to a girl. Deadspin, email me if you want the Purple Crayon without hearts. DIRTY ARMY, please click the image to see some good action.- nik

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This Is Your Brunette Goddess

April 4, 2011 University of Kentucky, Would You? 9

This is your Brunette Goddess

This is your Brunette Goddess

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kalynn Nicole Preece. Eastern Kentucky is where the hottest women are at.

Answer: No, this horse can probably eat an apple in one bit with that mouth.

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I’ve Found Your Brunette Goddess, She Was In Kentucky

March 29, 2011 University of Kentucky 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kalynn Nicole Preece. The 21, almost 22 year old is the hottest girl to ever come out of the state of Kentucky! She’s a bikini model and also does pageants from time to time. You know I’m going to ask, WOULD YOU?! I mean, who in their right mind would not?!

We are looking at the same legs, right?- nik

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Wanna-Be Nikki

March 8, 2011 University of Kentucky 8

Wanna-be Nikki: Preggo Edition

Wanna-be Nikki: Preggo Edition

Wanna-be Nikki: Preggo Edition

Wanna-be Nikki: Preggo Edition

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jasmine. 5 foot nothing but chubs. Whoever told her being short was the same as being small was plotting against her.  She underdresses, lets her flab hang out, wears outreagously obvious wigs, and has a gap you could drive a train through– or a d!ck. that’s what she’s know for. Gold digging is her second passion. She recently got knocked up and spent her 8 months out partying. I think Nikki would be disappointed.  Pictured is her sidekick Amber who is equally as needy, slootty, and desparate as Jasmine. The hood wants their queens back.

They are definitely no barbies.- nik

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Maxim Hometown Hottie Amanda Is So Fake

December 23, 2010 The Dirty, University of Kentucky, Would You? 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, Amanda Mertz is so fake its pathetic. She’s a “Maxin hometown hottie” and a Hooters girl. She spends her life doing beauty contests that she NEVER wins, and flaunting her pics to fat old men on Facebook. She claims to be a nurse, but never graduated from community college. She untagged all of her “before” before photos on facebook because she doesn’t want anyone to remember the REAL her. So, after the fake eye contacts, fake hair extensions, fake teeth, fake tan, fake boobs, fake nose and crash dieting…would you Nik?

Answer: No, I found one of her BEFORE pictures (first image). I do have to say Amanda is a major Scam, but I love her work.

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Lil’ Girl Not So Lil Anymore

December 1, 2010 Dirty Cheerleaders, University of Kentucky 1

Lil' Girl not so little anymore

Lil' Girl not so little anymore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl once called herself “Lil’ Lynndee,” but she’s not so lil’ anymore. She’s particular put on some weight on her chest, and she wants to show that to everyone, apparently.

Did she pluck her eyebrows like that just for her costume?- nik

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Broke NFL Player Artose Pinner

November 14, 2010 Atlanta, Detroit, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, University of Kentucky 48




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a TRUE STORY. Artose Pinner played in the NFL for 6 years (bench warmer) He speaks as if he is a man of God but is very condescending and very manipulative. If you are “lucky” enough to meet this man, you will meet his representative, dont be fooled. He is BROKE! This man will act like he doesn’t want your money and before you know it, be taking it! He is very good at what he does and it may take a while, but he will con anyone who cares for him! He just had a baby with a woman that he was engaged to and “in love” with and he left her! He has not met his child but he claims to LOVE kids and be “uncle of the year”! He took tons money from his pregnant girl and has yet to pay it back or pay a dime of child support or return any of her calls! His baby was born sick, 3 months ago and he STILL has not contact the mother to see if there was anything he could do, though she reached out plenty! He cheats! He lies! He will meet women online and tell them ANYTHING to get them naked and on a web cam! This man is a loser. The irony in all of this is, he is writing a children’s book series! He wants to be a mentor! (I do have photos of him and his ex girl. She keeps her page public. This is his baby. Could be his twin. I just dont know if you would be interested in photos of either for this site. And I also feel sorry for her.)

I am not going to post images of the child… it is not fair to him that his father is a Scumbag.- nik

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